November 30, 2010

ウィキリークスの噂でバンカメ株下落:Bank of America shares drop on WikiLeaks fears

Bank of America Corp's (BAC.N) shares declined 3 percent on Tuesday amid investor fears the largest U.S. bank by assets may be at the center of WikiLeaks next document release.
On Monday, Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks, said his group plans to release tens of thousands of internal documents from a major U.S. bank early next year, according to an interview posted online by Forbes Magazine. - Reuters
 "At the moment, for example, we are sitting on 5GB from Bank of America, one of the executive's hard drives," he said. "Now how do we present that? It's a difficult problem. We could just dump it all into one giant Zip file, but we know for a fact that has limited impact. To have impact, it needs to be easy for people to dive in and search it and get something out of it." - Julian Assange, 2009, Computerworld



氏は2009年Computerworldにこう話しているのだ。「例えば今、僕らの手元にはバンク・オブ・アメリカの幹部1名のハードドライブから入手した5GB分のデータがある。さて、どうあれを披露するのか? これが難しい問題なのだ。全部巨大なZipファイルにただ突っ込んでもいいが、それではインパクトが限られてしまう。インパクトを持たせるためには、みんな簡単にデータに飛び込んで検索し、そこから何か拾っていけるかたちにしなきゃいけない」


グーグルがグルーポンに買収提示:Google’s Groupon Offer: $5.3 Billion, With $700 Million Earnout - BoomTown

Biggest Cyber Monday deal ever. Just in from Kara Swisher;

According to sources close to the situation, Google has offered $5.3 billion for Groupon, in what would be its largest acquisition yet if completed.

Sources said the deal for the social buying site seemed likely to be struck, even as early as tomorrow, although it certainly could fall apart right up to the end.

FYI, Google bought YouTube for $1.65Billion.


UPDATE: Groupon rejected the offer. …と思ったら断った。

November 28, 2010

「グーグルをハックしたのは中国」ウィキリークスが機密外交電文25万本をリーク:Wikileaks - China Was Behind Google Hacking

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has disclosed a quarter-million confidential American diplomatic cables mostly from the last three years, and the site is currently under DDOS. You can still view them at NYTimes, Guardian, Spiegel.  Some highlights from NYTimes below.



・South Korea wants to reunite both Koreas

Gaming out an eventual collapse of North Korea: American and South Korean officials have discussed the prospects for a unified Korea, should the North’s economic troubles and political transition lead the state to implode. The South Koreans even considered commercial inducements to China, according to the American ambassador to Seoul. She told Washington in February that South Korean officials believe that the right business deals would “help salve” China’s “concerns about living with a reunified Korea” that is in a “benign alliance” with the United States.

北朝鮮がいずれ崩壊する可能性: 米韓政府高官は経済的困難と政権継承がもとで北朝鮮が国家内破を起こした場合を見据え、南北統一の展望を話し合った。在ソウル米大使によると、韓国は中国に金銭的に色をつけて誘うことすら検討していた。彼女が2月ワシントンに伝えた話によると韓国政府高官は、中国としかるべき事業提携を結べば、米国と「良好な同盟」関係になる「再統一後のKoreaと共生することに対する中国側の懸念」も和らぐと信じている、という。

・China's Politburo directed the Google hacking

A global computer hacking effort: China’s Politburo directed the intrusion into Google’s computer systems in that country, a Chinese contact told the American Embassy in Beijing in January, one cable reported. The Google hacking was part of a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage carried out by government operatives, private security experts and Internet outlaws recruited by the Chinese government. They have broken into American government computers and those of Western allies, the Dalai Lama and American businesses since 2002, cables said.

