November 30, 2010

ウィキリークスの噂でバンカメ株下落:Bank of America shares drop on WikiLeaks fears

Bank of America Corp's (BAC.N) shares declined 3 percent on Tuesday amid investor fears the largest U.S. bank by assets may be at the center of WikiLeaks next document release.
On Monday, Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks, said his group plans to release tens of thousands of internal documents from a major U.S. bank early next year, according to an interview posted online by Forbes Magazine. - Reuters
 "At the moment, for example, we are sitting on 5GB from Bank of America, one of the executive's hard drives," he said. "Now how do we present that? It's a difficult problem. We could just dump it all into one giant Zip file, but we know for a fact that has limited impact. To have impact, it needs to be easy for people to dive in and search it and get something out of it." - Julian Assange, 2009, Computerworld



氏は2009年Computerworldにこう話しているのだ。「例えば今、僕らの手元にはバンク・オブ・アメリカの幹部1名のハードドライブから入手した5GB分のデータがある。さて、どうあれを披露するのか? これが難しい問題なのだ。全部巨大なZipファイルにただ突っ込んでもいいが、それではインパクトが限られてしまう。インパクトを持たせるためには、みんな簡単にデータに飛び込んで検索し、そこから何か拾っていけるかたちにしなきゃいけない」



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