January 31, 2006

「日本の形 - 鮨」のまとめ:"Documentary on Japanese Sushi" Chronology

When I translated Jobs' Commencement Speech last summer, all I did was to e-mail my friend once, and by the time I got the first feedback from Korea, it was everywhere ( link). Then came this short film 'Documentary on Japanese Sushi(SUSHI).'

Unlike Jobs' speech, we didn't know who made it, where it's from, and who's the target audience. It came from nowhere, and nevertheless became the first-of-this-kind phenomenon that demonstrated the tremendous potential (and trouble for production & distribution side) Video On Demand (VOD) has.

GoogleVideo(GV) deleted the entry on Jan.10. Seems like nobody wants to get sued for evangelizing half true, half false SUSHI manners. This masterpiece, when watched with no prepossession, gives you quite an enlightening observation about your image on Japanese and foreigneers. A lot of times, how we feel about a film depends on who we are, and who we think THEY are.


ジョブズ全 訳ではブログの力を思 い知ったが、この秋から国内外で 大流行の動画「Documentary on Japanese Sushi(以下'SUSHI')」、これはビデオ・オン・デマンド(VOD/ネット動画配信)のすさまじさを嫌というほど見せつけてくれた。ダウンロー ド殺到のGoogleVideo(以下'GV')は1月10日付けでエントリーを削除したが、2週間と経たず別の誰かが再投稿している。


*If you haven't seen it yet, you can view here, or here, here or here.

幻の動画ヒット作「Documentary on Japanese Sushi」

Original DVD teevee graphics/NAMIKIBASHI VIDEO VICTIM2 including SUSHI released in Japan. 本作品「SUSHI」収録の原作DVD「teevee graphics/NAMIKIBASHI VIDEO VICTIM2」日本国内にてリリース

One day, this man nicknamed Rudd-Crunch bought the original DVD.この原作DVDを購入したのは日本語ペラペラの日本在住外国人、ハンドルネームはRudd-Crunch君だ。

" ...and thought it was way too funny to be limited to a Japanese speaking audience so spent a couple of hours one evening translating and working out subtitles so friends could enjoy it too.(あまりに面白くて、これは日本語の分かる人にだけ見せとくんじゃもったいないって思った。で、ある晩2時間ぐらいかけて訳して字幕を入れたん だ。こうしておけばボクの友達にも楽しんでもらえるからね)" - Rudd-Crunch, commented on 01.27.2006.

07.03.2005. 04:21:34
He showed his English subtitled version to a very handful of his friends. They loved it. さっそく英字幕付きバージョンを一握りの近しい友達に見せたらばコレが大反響

07.03.2005 10:03:42
Rudd-Crunch closed the downloading in less than 6 hrs and posted a message to BigDaikon.com , a member-only forum where English speaking people exchange information and thoughts about Japan. "Sorry to anybody still downloading, but it's copyrighted material and I don't want to get sued..."

Rudd-Crunch君はダウンロードを6時間と置かずに閉め切り、世界中の日本通の方たちが英語で日本の情報を交換し合う会員制コミュ二ティサイトBigDaikon.com の板にこう書き込む。「もしまだダウンロード中の人がいたらごめん。でもこれは著作権のある作品だし僕も訴えられたくないんだ…

A blogger uploaded the copy on his blog, which got only 12 comments in 10 days. It was still being kept within a small circle of friends. あるブロガーが自分のブログにコピー転載。しかしコメントは10日で12件だけ。まだこの段階では小さな仲間内の現象にとどまってい た。

Unidentified person uploaded the video to GoogleVideo with a made-up production name, Choi Style Productions.  匿名の第三者が無料動画配信サイトGoogleVideoに動画アップ。

"...and the next thing I know my inbox is full of mail from random people sending me links to the very same video on Google.(急にいろんな人からメールが殺到して、本文リンクを辿ってみたらグーグルにボクが字幕入れたのと全く同じ動画があったんだ)" - Rudd-Crunch, commented on 01.27.2006.

'Maa-maa-maa-mah' joke unleashed worldwide. Some noticed its starring comedian duo is called Rahmens, while others tried to track down the Choi Style Productions without success. Rahmens and its production got tremendous attention from overseas. 'Ma-ma-ma-mah' quote became the most popular term among Sushi lovers in 2005-2006 holiday season.