世界的コンピュータ侵入活動: 今年1月北京アメリカ大使館に中国人コンタクトが話した情報によると、中国国内にあるGoogleのコンピュータシステムへの侵入を指揮したのは中国共産党中央委員会政治局(Politburo)だったと、ある外交電文は伝えている。例のGoogle侵入は中国政府がリクルートした政府諜報員、民間のセキュリティの専門家、インターネットのアウトローが行うコンピュータ・サボタージュ活動の一環。彼らは2002年から米政府および西側同盟諸国、ダライ・ラマ、米企業のコンピュータに侵入する活動を行ってきたと電文は伝えている。

・Afghanistan VP carrying $52 million in cash
Suspicions of corruption in the Afghan government: When Afghanistan’s vice president visited the United Arab Emirates last year, local authorities working with the Drug Enforcement Administration discovered that he was carrying $52 million in cash. With wry understatement, a cable from the American Embassy in Kabul called the money “a significant amount” that the official, Ahmed Zia Massoud, “was ultimately allowed to keep without revealing the money’s origin or destination.” (Mr. Massoud denies taking any money out of Afghanistan.)

アフガン政府汚職疑惑: アフガニスタン副大統領が昨年アラブ首長国連邦を訪問した際、地元のドラッグ取締管理局職員が所持品の中に現金5200万ドルを発見した。在カブール米大使館からの電文によると所持金は「相当額」だったが、Ahmed Zia Massoud氏は出元と行き先も明らかにしないまま結局持参を許されたそうだ(氏本人は現金国外持ち出しを否定)。

・Putin and Berlusconi have close relationship
An intriguing alliance: American diplomats in Rome reported in 2009 on what their Italian contacts described as an extraordinarily close relationship between Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian prime minister, and Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister and business magnate, including “lavish gifts,” lucrative energy contracts and a “shadowy” Russian-speaking Italian go-between.


・What Ramzan Kadyrov brought to a ravish wedding?

Even in places far from war zones and international crises, where the stakes for the United States are not as high, curious diplomats can turn out to be accomplished reporters, sending vivid dispatches to deepen the government’s understanding of exotic places.

In a 2006 account, a wide-eyed American diplomat describes the lavish wedding of a well-connected couple in Dagestan, in Russia’s Caucasus, where one guest is the strongman who runs the war-ravaged Russian republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

The diplomat tells of drunken guests throwing $100 bills at child dancers, and nighttime water-scooter jaunts on the Caspian Sea.

“The dancers probably picked upwards of USD 5000 off the cobblestones,” the diplomat wrote. The host later tells him that Ramzan Kadyrov “had brought the happy couple ‘a five-kilo lump of gold’ as his wedding present.”





Wikileaks[NYTimes, Guardian, Spiegel]

November 24, 2010

人間は恩赦ゼロのオバマ、七面鳥を恩赦:Obama Pardons ThanksgivingTurkeys (not people)

(c) Win McNameee - Getty Images;  LA Times

More than 45 million turkeys we cook for this Thanksgiving.

Obama pardoned two lucky ones "Apple" and "Cider" on Wednesday. They grew up in California, got names selected with local schoolkids' votes, and sent to the White House.

CBS pointed that Obama hasn't pardoned any human in his first 22 months in the office. According to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, "there were 494 petitions for pardons received during that period (first 20.5 months), bringing the total of petitions pending to 1,140."

Since Disneyland stopped hosting pardoned turkeys this year, they will spend the rest of their lives at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens.


CBSが伝えた米恩赦司法局(Office of the Pardon Attorney)の記録によると、「就任後20ヶ月半で受理した恩赦請願は494件で、累計1140件が恩赦待ち」だが、オバマ大統領はまだ一度も恩赦を発令していないのだそうな。CBSの戦後歴代大統領の恩赦数を見ると、昔は恩赦乱発状態だったが、最近はめっきり減っているのがわかる。ブッシュ前大統領も就任22ヶ月ではまだ出してなかったそうだから、おいおい出すのかな…。


Obama Pardons Turkeys - but Not People CBS News
Pardon people, too, Mr. President - MiamiHerald

米、韓国の黄海に原子力空母ジョージ・ワシントン派遣:USS George Washington Departs For South Korea

A day after North Korea's attack on South Korean island, the nuclear-powered USS George Washington, which carries 75 warplanes and has a crew of over 6,000, left US navy base in Yokosuka.  Obama sent it after speaking by phone with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak (Forbes). It's headed to the Yellow Sea for four-day (Sunday through Dec. 1) military exercises with South Korean forces.

