November 27, 2005

ジョブズ着せ替えゲーム:Jobs Dress-up Game

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life," Jobs says. --Now, those folks at are so dedicated that they spend their limited time trying to help Jobs change clothes. On this popular website best known for its publication of humor comic book "The Joy of Tech" (recommended by Steve Wozniak), you'll find tons of original items including a poster 'Billy Gates: the Wizard of Windows!'(sold-out) and buttons like 'Gates Dart Board!'

因みにこのサイト。アメリカのGEEK(コンピュータおたく)の間ではたいそうな人気でウォズニアック氏ご推奨のお笑いコミック"The Joy of Tech"は じめ特製グッズの品揃えも豊富。ポスターではハリー・ポッターをゲイツに見立てた「Billy Gates: the Wizard of Windows!(ビリー・ゲイツとウィンドウズの魔法使い)」が在庫切れだし、バッジには「ゲイツのダーツボード」なんてのもある。

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Sunset in Big Sur :Looking over the Pacific Ocean.


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November 21, 2005

ジョブズ卒業祝賀スピーチ世界リンク集:Links to Translations of Steve Jobs' Commencement address at Stanford Univ.

Delivered on June 12, 2005, the historical remark has been translated and circulated by millions of people around the world. The following is a list of links to top search results returned for keywords "stay hungry (in each language), Steve Jobs, Stanford." Hope you enjoy.
2005年6月12日にスティーブ・ジョブズ氏がスタンフォード大学で行った演説は世界中の人たちに感銘を与えた。以下は「stay hungry (各言語), Steve Jobs, Stanford」で検索トップに出た各主要言語の訳文。同じ時間に同じ文章に触れ同じ作業を行った人がこれだけいたという、ひとつの記録として残しておく。(訳者後記

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

(Stewart Brand* quote)
Steve Jobs, 06.12.2005
iTune|Video Clip
A lot of folks downloaded the audio clip to their iPods.
Who is Stewart Brand? ; Touted as "the least recognized most influential thinker in America," Brand, one of the legendary survivors of Prankster's Acid Test, is the man who pressured NASA to release the image of the Earth seen from space. 39yrs later now, Google partnered with NASA, proving what the moon was made out of....(Not seen yet? Go GoogleMoon and drag the zoom to max)

「最も無名でありながら最も強い影響力を持つアメリカの思想家」ブラントはプランクスターが行った伝説のLSD実験サバイバーのひとり。宇宙から見た丸い地球の画像を公開するよう、しつこくNASAに働きかけ実現したオッサンでもある。39年後の今年グーグルはNASAと提携し月構成物質の正体を明らかにした。(まだご覧になってない方はGoogle Moonで今すぐズームイン!)

"The real legacy of the sixties generation
is the computer revolution"


- Stewart Brand, TIME Spring 1995

Оставайтесь голодными. Оставайтесь безрассудными.
Дмитрий Честных, 06.16.2005
Total Comments: 98 (11.20.2005). Probably one of the first full-text translations posted online.全訳掲載6/16はおそらく世界最速。人間業じゃないっす。

"Stay Hungry. Stay Fo*lish.", siate affamati, siate folli.
Antonio Dini, 06.16.2005
Published on technology magazine 'Macity' the same day as Russian blog posting. ハイテク専門誌「Macity」オンライン版。ロシア版と同日掲載。

Siate affamati. Siate folli.
Massimo Curatella, 06.26.2005

Seguid hambrientos. Seguid atolondrados.
Manteneous hambrientos, manteneos atolondrados

Memoria de Acceso Aleatorio, 06.17.2005
Total Commens: 60(11.20.2005). Collaborated work of five great bloggers nicknamed Sin clasificar, Personal, Enlaces, Empresa and Estrella. Great teamwork! 有志5人のコラボ!

soyez affama's, soyez fous
Cyril Fie'vet, 06.15.2005
Excerpt. Comments posted. 抄訳。コメントあり。

Stay hungry, stay fo*lish.(ハングリーであれ、馬鹿であれ)
satomi, 07.10.2005
First issued by Tom Sato to his 20,000+ free e-mail magazine subscribers. Published to his blog on 08.19.2005 (
Total Trackbacks: 107). Introduced by many including some influential figures such as Kenichi Ohmae and Masatoshi Kumagai. Great thanks to Prof. Nobuyasu Osato for his sincerest request for correction to the last sentence.

The first copy uploaded by masa, an entrepreneur in his 20s, attracted approx. 30,000 visitors in the first 9 days. 785 Bookmarks 転載ブログ第1号。masaさんは20代の社長さん。
Notes:Original excerpt published on a weekly AERA validated it to be an offline phenomenon. AERA9月17日号が抄訳を掲載し全国区のブームに。訳者多数。

求知若飢, 虚心若愚

Heuss, 08.10.2005
Audience reactions added. The ending, for example, is (standing ovation lasted for two min.). Cool! Poetic translation for Brand quote. It looks sooooo beautiful. If I had Tokonoma, this definitely will be my hanging scroll.

Cheers magazine, 09.2005.issue
Hot Debates about "Stay hungry. Stay fo*lish." (ongoing)Discussion thread for finding the best translation for Brand quote. It's simple as heck, and they never come up with a single solution everybody agrees with. 適訳論争。お題は言わずと知れた"stay foolish"である。悩ましいのは中国も一緒?

Bleibt hungrig! Bleibt verrüc*t!

Michael Bischoff, 08.11.2005
Posted from Zurich, Switzerland. Exclamation marks added.

Bleibt hungrig. Bleibt to*richt.
F.A.Z., 09.06.2005
Article about the speech with translated quotes.

배고픔과 함께. 미련함과 함*
새벽이슬의 쉼터, 10.22.2005
Same texts on different URLs. The one above shows Korean and English texts side by side.

늘 배고프고, 늘 어리석어라
남성우, 10.31.2005
Featured on Korean photographers' forum "FOTOZONE.COM." It seems like gaining massive comments. I wish I could read Korean!