Choi Style Productionsという架空のプロダクション名だけを残して公開者不詳のまま動画は世界中に広まり、今や主演ラーメンズはちょっとした有名人。海外寿司通の間では「まあまあまあまあ」が年末の流行語となる。

GoogleVideo unlisted the entry, causing hundreds of broken linkages.
"gaah! google dumped it!!! does anyone have a copy they can upload anywhere"(ぎゃー、グーグルが!!!誰かアップできるファイルもってないか?)"- desperate fan left this comment on Gen Kanai's blog, January 10, 2006 04:12 PM)

Welcome back on GV....This time, by somebody fakely named "Japanese Home Documentaries." Is there any other name for this?
人知れず水面下でグーグル・ビデオ復活。今度の投稿主は「Japanese Home Documentaries」という架空プロダクションだ。

Rudd-Crunch, obviously not aware of the revived GV posting, left the following comment on my blog. そんなこととは知らないRudd-Crunch君はブームの終わりを見届け、拙ブログに以下のようなコメントを残す。

"Thanks for appreciating the subbing effort! ;) Hopefully the producers will realise this stuff has worldwide appeal and make more.(ボクのしょーもない仕事を評価してくれてありがとう。今回のことでこれが世界にアピールする作品だってことが分かってプロデューサーさんが もっと作ってくれたら嬉しいな)"

Shockwave.com announced that the short film streaming pioneer AtomFilms is to produce and release English-dubbed version on its web. Seems like a part of this move.-->Yahoo!News

ショートフィルムのネット配信で知られるAtomFilmsがSUSHIの英語吹き替え版製作・配信に乗り出すと Shockwave.comが告知。これは23日付けYahoo!ニュース「AtomFilm、ネット配信用動画製作スタジオを開設」とも連動する動き。

The remove SUSHI video notice sent out by distribution company of SUSHI Video has been shared among English bloggers, causing another LOL. It contains a number of misspellings, though the sender claims otherwise. 版権管理会社のアスミック・エース エンタテイメント社がブロガーたちに送った掲載取り下げ要求がengrish状態で出回る。

What's Next?
If they are going to make dub-version, are they using his texts? No, they can't, because the translated texts are copyrighted to Rudd-Crunch (*updates:The original had a dub version, so RC's role could be limited to a proof-reading and editing.) and they need a permission from him if they want to use the same English scripts. Rudd-Crunch, on the other hand, cannot come out, because of someone who got it from RC to forward it to someone who gave it to Mr. Nobody who shared it with another Mr. Nobody who blogged it, and months later millions of Mr. Nobodies rushed to GV to see the copy uploaded by Choi Style Productions that never existed. Who fits where? Who made Rudd-Crunch a con? ---We all share the fun and sin. (My article was published on BCN,2006.02.27.Issue, p.13, PDF-file)

今後の注目点としては吹き替 え版の台本だろう。Rudd-Crunch君の字幕は彼の著作物(*updates: 吹替え版がDVDに入っていたことで、彼の役割りはプルーフ校正という範囲に限定されるかもしれない)なので許可無しに商用利用はできない。が、Rudd - Crunch君は匿名の存在。そういう微妙な立場に彼を追いやってしまったのは一体誰か?それはもちろん彼が作品を好意で見せた一握りの友達の友達のその また友達の友達がブログしたのを見た友達の友達のそのまた友達のChoi Style ProductionsのGVを見た何百万人のうちの・・・・へ?ワタシ?



Original Title
「日本の形 - 鮨」 -原作紹介

3,800yen($32US)/3,990 tax included($34US)
"Documentary on Japanese Sushi" (8min 10sec), originally titled "the japanese tradition -SUSHI,"came from this collection of short films and music videos. It has a dub version, but no sub-ver. The SUSHI was produced by Japanese collaborating unit 'Namikibashi' formed by Kentaro Kobayashi (short haired main character) and filmmaking team 'teevee graphics(TVG).' --Starring: Rahmens | Director:teevee graphics(TVG) | Script: Kentaro Kobayashi of Rahmens (left on this photo) | Producer: collaborated unit of TVG and Kentaro Kobayashi | Distribution: Asmik Ace Entertainment,KADOKAWA Entertainment

英字幕付きビデオ「Documentary on Japanese Sushi」(8分10秒)は上記DVD収録作品「日本の形-鮨」がオリジナル。この脚本を手掛けた小林賢太郎(主演の二人組ラーメンズの短髪のヒト→写真左)と升野英知の共著「大喜利猿」は河出書房新社より2月20日発売予定!