"This exercise is defensive in nature," U.S. Forces Korea said in a statement. "While planned well before yesterday's unprovoked artillery attack, it demonstrates the strength of the ROK (South Korea)-U.S. alliance and our commitment to regional stability through deterrence." - Reuters

Col. Dave Lapan of the Pentagon told CNN Wednesday the exercise will be a show of force, meant to discourage any future attacks; "This exercise is directed at being a deterrent for the North Koreans."  The ship's motto is "The Spirit of Freedom." (AOL).

Below, the host of French 24hr international news channel France24 questions why China is so supportive of North Korea. Related: China Won’t Help U.S. On North Korea, And Here’s Why - Gady Epstein - Beijing Dispatch - Forbes


「この演習は防衛目的のものだ」と在韓米軍は声明で明らかにした。「昨日の正当な理由のない砲撃のずっと前から計画されていたものだが、これで米韓同盟の強さと、戦争抑止力強化を通して地域の安定を確保する任務に対する我々のコミットメントの強さを示す」 - Reuters




November 22, 2010

核兵器の運転手たびたび酔っ払い:US Nuke Drivers Sometimes Got Drunk

(c) New York

US OST agents who drive nuclear weapons around the country were involved in 16 alcohol-related incidents in two years, the Energy Department's Office of Inspector General revealed in a report(pdf).

In two incidents, agents were even arrested or detained by police.

OST agents drive nuclear weapons, components and nuclear materials around the country. The report says they conducted the investigation "after hearing complaints of alcohol abuse among agents in the Office of Secure Transportation (OST)".

アメリカのあちこちに核兵器を運んで回る米エネルギー省国家核安全保障局運輸セーフガード局(Office of Secure Transportation:OST)職員が、2007年から2009年の間に16件もアルコール関連の不祥事を職務中に起こしていたことが同省監察総監室の調べで分かった。




5 times we almost nuked ourselves by accident

[BBC, Washington Post, CNN, NYTimes]

iPad 2は来春発売?:iPad 2 Coming in April?

Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Company predicted that iPad 2 will hit retail shelves in April.

"I think April is the proper time-frame for an iPad 2. Since I'm projecting that Apple will release a CDMA iPhone in March, both will help to equalize Apple's seasonality." - Computerworld magazine
Apple's seasonality...


そんなタイミングで次世代iPadの噂である。Gleacher & Companyアナリストのブライアン・マーシャル氏が「次世代iPadは来春発売になるよ」とComputerworldに語って、ぐるぐる広まっているのだ。

台湾の業界祇DigiTimesも「次のiPadのサプライヤにはIbiden、Tripod Technology、TTM Technologiesが選ばれた。出荷準備が大詰めを迎える2月にはさらにサプライヤが加わる見込み」と伝えた。さて、どうなることやら。


[via Fox News]

November 21, 2010

反日映画『葉問』:Ip Man

I saw Ip Man (葉問), semi-fictional biopics about Ip Man or Yip Man – Bruce Lee’s master.

My son got interested in the 2008 Hong Kong film when his Chinese classmates jokingly called their friend Ip 'Ip Man.' He had no idea that Ip Man stands against villain Japanese occupants.

