August 31, 2007

偽ジョブズとiPhone俳句:iPhone Haiku and FSJ

(Sorry, I just found this sitting in my draft folder...)

Their favicon "無" (image left) means "emptiness" or "nothing," the ultimate state of Zen Mind. I clearly remember how Fake Steve was amused with the idea iPhone Haiku which shows user generated iPhone-related Haiku like this (title improvised);

Spinning Beach Ball - by Scott Holdren

Oh, iPhone - by beorning

I know, I know... it's just a series of crappy online comments cut short to fit in three lines. Scrolling down, you may feel as if you're listening to Pavarotti singing blog comments... Any way, what I didn't know back then was that the link given to Fake Steve was a honey pot to trace his IP location. It worked which urged FSJ to delete the entry (rss) and helped NYT's Brad Stone track him down (Stone listed the IP finding as the second evidence).

So, I felt a little strange when I read AP article.;
[...]Lyons said he has heard from several friends who found it ironic that someone from a "dead-tree" media outlet, and not a fellow blogger, had succeeded in solving the puzzle. "They said the blogosphere is so nearsighted that they only know the world they inhabit," Lyons said, noting that several bloggers were trying to use high-tech tricks such as tracing the electronic signatures of e-mails to figure out who Fake Steve was.  Meanwhile the Times reporter did some shoe-leather reporting by contacting people in the publishing world to gather hints from a proposal for a book that Fake Steve is coming out with in the fall. -AP

Probably he was mentioning about other bloggers as Valleywag here. But it's not entirely fair by the part of his friends to contrast new media to old media, because the hint was coming from both. As was the case with Lonely15's outing by Matt Foremski last Sept, this time we got one fine reporter who didn't overlook a small evidence floating online. Posting IP location is not a good manner, I know, but concluding this as a victory over new media seems equally shortsighted to me.

Out of a curiosity, I visited Dan Lyon's official blog and read his article "Attack of The Blog" from Forbes Nov 2005 issue which is nicely summarized here;

1.You Don't Know Who Is Blogging and Why
2. Misinformation and Lies are Quickly Disseminated
3. Bloggers are not Subject to Libel Laws
4. Bloggers are not Journalists
- from's summary
....:D The author of "Attack of The Blog" unleashed 'Attack Of The Fake Bloggers," and Fake Fake Steve Jobs are popping up everywhere. Even from 1984.

Welcome Fake Stevers - by Real Scott

古い話で恐縮だが、今月はじめの偽ジョブズ正体判明ではIPアドレスからボストン地域に特定できたことが、大きな手掛かりとなった(大げさな…)。BCNのミニコラムにも書いたけど、偽ジョブズがうっかり足跡残しちゃったのがこの「iPhone Haiku」、iPhoneがお題の俳句投稿サイトである。行ってみると;
iphone, oh, iphone
object of lust and desire
but out of reach - beorning

でも、手が届かない  (詠み人:beorning)

偽ジョブズがブログに書くと(削除されたけどRSSはここ)、iPhone Haiku仕掛け人のスコットさんはこんな句を詠んで愛読者(fake stevers)を歓迎している。
Welcome fake Stevers
Do you love your iPhone too?
Call me. Namaste. - Real Scott


興味がわいたのでライオン氏の公式ブログを読んで、2005年11月に氏が書いてブロゴスフィアでまつられたフォーブス巻頭特集「Attack of The Blog(ブログの逆襲)」も読んでみた。その骨子は穏健派ブロガーの方がこちらにまとめている。;
2. 誤報と嘘は瞬時に広まる
3. ブロガーには文書名誉毀損法が適用されない
4. ブロガーはジャーナリストではない

Steve Jobs' Grave...

iDied. Designed by Apple in California. Manufactured in China. - Digg

[via Fake Bill Gates]

August 29, 2007

中国警察がネット取締りにアニメ警官投入:Virtual Cops in China

China's 'virtual police' that looks suspiciously familiar with Takashi Murakami's cartoon will begin policing 13 Chinese top portals including Sohu and Sina this Saturday.  They pop up on a user's browser every half hour and warn them to stay away from illegal content.