Sequel Title
The Japanese Tradition: Dogeza

The previous work DOGEZA is compiled in the first installment of "Video Victim" DVD series. It's also a collaborated work by unit called Namikibashi (Kentaro Kobayashi of Rahmens and filmmaking team 'teevee graphics'). On the link Rahmens duo find themselves in an odd DOGEZA situation in the middle of adult contents.


Unlike SUSHI, this one comes with English dubb, but "it's not of very good quality and it fades in an out and at one point disappears completely," says Jeff.
Obviously its target audience is not English-speaking folks.

-Some say this flash animation 'Shinbashi'(link with English script) was also produced by Rahmens (uncomfirmed). お笑いフラッシュ「新橋」(リンク&英訳)もラーメンズの作品と言われているが、これは未確認。

Link Samplings
View 532 Japanese linked blogs/Blogでのクチコミ(532件)を見る
アメリカでがんばりましょう: アメリカ人と寿司
ロシア通信伝: ■『日本の心~鮨』に大爆笑のクセーニャさん-Russian folks loved it!
maclalalaweblog: ユーモアと嘲りの間&鮨ビデオ顛末記
Gen Kanai weblog: Documentary On Japanese Sushi
Sushi video revvealed! by JABLOG - a Japanese telling what is and is not true.英語の正誤表登場!--->About the refund, however, I'd say it's true sometimes.
HardwareZoom.Com Forums(鮨メニュー拡大写真と解説付き)

"Funny how it took a fansub to make this video take off. Too bad the original content creators didn't subtitle it...(*ファンサブでここまで広まるなんて笑えるね。字幕つけなかったオリジナルの製作者たちには気の毒だけど...)"-Gen's comment on Joi Ito's Web


at SUSHI Bars

So far, no customers showed up with ruler and protractor.
Kuroneko heard foreign customer saying "ottottotto" in London-965*Cafe

SUSHI is a satire joke spiced with subliminal truth. When Japanese saw it spreading all over the world, they suddenly got worried. What if they see foreigners in every sushi restaurant abroad licking the sacred salt put outside to keep evil out(sorry! that's for gaining more customers)....What if they believe we eat all those endangered species projected in the background? ... That made it even more funny, which drove the phenomenon. I think Rudd-Crunch deserves more respect.

SUSHI は原作も素晴しいが、やはり字幕がついたことで「外国人が真に受けたらどうするの!」という日本語版の原作にはない笑いと焦りを生み、「世界中の外国人が 今リアルタイムでこれを見てる」という予想外のシチュエーションがブームを加速した。つまり原作のままでは起こりえなかったということは、正当に評価すべ きだ。


Editing the original work without permission is illegal, but sometimes it adds value to the work. Here's another example. This original below (15 sec.) is an average TV ad you may forget in three steps. 無断改竄は違法だが、このように新しい価値を生み、広告料払ったわけでもないのに勝手に広まっちゃうケースも増えてきた。例えばこのCM。元は15秒。3 歩で忘れちゃうCMだ。--> ザンシロ・オリジナルCM

Now take a look at this remix version. When an average ad falls into gamer's hands, this happens.It's very very long and slow at the beginning, but if you see the whole thing, the name 'Zanshiro' haunts you for days.こちらリミックス。始まりはスローだが視聴後3日はザンシロが脳裏を離れない。-->ザンシロ・リミックスCM-courtesy たけ風呂

Asian Backstreet Boys Funny Vid - Google Video
Another example is this much-talked-about GV entry. I don't think they have permission from BSB to use their tune, but it's obvious that they don't share the same target, so probably nobody makes it a big deal. (new!Asian Backstreet Boys -Aftermath) 一方これは最近話題のGV動画。ご本家バックストリートボーイズとは似ても似つかない香港人二人組が口パクしてるだけっていう作品だ。BSB から歌の使用許可を取ってる風には決して見えないが、BSBファン対象の作品でないことは自明だから大目に見てくれてるんだろう(new!芸能界デビューした2人)。


This sort of subtitling and remixing will grow as more ease-of-use tools come out. When a creative mind meets an inspiring material, s/he just makes something original using it as Rudd-Crunch did. They're not paid, but they just do it. That kind of creative activity has to be guarded from commercial logic. How? That's a tough question.