At the opening, the movie claims "This is based on the true story."  I totally believed in it an told my son, "See?  Japan did horrible things to China. No wonder the Chinese hates the Japanese."   Then I checked some reviews and realized it's more fictional account than a true story. From Salon;
So be advised that almost none of what you see in "Ip Man" actually happened, and in some sense that's too bad, because the real Ip sounds like a fascinating figure. He was a pre-revolutionary police officer, a reported opium addict, and a refugee who fled the Communist takeover in 1949 for a new life in British Hong Kong. But all those factors make him undesirable as the hero of a work of rousing nationalist agitprop. So instead we get Yen's remarkable performance as a man of prodigious Buddhist-Confucian composure and tranquility, who goes from wealth to poverty to near-slave status, and finally must fight a public gladiatorial match against a sinister Japanese general and karate master (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, who imbues what could have been a cardboard villain role with dignity and grace).
From Wikipedia;
Yip went to live in with Kwok Fu during the Second Sino-Japanese War and only returned to Foshan after the war, where he continued his career as a police officer. Yip left Foshan for Hong Kong in 1949 after the Communists established the People's Republic of China on the Chinese mainland.[...]

Yip was known to be an opium addict, and he obtained opium illegally from the black market. The cost of opium was considered high at that time and Yip needed a dependable source of income to support his opium smoking habit and his family members, who were still living in Foshan. As such, he opened a martial arts school to teach Wing Chun.
Hmnnn...  Now I understand why it didn't get a Japanese theatrical release...  It's too bad because we really really  loved the martial art performance by Donnie Yen.  Ikeuchi's karate was good, too.  God, nobody ever watches it in Japan?  If they edit the opening claim, I believe it's OK.  I mean it's a movie... (UPDATE: A reader noted that they will release Ip Man 2 as Ip Man in Japan next year...wait, what?)

Anyway I told my son that 'Ip Man was an opium addict. He opened a martial arts school to support his opium smoking habit, and eventually became world-renowned master' (it sounds more humane now).  We laughed a bit.

But again, I dugg a bit further and found out that Japan was behind the opium trading in China that time.  Gosh, that sounds awful.  And... you know what?   Japan's wartime "Opium King" behind the black market was Hajime Satomi (Satomi can be a family name).  Oh My...  You can view his tombstone pic and English article here.

2008年の香港映画『Ip Man (葉問)』(イップ・マン序章)を観た。

Ip Man (葉問)』はブルース・リーの師匠Ip Manを主人公にした映画だ。息子が、中国系のクラスメートたちがIp君を「Ip Man!」と冗談で呼んでるの見て興味持ったらしい。まさか日本兵が悪役だなんて思わなかったみたいね。

『Ip Man』に描かれたことのほとんどは現実には起こってない。これはある意味、残念。というのも現実のIpはなかなかの傑物だからね。革命前は警官で、報道によると阿片中毒で、1949年中国共産党占拠を逃れて英国統治下香港に新天地を求めて渡った。どれもこれも国威発揚の共産主義アジプロ作品のヒーローには好ましくない要素ばかりだ。そこで映画では甄子丹演じる仏教・儒教の不動の境地を得た拳の天才が、富裕な暮らしから奴隷同然の貧困に身をやつし、最後には邪悪な空手マスターの日本人将軍(池内博之がこの絵に描いたような悪役を尊厳と品位をもって演じている)と命がけの戦いをする、という設定にしたのだ。- Salon

第2次日清戦争中、YipはKwok Fuのところに居候した。戦後はじめて佛山に戻り、前の警察官の仕事を続けた。Yipは共産党が中国本土に中華人民共和国を開国した後、1949年に仏山を出て香港に渡っている。[...]

