November 14, 2010

史上最低のAPEC首脳集合写真:The Most Boring APEC "Silly Shirts" Class Photo Ever

APEC leaders in "smart casual"; 2010 Yokohama summit 何が「スマートカジュアル」だ!
(c) Charles Dharapak/AP (via The Boston Globe)

Since 1993, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) leaders have posed together for a group photo in native attire for what's come to be known as a "silly shirts" class photo.  But this year, Japan passed on it (again!).
The government official declined to give a reason for this year's fashion decision, but traditional kimono, once the preferred dress of samurai, aristocrats and workers alike, could have made some of the leaders look uncomfortable, including Hu, who favors dark Western business suits.-No kimonos for APEC leaders in Japan - Reuters
But China provided their own costume, right?

APEC 2001 Shanghai summit 中国も配ったろうに!(c) Andrew Wong/Reuters
An era ends as APEC summit ditches the 'silly shirt' photo - The Globe and Mail

Look!  Hu was quite comfortable in the most challenging Chilean poncho!

APEC 2004, Chile あのポンチョでも笑顔を振り撒いた胡錦濤主席
(c) Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press (via The Globe and Mail)
If kimono is too much trouble, why not trying chanchanko next time?  Seems like a quick solution to me, no? Obama is getting ready to host next year's APEC in Hawaii, remarking "I look forward to seeing you all decked out in flowered shirts and grass skirts."

chanchanko 次回こそ(c) l-espoir

Oh...My...God. APEC first ladies dressed in weird kimonos designed by Hiroko Koshino
天狗かい!コシノヒロコの着物で写真を撮るAPEC首脳夫人(c) Jiji

G20の影に隠れて存在感の薄いAPEC唯一最大の見せ場は、最後に各国首脳が主催国の「Silly Shirts(馬鹿シャツ)」を着て撮る集合写真。1993年にクリントンが軍ジャケ配って以来の伝統で、来年はオバマがハワイサミットで「葉っぱのスカート配ってやるぜ」と早々に張り切ってる





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