Mr. Isoda of Asmik Ace Entertainment is trying to reach RC, not for suing, but to look into the possibility to get him involved with the sequel production as an official staff. アスミック・エース エンターテイメント社担当磯田氏がRudd-Crunch君に連絡をとりたがっている。続編で正式に彼を起用するかどうか可能性を見極めたい模様。(続報)

「鮨」~コールからの手紙:Rudd-Crunch working with teevee graphics

The DVD for "THE JAPANESE TRADITION" is coming out on March 3rd (in Japan only).

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January 30, 2006

シリコンバレーのトリビア⑤:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 5

Q:  Is this true or fiction?

"......two 'country hicks' came to Harvard and wanted to talk with the president. A haughty secretary resisted the couple and made them wait for hours. In exasperation, she finally asked the president to see the visitors, which he did if for no other reason to get rid of them.

The couple told him their son had attended Harvard for a year and he had loved it, but had been killed in an accident and they wanted to build a memorial to him. The president discouraged them, saying they couldn't erect a memorial to every student who had died.

The couple said they were thinking of donating for an entire building in their son's honor. The president discouraged them and mentioned how much all of the buildings at Harvard were worth.

The lady commented to her husband that if that was all it took to build a university, they ought to construct their own. So...Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford went to Palo Alto, California and built a school in honor of their son...a memorial to a student that Harvard no longer cared about."(source: www.truthorfiction.com)



学 長は諦めるよう二人に諭した。死んだ生徒一人一人にいちいち記念碑を建ててやることはできない、と。すると夫婦は、息子の名を残すためなら大学の建設費用 を全 額寄付したっていいのだと食い下がった。だからそんなことは諦めなさいと学長は諭し、ハーバードを丸ごと建てるなんて一体どれだけかかると思ってるんだと 実際の金額を告げた。

それを聞いた夫人は夫を見てこう言った。そんなもんで大学が建つんなら、いっそ自分たちの大学、建てちゃいましょう よ。 こうしてカリフォルニアのパロアルトに行ったリーランド・スタンフォード夫妻が夭逝の息子のため建てた追悼記念碑がスタンフォード。それはハーバードに見 捨てられた一人の学生の名誉のために建てられた。


You can read the true history below (the second story) or Stanford web.
--->The Rejection that led to the founding of Stanford University-Fiction!

門前払いが作った大学・スタンフォード-寓話」 によると、スタンフォード大学創学者リーランド・スタンフォード氏はカリフォルニア州知事も務めた地元の有力者。サンフランシスコ半島に8,000エー カーを超す広大な敷地を買い始めたのは1876年のことだ。ジェーン夫人との間に設けた一粒種のリーランドJr.は家族旅行先のイタリアで死亡する。享年 15歳。死因は腸チフス。大学に通うこともなくこの世を去った息子を偲んで夫妻が光溢れるペニンスラの草原に建設したのが、現在のスタンフォード大学で ある。



トリビア④:Trivia Quiz 4 | トリビア⑥:Trivia Quiz 6

January 24, 2006

ディズニー、ピクサーを74億ドルで買収:Disney buying Pixar for $7.4B

Did you see the latest news about the acquisition? You can view the video clip of two CEOs' interview on MSNBC.com.

ジ ムでだらだら走っていたら予定通り、ディズニーのピクサー買収が74億ドルで合意に達したとの速報が画面に入った。合併完了は今夏中。CNBCではディズ ニーCEOロバート (通称ボブ)・アイガー氏とピクサーCEOスティーブ・ジョブズ氏のインタビューを生中継した。両氏とも満面の笑み、笑み、笑みである。背景は20日付け拙ブログ、CNETJapanはこちら、インタビュー動画はこちら↓

Disney buying Pixar for $7.4 billion - U.S. Business - MSNBC.com


「アッ プルCEOとして培ったテクノロジー分野のビジョナリーとしての先見性を、どうディズニーの今後に反映していくのか?」という当然あるべき問いに対して は、「それは話を広げ過ぎだ」と牽制。 「iPodビデオのアイディアが浮かんだ時、真っ先に電話したのはボブだし、真っ先に協力してくれたのもボブだ。今回のことにしてもボブの新たなディズ ニー路線に私が乗ったのであって、その逆ではない」と、今回の合併とディズニーの経営が飽くまでも”アイガー主導”である点を明確にした(←否定すればす るほど「ふぅ~ん、やるんだなあ」となってしまうんだけどね)。