Yipは有名な阿片中毒で、阿片は闇市場から違法に入手していた。阿片は当時、高価と見なされていた。Yipは阿片吸いの習慣を続け、まだ仏山に残したままの家族を養うためにも頼りになる収入源が必要だった。そのため詠春拳の武館を開いたのである。- Wikipedia


(UPDATE:『Ip Man 2』[英国人が悪者]の方は来年『イップ・マン 葉問』として日本上映予定だと読者さんが教えてくれた。1の原題を2につけて1がないことにするなんて、セ、セコ過ぎる…。お互い『Ip Man』の話をしてると思ったら海外の人は1で日本の人は2だった、とか起こるわけね。最悪だ)



「葉問 (イップ・マン)」(原題) Ip Man: 踊 る 大 香 港
徒然なるエッセイ: 『葉問』観ました。
2008-12-19 - 香港電影迷宮+blog
葉問 2 / Ip Man 2
Opium King's ties believed went to the top | The Japan Times Online

Official Page/公式ページ
Mandarin Films | 東方電影 香港官方網站 - IpMan 葉問

November 20, 2010

米国防省、サイバー攻撃の権限拡大を要請:Pentagon wants to wage cyber attacks

The Pentagon has said it will release a national defense cyber-security strategy by year's end.

Cyber Command's chief, Gen. Keith B. Alexander, who also heads the National Security Agency, wants sufficient maneuvering room for his new command to mount what he has called "the full spectrum" of operations in cyberspace.

Offensive actions could include shutting down part of an opponent's computer network to preempt a cyber-attack against a U.S. target or changing a line of code in an adversary's computer to render malicious software harmless. They are operations that destroy, disrupt or degrade targeted computers or networks.

[...]CIA has argued that such action is covert, which is traditionally its turf.- "Pentagon is debating cyber-attacks" Washington Post



法務が気にしているのは監視活動に伴うプライバシー侵害などなど。CIAはそれは本来自分たちの職務だ、とけん制しているのだけど…(「米国防省、CIAがテロリストのおとり用に作った掲示板を奇襲! 」なんてこともありましたからね)。日本はサイバー国家防衛戦略って何かやってたっけ…?

米サイバー司令部の本格的始動の意味合い : 現下の国際問題

[Washington Post]

November 15, 2010

「絞首台と化しそうだったTwitter」というタイトルにTwitterがある理由:Googler Accuses Twitter Engineer of Sex Attack

(c) Gawker
This entry (English Title:'NSFW: Playing Hangman on Twitter') topped TechCrunch Japan's most read entries last week.   So I checked what 500+ bookmarkers have a say. Then I realized nobody really knows what happened to which major internet companies!  That's not good when "Twitter" is in its title...


ああ、あのGoogle社員の女性ブロガーがTwitterの男性エンジニアを暴行で訴えた件を、TechCrunchが記事公開後削除した件か…となにげにコメント見て驚いた。誰も削除された記事の内容を知らないのだ! これじゃあ、「Twitterを絞首刑」というタイトルも意味不明じゃないのかな…。




グーグルのノイリン・シャーリー(Noirin Shirley)さんはアトランタでApacheCon開催中、TwitterエンジニアのFさんに性的暴行を受けたとしてアトランタ警察に届け出た。女史がブログに書いた詳細によれば”事件”はカンファレンス閉会後、ホテルの部屋隣のアイルランドパブで交流会のとき起こったらしい…。



こういうこと起こるのも今回が初めてじゃないし、全然。テクノロジーのカンファレンスでこういうことが起こるのも今回が初めてではありません。でも、こういうかたちで声をあげたのは今回初めてです。馬鹿な奴に私の1日を台無しにされても、本人はそれについて何ら取り調べ受けなくていいなんて感覚にはもうウンザリなんです。怖がるのもウンザリ。別の格好にしなきゃダメだと言う人にもウンザリ。 隙が生まれるからビールは控えた方がいいと言う人にもウンザリ。男には君の気持ちが読めないんだから、君が読まなきゃダメ、誤解する印象を与えないようにしなきゃ、という人にもウンザリ。



November 14, 2010

グーグル昇給リーク社員解雇の本当の理由:Google raise leaker fired because he put employees at risk of mugging

While everybody is wondering what happened to Google employee who leaked the news that Google fired employee who leaked that all Googlers get 10% raise and $1000 bonus, yet another Googler talked about the real reason why the raise leaker was fired.