[via Mercury News, Spiegel]

August 27, 2007

グーグル本社のカンファレンスバイク(動画):Google's Conference Bike in Action

Added: May 21, 2007
From: garlicboy526

Here's a video of Google's Conference Bike in action. I mentioned about it in my article 'Google Lunch.'  本日公開の日経ビジネス「突撃!グーグルの昼ごはん」でチラッと出てくる幻の7人乗り自転車カンファレンスバイク、念のため証拠の動画と写真をアップしておこう。

Conference Bike, Google HQ (c) Googler

August 26, 2007

iPhoneロック解除の17歳、フェアレディZ+8GB3台と交換:Unlocked iPhone Traded for 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones

(c)CNBC, Slides

"Information should be free," said George Hotz, 17, from New Jersey who unlocked iPhone from AT&T network after 500+ hrs and piles of energy drinks. He's confident it's legal because cellphone unlocking was specifically excluded from coverage under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act last year.

He traded the iPhone with Terry Daidone, the founder of Certicell with Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones and headed for the college.




結局土曜朝、Certicell創業者Terry Daidone氏が「日産フェアレディZと8GBのiPhone3台と引き換えにどうだ」と電話で持ちかけ商談が成立、ジョージ君は今日クレイジーな夏休みの思い出を胸に進学先のロチェスター工科大へと旅立った。-完-

Nissan 350Z (He'll get the metallic blue)


August 25, 2007

Let It Be...

Let It Be - Original Cover

My friend's husband is the one mimicking John Lennon... I found this on his newly launched blog hosted by 'World Table Tennis' magazine (he's contributing a monthly colum from the US).


Watch Video: The Beatles "Let It Be" (1970)

August 23, 2007

名言「世界は狂ってる」:Chris Rock about World

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon. --Comedian Chris Rock ,

まー今の世界は狂ってますよ。ベストなラッパーが白人で、ベストなゴルファーが黒人、NBAで一番背高いのが中国人で、アメリカ杯はスイ、フランスがアメリカをゴーマンと責めれば、ドイツは戦争いきたくないって言うし、だいたいアメリカで最高権力を握る3人の名前がBush(*毛)、Dick(男*)、Colon(結腸)なんですから。 --お笑い芸人、クリス・ロック

Chris talks like this, just in case....

March 18, 2007 (c) NBC

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August 21, 2007

デュオモの航空写真をグーグルマップで埋めてみる:Embedding Duomo Satellite Image by Google Map

View Larger Map

Trying out Google Map's new embedding function.
  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Search for any location
  3. Click “Link to this page” and copy & paste the HTML into their website or blog.

Done! Zoom in to view Duomo from sky.

グーグルマップの埋め込みがYouTubeみたく簡単になった。Google Mapsで好きな住所を検索して、右肩の「Link to this page」を押すだけでリンクと埋め込みコードが出てくる。これをサイトやブログにはるだけ。

試しにミラノのDUOMOでトライしてみた。たぶんズームインすると白い大きな空撮が出てくると思うんだけど…。お、5回「+」クリックすると見えるね!  因みに空撮は「map」「satellite」「Hybrid」と写真右上に並んでるのから「satellite」を押すと切り替わるよ。

ウォズ、時速167kmでプリウスを乗り回して御用:Woz Clocked At 104 MPH in Prius

Faster than it looks : Prius 07 @ 105mph (c) Toyota

Last month Al Gore III got speeding ticket for going 105 mph in his Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle, and now Woz confirmed Mercury that he was given a $700 ticket in California for going 104 mph in his Toyota Prius back in March 28.
All right Al Gore III, you're still the tops when it comes to speeding in a Prius - but not by much. Steve Wozniak is right behind you. -
The news broke a day after GMSV introduced old Datsun 280Z ad with Woz:) According to LA Times, Car and Driver magazine's stats suggest that the slowest car on the road is Hummer H1, with a top speed of 88 mph.  It surely is an irony that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger quipped Prius as 'wimpy' earlier this year.