懸念はピクサーのクリエイティブ部隊をここまで率いてきたアニメの神様 ジョン・ラセター(ピクサー社エグゼキュティブ・バイスプレジデント)の処遇。その処遇いかん ではピクサーの肝である無類のクリエイティビティ、創造第一の企業カルチャーが巨大コングロマリット・ディズニーの管理主義の迷宮で霧散してしまいかねな い。 それは巷のピクサー・ファンが最も恐れていることで、この合併を南のハリウッドから見守る友人・片田暁氏も;

も しこの買収が成立すると、ジョブスにどんなメリットがあるかはよく分かるのですが、ピクサーの現場にいるクリエーターたちがどう思っているのかがあまり伝 わってこない。特に、ジョン・ラセターは独立性を放棄することに本当に賛成なのだろうか。ピクサーの成功はジョブスなしでもあえりた可能性は十分にある が、ラセターなしでは考えられないだけに、その辺りが知りたい


「映 画を年2本作って大企業の企業ニーズにも応えていかなきゃならないわけで、これはピクサー文化の破壊を引き起こしかねない」とするのはゴールドマン・サッ クス のアナリスト氏。先のCNBCの報道特集でもアナリストたちが「ラセターはどうなんだよ、合併しちゃってハッピーなのかよ」と、やっぱりそこが焦点であっ た。

で、それはジョブズ&アイガーCEOコンビの方も先刻承知しており、話が「ラセターのパッション(やる気、意欲、情熱)」に及ぶと、 待ってましたとばかりに首を縦に振り、「なんてったってラセターのパッションだ。合併でこれまで以上に彼は自分のやりたい仕事ができるようになるだろう し、そうしていくのが私たちの仕事」と身を乗り出して強調するのを忘れなかった。

とりあえず「チーフ・クリエイティブ・オフィサー」とし てアニメ製作のクリエイティブ面を総括するラセターには、テーマパーク再デザインという大仕事が待っている。また、「ファインディング・ニモ」や「Mr. インクレディブル」などピクサーが出した超ヒット作の続編化では、ピクサーの初期メンバーが製作を行う。これはこれまでの製作・配給契約には無かった話。

"If anything, the talent from Burbank might have to move up to Emeryville. The animation center of the universe is moving to Emeryville."


"Bill Gates shows up at a Hollywood party of actors and actresses and he's just a geek. Steve Jobs shows up at a Hollywood party of actors and actresses and he's a star."



因 みにピクサーの御本家ルーカスフィルム本社も今のマリーンから金門橋を渡ってサンフランシスコ市内に移転する。ジョブズ氏がジョージ・ルーカス氏からピク サーの母体のデジタル編集チームを買った時、払った金額は1,000万ドル。それがたったの20 年で74億ドルである。


米メディアが伝えた堀江社長逮捕&ライブドアショック:Livedoor's Horie Arrested

This is the image on the latest CBS news.

Washington Times this morning called him "Internet Tycoon," and his company Livedoor Co. "a sort of Japanese Google." We call it "Livedoor Shock."

It's all started from this Takafumi Horie (a.k.a. Horiemon), 33-year-old Tokyo University dropout who founded the Japanese portal Livedoor whose raids by investigators caused a week of turmoil in Tokyo Stock Exchange, forcing an unprecedented emergency shut-down of trading 20 minutes before the market close on Wednesday.

Shares in Livedoor plunged to 256 yen ($2.20) on Monday, down from 696 yen ($6.03) a week ago. Here I've listed major English reportings on this issue.



CBS News | Livedoor CEO Takafumi Horie Is Arrested

MercuryNews.com | 01/23/2006 | Livedoor CEO arrested on charges of securities laws violations

Japan PM in Hot Seat After Livedoor CEO Arrested - New York Times

◆ 「ト ヨタやキヤノン、ヤフーは健在だが、堀江凋落の心理ショックが株式暴落を引き起こし、これが日本の経済再建の前途に暗い影を落としている」とのアナリスト 判断はワシントンポスト24日の朝刊。「Bill Gates-meets-Donald Trump figure in Japan(ビル・ゲイツとドナルド・トランプを足して二で割ったような日本人)」という堀江社長の形容には思わず笑った。オン・ザ・エッジ時代 からの堀江社長の側近・野口英明氏の自殺(先週)についても言及。
Japanese Authorities Arrest Internet Tycoon

CNN.com - No style change, says Livedoor CEO - Jan 17, 2006

Old guard take revenge on Japan's Internet whiz-kid - Yahoo! News

BBC NEWS | Business | Livedoor chief denies wrongdoing

Japan's stock jolt tarnishes a brash new business style | csmonitor.com

◆「the worst of the Livedoor Shock is over(ライブドア・ショックは峠を越した)」と24日のロイター電↓
Stock Market News and Investment Information | Reuters.com