This, according to him, is the insider's view: "The leaker was promptly fired because he or she selfishly and thoughtlessly put 20,000 co-workers in immediate danger of being mugged while carrying holiday bonus cash on their way home in the dark that very evening. And because the leaker directly disobeyed repeated and very explicit instructions from the top, not to leak this bonus news prematurely before evening when all workers were home safe.

(彼は本件を社員の立場からこう見ている。「リークした社員が即刻解雇になったのは、彼/彼女が自己中心に、分別なく、当夜暗い夜道をホリデーボーナスの現金抱えて帰宅する同僚2万人を盗難の危険に晒したからだ。また、全社員が夕方無事帰宅するまでボーナスのニュースは外部にリークせぬようトップから繰り返し言葉で指示を受けたのに、従わなかった) - Cnet

If that's true, as some readers comment, handing out stacks of C-notes is Google's problem, not the leaker's. むぅ…。「1000ドル札束で払った話が本当なら、グーグルの危機管理の方が問題なんじゃないの?」というコメントに1票だなぁ…。


史上最低のAPEC首脳集合写真:The Most Boring APEC "Silly Shirts" Class Photo Ever

APEC leaders in "smart casual"; 2010 Yokohama summit 何が「スマートカジュアル」だ!
(c) Charles Dharapak/AP (via The Boston Globe)

Since 1993, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) leaders have posed together for a group photo in native attire for what's come to be known as a "silly shirts" class photo.  But this year, Japan passed on it (again!).
The government official declined to give a reason for this year's fashion decision, but traditional kimono, once the preferred dress of samurai, aristocrats and workers alike, could have made some of the leaders look uncomfortable, including Hu, who favors dark Western business suits.-No kimonos for APEC leaders in Japan - Reuters
But China provided their own costume, right?

APEC 2001 Shanghai summit 中国も配ったろうに!(c) Andrew Wong/Reuters
An era ends as APEC summit ditches the 'silly shirt' photo - The Globe and Mail

Look!  Hu was quite comfortable in the most challenging Chilean poncho!

APEC 2004, Chile あのポンチョでも笑顔を振り撒いた胡錦濤主席
(c) Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press (via The Globe and Mail)
If kimono is too much trouble, why not trying chanchanko next time?  Seems like a quick solution to me, no? Obama is getting ready to host next year's APEC in Hawaii, remarking "I look forward to seeing you all decked out in flowered shirts and grass skirts."

chanchanko 次回こそ(c) l-espoir

Oh...My...God. APEC first ladies dressed in weird kimonos designed by Hiroko Koshino
天狗かい!コシノヒロコの着物で写真を撮るAPEC首脳夫人(c) Jiji

G20の影に隠れて存在感の薄いAPEC唯一最大の見せ場は、最後に各国首脳が主催国の「Silly Shirts(馬鹿シャツ)」を着て撮る集合写真。1993年にクリントンが軍ジャケ配って以来の伝統で、来年はオバマがハワイサミットで「葉っぱのスカート配ってやるぜ」と早々に張り切ってる




November 9, 2010

アマゾンMP3ストア、海外からは買えないのね:Amazon MP3 launched in Japan ( but no download overseas)

Amazon MP3 Store has been finally launched in Japan, and Giz staff is busy downloading free tunes.

At iTMS Japan, you cannot use your credit card issued overseas.  Instead, we should enter pin code of iTMS gift cards purchased in Japan.  With, though, I usually use my credit card issued in the US to buy physical products like books and foods and get them shipped to my address in Japan.  "If I could do just that at MP3 Store, that would be great!" I thought. Only to get this warning; 

Important Message
We're sorry. We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Ah....of course not. Do they have a giftcard?  Please?

I also noticed that imported albums are a bit more expensive over there, maybe partly because of strong yen. For example, The 99 Most essential Brahms Masterpieces costs 900 yen, 333 yen higher than the US retail price of  $6.99 (567 yen). 