因みにCar&Driver誌の統計によると米市場一の鈍足は(今年プリウスを亀呼ばわりしたシュワ知事の大好きな)「Hummer H1」だった。最高時速たったの142km。

Slower than it looks: Hummer H1 @ 88mph (c) Hummer





Datsun 280ZX Commercial ft. Steve Wozniak

Last Updated on Jan 2009.

[via - Can Prius top 100 mph? Ask Wozniak]

August 20, 2007

「エラー得」気分に浸れる404エラーページたち:Get Creative With 404 Error Pages

Smashing Magazine recently hosted a design contest, attracting over hundred entries (Best collections). My fav is BLUE VERTIGO (above) among others.  If you're wondering what 404 means and where it's come from, visit 404 Research Lab's history page.

Smashing Magazineが先月24日から今月7日まで「秀逸な404ページ」をサイトで公募し、百点以上の応募があった。404ページ・コレクションと言えば「404 Research Lab」が有名だが、Smashingが公募でヒントに出した条件は以下の通り。
  1. 魅力的なビジュアル要素を使おう(例:WufooTwitterThe Big Noob
  2. 代わりのナビを出そう(例:Last.FMDevloungeBoagworld1976designBMI
  3. 関連ページがひと目でわかるように(例:Veerle’s blog 2.0Mike DavidsonAcro MediaTechnorati
  4. 語りかけてみよう(例:kottke.orgDesign
  5. 誠実に、クールに(例:IBMApple
  6. ユーザーフレンドリーに(例:IKEASamsung
  7. ソリューション与え過ぎは逆効果(悪例:Microsoft
  8. ソリューションなさ過ぎも考えもの(悪例:Artlebedev
  9. 好き放題(DWYWTD、Do Whatever You Want To Do)(例:Scythe
注目作品の一覧はこちら。個人的には右にずーっと詩が続いているBLUE VERTIGOなんかが素敵だと思ったけど、みなさんは? 

404 DooDooError (mocking 404 error page)


404とはHTTPステータスコードのこと。ウェブ閲覧の際、コンピュータ(“クライアント”)からHTTPでデータのリクエストを出してウェブサーバーがHTTPヘッダ送ってくるんだけど、そこにステータスコードというのが入っていて、「200 OK」ならページが開くし、「404 Not Found」だと開かなくてエラーが出るというわけ。


1994年W3Cが出したHTTP 0.9仕様の一環としてティム・バーナーズ・リーがFTP を基に考案。「404」の最初の「4」はクライアント・エラー、つまり利用者側のスペルミスとか削除済みURL入力なので正しく入力し直すと解消できる (「5」だとサーバー側エラー)。2桁目の「0」は構文上の誤り(ミススペルなど)で、最後の「4」は非認証エラーなどのこと。(参考:404 Research Lab

August 18, 2007

スカイプ復旧、詳しい原因は月曜発表:Skype is Back, More Details on Monday

After 48+ hrs of outage, Skype is finally back to normal. The company says it was caused by "an algorithm deficiency within Skype networking software," not by Russian hackers' DoS attack, Vista updates, FBI&CIA's wiretapping or aliens. Let's wait for more details to be announced on Monday...



  1. Vistaアップデートの影響?(アップデートしてない人にも障害が出たようなので、たぶん×
  2. ロシアのハッカーたちがDoS攻撃用コードをフォーラムに公開したのが原因?(セキュリティの専門家たちが検分したところ「これだけの規模の障害を起こすようなコードではない」という話だ。よって×)
  3. FBIとCIAがテロ対策で盗聴用コードを埋め込んでる?(原因不明の通話障害が長引いて社会不安が拡大すると必ず出る陰謀説。まあ、それだけみなさん不安だった、ということで)
  4. 宇宙人のしわざ?(同上)
  5. 「ネットワーク用ソフトのアルゴリズム障害」(親会社eBayの正式発表)