◆ 堀江逮捕の実況中継を’media circus’とした24日付けLAタイムズ。フジTV買収劇のことにも詳しく触れた。「unofficial chief of the "Hills Tribe”(ヒルズ族の非公式の族長)」であり「geek-turned-rock star businessman, one part Bill Gates and one part Bono(ビル・ゲイツとボノを足して半分で割ったヲタク出身のロックスター型企業人)」堀江社長は敵も多いが、若者にとっては夢を与える存在 だったと、その功績も評価している。↓
Japan Watches as Internet Mogul Is Brought In - Los Angeles Times


By the way, did you notice that the T-shirt he was wearing when he got arrested had Daruma doll on the front? A Daruma doll is traditionally given to someone starting a new venture. They paint one eye, leaving the other to be painted when the goal is reached. It regains its balance after being tipped over. I wonder if there will be another day when we see him wearing the Daruma T-shirt with two eyes...



ライブドア最後(?)の2年間の話題のまとめ : 小心者の杖日記
ホリエモンの『時価総額世界一の夢』の挫折とライブドア事件への雑感:Es Discovery

 The last entry to Horie's personal blog got 8,019 comments within 5 days.

January 20, 2006

ディズニーがピクサーを買ったらジョブズ氏は…:Disney-Pixar Deal Would Make Steve Jobs...

After months of speculations, WSJ yesterday confirmed the rumor by reporting that Disney is in serious talks to buy Pixar for $6.7 billion (its current stock market value) in stock. The deal would make Jobs, who currently owns over $3 billion of Pixar stock, the biggest individual Disney shareholder who could claim a post in it's board of directors. ("or even a company leadership," reported my SJMercury.)

Is Jobs going to be a media mogul? Making thousands of movies available to iTunes? Their production partnership is to end after May's release of 'Cars.' So, we'll see it before long.

*Deal agreed!*
You can view two CEOs discussing about the deal on MSNBC.com
MercuryNews.com | Disney buying Pixar for $7.4 billion
Bloomberg.com: U.S.




昨 日ウォールストリートジャーナル(WSJ)がこう伝えたことで噂は一気に現実となった。交渉中の微妙な段階なので株取引という以上の詳細は明らかにされて いない。 今のところ両社の株価は急上昇、「どっちの会社にとっても結構な話。断る理由がどこにある」という見方が大勢だ。


ジョ ブズ氏がビデオiPodを出すと聞けばコンテンツが要るだろうと早速駆け参じ、ディズニー傘下のABC局でも選りすぐりの人気番組を提供したアイガー氏。 今回の買収計画にしてもピクサー株が高いこの時期に「その値段でいいから」と頭を下げているのだ。アイズナー体制では考えられなかった話だ。





映画タイトル数千本を保有し、米テレビ3大ネットワークのひとつABCと10テレビ局、ABCラジオほかABCニュース、雑誌15誌、ESPNはじめケーブ ルチャンネル局とラジオ局、出版などなど、iTunesが喉から手が出るほど欲しがるであろうコンテンツを山ほど抱えている。身近な例では、みのもんた司 会の類似番組でお馴染みの人気クイズ番組”Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"の製作会社ブエナ・ビスタ・テレビジョンなんかも、実はディズニー傘下だ。(一覧はこちら)

昨 年6月7日グーグルが時価総額でワーナーを抜いた時点の比較では①グーグル(時価総額814億ドル)、②タイムワーナー(同782.5億ドル)、③ウォル ト・ディズニー(同約568億ドル)、④バイアコム(同545億ドル)、⑥米ヤフー(同約520億ドル)という内訳だった。

ジョブズ氏が ディズニーの経営陣に入ってiTunesにこういったコンテンツが群れをなして流れてくるのは良い話だが、そうなるとライバルのバイアコムやタイムワー ナー、バーテルズマンなどからは流れが止まる危険性も生じる。iPodの中立性を維持しながらディズニーにも入り込む、この難業をどうこなすのか?


MercuryNews.com | Disney buying Pixar for $7.4 billion
Bloomberg.com: U.S.

January 19, 2006

マタギと金太郎、秋田犬:Hunting in Japan

On the web I linked to from the posting on Jan. 9, I found a picture of Japanese man holding a rifle.(left) The writer, Justin Hall, seemed to be a little confused. Why in Japan?