Related: No Amazon MP3 downloads overseas

Amazon MP3ストアがやっと日本版でもオープンになり、ギズのみなさんも早速使ってる

iTunes Music Store日本版は日本で買ったギフトカードのコードを入力しないと買い物できないけど、アマゾン日本版はアメリカ発行のクレジットカードで本とか買い物して日本の届け先に送ることができるから、もしかしてMP3ファイルも…ウシシ…と思ってワンクリックボタン押したら、こんな警告が…。



November 8, 2010

マーク・アンドリーセンが支援する新ソーシャルブラウザ誕生:RockMelt launched

RockMelt, a Mountain View startup that Mosaic's Marc Andreessen invested in, has launched today.

Yes, it's yet another social browser, but you can sign into the browser with Facebook ID and password from anywhere. The browser save your data and settings in the cloud. You can sign up for early access now.

モザイクのマーク・アンドリーセンが投資・助言する新ソーシャル・ブラウザ「 RockMelt」ベータ版が今日公開になった。





気になる収入だが、これは紹介料(検索エンジン、オンラインショップ、オンラインゲームサイトなど)から挙げる。世界ブラウザ利用人口20億人のうち1000万人未満に食い込めるだけで黒字転換できる、とEric Vishria共同創業者兼CEOは、サンノゼマーキュリーに話している。試したい方はここでサインアップできるよ。

RockMelt blog [New browser incorporates latest trends in Web technology -]

November 4, 2010

ニカラグアがコスタリカ領土侵入、グーグルの地図のせいにする:Nicaragua Raids Costa Rica, Blames Google Maps

Nicaragua-Costa Rica border on Google Maps, left, and Bing Maps (c) Seattle PI

A Nicaraguan military commander, Eden Pastora, relying on Google Maps, moved troops into an area near San Juan Lake along the border between his country and Costa Rica, causing some scrutiny among Costa Rican.
In fact, did you know, Google will change borders when you go to localized versions of Google Maps? For example, compare Google India Maps to Google Maps and you will see the border lines are different.
Oh, well...

Google Mapsで隣のコスタリカ領内サンホアンレイクがニカラグア領に誤表記されているのを良いことに、ニカラグアのエデン・パストラ軍司令官が侵攻し、コスタリカ政府がムッとしている。


グーグル中米地域広報はコスタリカ最大祇La Nacionの取材に、誤表記のソースはわからない、と話している。


[Nicaragua Raids Costa Rica, Blames Google Maps - Search Engine Land]

開発者が支持するモバイルOS勢力図も多様化:State of the Apps Industry 2010

According to the survey released by mobile ad firm Millennial Media, most mobile app developers plan to further diversify their offerings next year.

The study asked 500 mobile app developers, publishers and advertisers about their future mobile plans. The current top five platforms in 2010 were iPhone (30%), Android (23%), iPad (21%), RIM (12%) and Windows Mobile (6%); 

モバイル広告会社Millennial Mediaがモバイル開発者・パブリッシャー・広告会社の計500人を対象に行った最新の調査で、モバイルアプリのプラットフォームの多様化がますます進んでいることがわかった。

今年開発者に人気のモバイルプラットフォームはiPhone(30%)、Android(23%)、iPad(21%)、RIM(12%) 、Windows Mobile(6%)の順だが…;

(c) Millennial Media (via Read Write Web)

Their top five new platforms for 2011 will be Android (29%), Windows Phone 7 (20%), iPad (20%), RIM (12%), and iPhone (8%); 
これが来年新発売のアプリではAndroid(29%)、Windows Phone 7 (20%)、iPad(20%)、RIM(12%)、iPhone(8%)の順となる。

(c) Millennial Media (via Read Write Web)

Android could very well overtake the iPhone’s developer lead by next year. Millennial also notes that the iPhone (along with RIM) saw a year-over-year decrease in developer support.
iPhoneとRIMは開発者の支持率が前年比で落ちており、来年にはもしかしてAndroidがiPhoneのリードを奪うかもしれない。- VentureBeat 

We kind of knew that Android would take a big leap next year, but Windows Phone 7's 20% is a bit of surprise (as surprising as Palm's measly 4%).   Most developers expect their app revenue to increase next year.