Update: Skype explained what happened on August 16. Was triggered by Vista updates on Tues. こたえは1.。世界中で同時にVistaのパッチをインストールして再ログイン要求が集中した結果の5.ということです(公式発表:Skypeログイン障害詳細

[via San Jose Mercury News, PC World - EBay Says Skype Was not Attacked]

August 16, 2007

シャスタ山に行ってきた:Visiting Mt. Shasta

"Lonely as God, and white as a winter moon" - Joaquin Miller

The trailhead to the 14,162-foot summit of Mt. Shasta begins at Bunny Flat, elevation 6,860 feet. From I-5, take exit 738, turn right on Lake St, and turn left on Everitt Memorial Hwy (map).
"When the chief of the sky spirits grew tired of his home in the heavens, legend has it, he created Mount Shasta. Whenever he had a need for fire, he simply caused the volcano to erupt. It’s good to be chief. " -by Peter Jaret, Via Magazine

"Lonely as God, and white as a winter moon" - Joaquin Miller
If you visit, don't skip Redding. It has a nice Italian restaurant, Nello's Place, and a beautiful Sundial Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava on Sacrament River.

先月いちる氏が行ったシャスタ山(標高4322m)に登ってみた。と言っても標高2401m地点に車を停めて少し歩いただけだけどね。I-5からは738番出口で降りてLake St.右折、Everitt Memorial Hwy左折という道順(map、去年行った方の写真)。



高速をひとつ手前で降りて街を通ると、月曜市で採れたての野菜を量り売りしていた。藤かご片手におしゃべりを楽しむ人たち。道端で虚無僧のようなオッサンが瞑想している。カフェではヒーリングのサイトでもやってる人だろうか? 団子結いの男性が無心でキーを叩いていた。

Ad on a free local paper, Mountain Spirit Chronicles


博物館の隣で安く自転車を借りてる家族連れを見て翌日寄ってみたが火曜は定休日だった。ご飯はNello's Placeがオススメ。


August 11, 2007

シリコンバレーのトリビア25:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 25

On July 28, 2007, someone tweeted this;
"Totally getting married later today. first:lunch."
Who is this lucky guy?


Hint 1:
It's not Sergey Brin. He's already married.

Hint 2:
It's not Larry Page. He's not married yet.

Hint 3:
It's not even Pete Rojas, Engadget founder,
who married to Jill Fehrenbacher in the same weekend.


Hint 4:
He was the answer for Trivia Quiz 2.


August 6, 2007

偽ジョブズの正体判明:Real Fake Steve Jobs

NY Times revealed who's Fake Steve Jobs, putting the end to the guessing game. Daniel Lyons (a.k.a. FSJ) says his favorite guess was Leander Kahney at Wired. His book "Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody" is coming out this fall.

Fake Steve Jobs(偽ジョブズ)は雑誌フォーブズのシニア・エディターDaniel Lyons氏と判明した。当てたのは NYタイムズ。これで、14ヶ月におよぶ正体当てゲームも終わる。

フォーブズの動画で「偽ジョブズ候補には何人も名前が挙がりましたけど一番のお気に入りは?」と聞かれ、「Leander Kahney」と答えている。書籍「Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody」は今秋出版。

TechCrunch Japanese» 偽ジョブズの正体はDaniel Lyons

August 5, 2007

ヤフーが見つかりません~404: Yahoo! Not Found

unfortunate placement of yahoo ad

Yahoo! ad placed 404 feet from home plate in Ballpark. I bookmarked it via Good Morning Silicon Valley. Now I realized it's got 256,082 views and 5755Diggs. (Wow!)


流行った経緯を読むと、Web 2.0エキスポに来ていた若者3人組がSF球場でジャイアンツ対カーディナルの試合観戦中、三塁ベースの壁面に偶然見つけて撮ったものらしいね。チケットを買ってくれた父親に見せたらこれが大ウケでGMSVの記者さんに話してワーッと広まった。