Sure, Japan is a gun-free nation, and carrying and dealing pistols are strictly banned. But sport hunting is OK, although areas, seasons and targets are limited. All you need is the license issued by the local governor. With the license, you can buy a rifle.

So, is he Yakuza? No. Neither is he a sport hunter of the upper classes, considering its location. He's gotta be one of the Matagi-like hobbiests who go hunting when season comes.


When I was little, my father used to take me to their gatherings. Their main target was a bear. Endangered species such as Japanese Serow (Kamoshika), Tsukinowaguma bear and Nihon-zaru monkey were to be avoided. In the after-game party, they cook fresh meat, sharing sake and mountain tales.

Strangely enough, the one who hit a bear was always Kintaro. Do you know Kintaro? Kintaro is a legendary hero who was raised deep in mountains playing with animals. He was believed to be strong enough to throw down a bear. The children's song goes "Kintaro in Ashigara mountain, sumo-wrestling with bears..." (full story)

So, everybody in Japan knows Kintaro can throw a bear. What they don't know is that OUR Kintaro was capable of hunting bears.

Kintaro's legend goes back a thousand years.

"Why him?," I used to ask them.
"Who knows. When it comes to bears, it's always Kintaro. Every year." they laughed out loud.

About 5 years ago when I spent a week there, all my neighbors were telling me about a Judo coach who threw down a bear he encountered on a backstreet in my hometown. The story was featured on local Sakigake news with big headlines. My parents scrapped it for me, so I'm quite positive it really happened.

BTW, Matagi is the traditional hunters who used live in Akita and its sorrounding areas. The Matagi's hunting dogs were the Akita's ancestors. You can read two most famous Akita legends; Loyal Hachiko and Shiro on this website(stories at the bottom). Hachiko stories are available in print as well.

(Ages 9-12)      (Ages 4-8)

While looking for related web, I found the following...
Crow Busters - Beginner Article - Crow Hunting In Japan


今月9日のブログでリンクしたサイトを見ていたらライフルを持った日 本人の接写があった。ライターのジャスティン・ホール君はこれを見て、とっても困惑している。そりゃそうだろう。日本と言ったら銃禁 止国。ヤクザにも見えないし・・・というわけで、ここでは猟の話を少々紹介してみた。



Crow Busters - Beginner Article - Crow Hunting In Japan


January 18, 2006

シリコンバレーのトリビア④:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 4

Q:  Who is this man?

◆His single goal to "put the joy back in movie-watching."

◆Thanks to cheap DVDs, on-demand services, and HIS company, the Blockbuster, the nation's biggest movie rental company, eliminated late fees last year as of Jan. 1.

◆The company is headquartered in Los Gatos.

◆Born to a highly acclaimed lawyer who once served in the Nixon administration as general counsel in the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

◆Earned a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree from Bowdoin College. At Bowdoin, he won its mathematics department's Smyth prize(1981).

◆A former Peace Corps volunteer who once taught math in rural highschool in Swaziland (1983-1985).

Swaziland flag

平和部隊:What's Peace Corps?】 Established by executive order in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, the Peace Corps have sent 182,000 Americans to 138 host nations for various tasks ranging from AIDS education, info-tech, and environmental preservation. Modeled after it, Japan's JOCV was formed in 1965.
ジョン・ F・ケネディの公約&行政命令で1961年3月1日創設された開発途上国援助団体。エイズ教育、IT、環境保護など各種分野の援助で138ヶ国に延べ18万2000人の民間ボランティアを派遣してきた。日本の青年海外 協力隊(1965年設立)のモデル。

◆In 1996, his friend showed him a DVD, and in an instance he understood that 'the disks could be duplicated easily and mailed for less, in greater volume.' He recalls it as an 'ah-hah moment.'

◆Became a millionaire in August 1997 when he sold the first company he founded in Oct 1991, Pure Software, to its rival Rational Software for $752 million in stock(later acquired by IBM). Pure Software was one of the fifty largest public software companies back then.

◆In the same year(1997), after the busy days of IPO and selling company, he returned a rented copy more than a week late and got a $39 penalty. Furious, he started another company that rents DVD with "NO LATE FEE." It turned out to be the best $39 he ever spent, and the worst for video renter.

◆One night in 1999, driving to his gym where he was getting unlimited workouts for a monthly fee, he thought "Why not rent DVDs that way?" Launched the subscription based Internet-order, mail-delivery DVD rental service.