Androidはまあ順当かなって思うけど、意外とWindows Phone 7も人気なのね。逆にPalmはノキアのSymbianより落ち込んでしまってる! あと「来年はアプリの売上げが今年より飛躍的に伸びる」と見る開発者が多く、「前年比100%以上増えると思う」人が31%、「50~100%増えると思う」人は17%もいる。

Google's Android software dominates U.S. smartphone market - San Jose Mercury News

Full Report レポート全文  [State of App Industry 2010 (Report) - ReadWriteWeb]

November 1, 2010

グーグルに買収された会社の創業者が続々辞任:Google's YouTube, AdMob, Google Maps Founders Leaving

Lars Rasmussen joins Facebook
Facebookに転職するGoogle Maps/Wave開発者ラース・ラスムセン
(c) Andrew Quilty - Sydney Morning Herald

Chad Hurley will spend more time on Hlaska
(c) Andreas Rentz / Getty - Forbes

Omar Hamoui leaving for "personal reasons" with two AdMob VPs
「一身上の都合」でVPと一緒に辞めるオマー・ハモイAdMob CEO
(c) George Chen - LA Times

What's wrong with Google?

First YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley stepped down as CEO (he is keeping an advisory role), then AdMob co-founder Omar Hamoui.  Now the co-creators of Google Maps and Google Wave, Lars Rasmussen, is leaving Google to join Facebook, one tenth the size of Google.
The decision to move on comes less than two months after the company said it would scrap Rasmussen's pet project, Google Wave.

[...]Rasmussen, his brother Jens and Australians Noel Gordon and Stephen Ma founded and later sold what became known as Google Maps to Google for an undisclosed sum in 2004.

[...]Rasmussen said another reason for leaving was that Google was becoming too unwieldy. He made several comments about Facebook's smaller size and how this made it easier to make an impact and get things done.While Google employs 25,000 staff members, Facebook has about 2000.[...]Glenn Kelman, from online real estate agent Redfin, estimates that 20 per cent of Facebook's employees have worked at Google at some stage in their careers. - Lars Rasmussen Quits Google, Joins Facebook - Sydney Morning Herald 


ラスムセンはGoogle Mapsの原型の会社「Where 2 Technologies」を弟Jensと一緒にシドニーで創業した人だ。同社はグーグルに2004年買収され、社員となってからはGoogle Maps、続いてGoogle Waveの開発をリードした。


1. 鳴り物入りで5月に立ち上げた「Google Wave」(やはり弟とグーグル社内で共同創設したペットプロジェクト)が8月急に開発中止となったショック。「新しい異色なものが定着するには時間がかかるのに、グーグルには粘りがなかった」

2. グーグルは巨大で、物事が進まない。現在グーグルは社員約2万50000人、対するフェイスブックは約2000人。「あちら(FB)はエネルギーがすごい」

3. フェイスブックにはグーグルで一緒に仕事をした仲間がいる(Bred Tayler CTOはGoogle Maps開発初期の仲間、プラットフォーム・マネジャーCarl Sjogreenは一時シドニーに駐在しMapsとWaveを一緒にやった仲間)。

因みに、不動産サイトRedfinのGlenn Kelman CEOの見立てによればフェイスブック社員の20%はグーグル勤務経験者で、彼らのような「Ex-Googler」のことをFB社内では「Xoogler」と呼ぶんだって。Xooglerかぁ…。

グーグルのトップデザイナー辞任の弁:Google's Top Designer Leaving
Google社員が辞める理由(訳):Why Google Employees Quit - in Japanese