◆Before it came along, video late fees accounted about 15 percent of the revenues of industry leader Blockbuster(the last figure available is 19% in 2000). A trade publication estimated that its late fees was $5.82 billion in 2003.

◆Went public in 2001 Spring.

◆The company had more than 3.5 million subscribers by the fall of 2005. Since its launch in 1999, the annual subscriber growth has been over 50% and its service recorded its first million subscribers in February 2003, hitting the two million mark in May 2004, the three million mark in March 2005.

◆Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, ignited a price war by launching similar online DVD rental service in late 2002. It eventually turned over its DVD rental buiness to HIS company in May 2005.

◆The company name is Netflix. It's the world's largest online DVD movie rental service offering more than 3.5 million members access to 55,000 titles. Netflix pioneered an $8 billion online DVD rental industry.

◆ He'd be "producing movies" if he wasn't running DVD rental service company.

◆The title of the video he kept overdue in 1997 was "Apollo 13."

◆Who's this man ”overseeing his state-of-the-art centers lookin like Willy Wonka"?

Netflix CEO in Santa Ana, originally uploaded by Netflix Fan.

Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO
リード・ハスティングス (ネットフリックス共同設立者兼CEO)

◆顧客満足度: People's opinion
◆関連記事:Netflix wins round in online DVD-rental fight | CNET News.com

As a former president of California's Board of Education, he is active in politics and educational philanthropy. Co-founded a charter school organization Aspire Public Schools, and a venture philanthropy firm NewSchools as well as a grassroots organization EdVoice. From June 1998 to July 1999, he served as CEO of Technology Network, the high-tech industry's political advocacy group.
カリフォルニア州教育委員会前委員長の氏は、教育/政治活動も活発。チャータースクールの管理母体「アスパイア・パブリックスクールズ」を共同創設 し、ベンチャー投資で教育機会均等を目指す慈善事業体「ニュー・スクールズ」、草の根団体「エドボイス」にも参画している。1998年6月-1999年7 月には、圧力団体「テクノロジー・ネットワーク(TechNet)」CEOも務めた。


トリビア③:Trivia Quiz 3 | トリビア⑤:Trivia Quiz 5

January 13, 2006

キング牧師の日の宿題:What kids learn on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming up.
What did your kids get for homework this weekend?
Here I'm showing what homeworks my kids got from school today.


On the top, you see my daughter's homework in which MLK Jr. is dreaming about the world where kids in all different colors live in peace.

The one on the bottom is for my 5th grader. As you see, kids have to visit http://www.stanford.edu/group/King/about_king
to find answers for 5 listed questions; Date of Birth, the reason of arrest, the famous speech, prize he won, and Date of Assassination. It makes them think about how the world might be different today if he was still alive, then lets them read through this web to solve one question on the web.

Friday is my 'mommy-helper' day. The teacher told the whole class of K the life of King Jr. and Rosa Parks who died at age 92 on Oct.24 last year.

Just think about it. The Montgomery Bus Boycott happened ONLY 50 years ago. How things change in 50 years...!

"I Have a Dream" speech is available in Video, audio mp3 and transcripts (in Japanese).

キング牧師の名演説「I Have a Dream..」(Video, 音声mp3&原文, 拙訳)は今も「アメリカの演説100選」のトップを独走している。




The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project

1. キング牧師の誕生日は?
2. 1964年6月キング牧師は逮捕される。なぜ?
3. 1963年ワシントン大行進でキング牧師が行った名演説とは?
4. 1964年にキング牧師が受賞した賞とは?
5. マーティン・ルーサー・キングJr.牧師暗殺の日付けは何年何日?

【考えよう】 キングJr.が暗殺されたのは39歳の時。まだ生きていたら今ごろ世界はどう変わっていただろう?
【調べよう】 http://www.enchantedlearning.com/history/us/MLKの伝記を読んでから課題を一個プリントアウトして自分でやってみよう。

〔原本版元:Education World社〕

女史がアラバマ州モントゴメリで市営バスの黒人専用席に移動を拒否して逮捕されたのは1955年12月1日、今からちょうど50年前だ。彼女一人の勇気ある行動に力を得た黒人層(バス収入の3分の2を握る)が381日間の乗車ボイコットを展開し市側が違憲判決を受け、世界的な公民権運動へと発展し た。





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January 12, 2006

シリコンバレーのトリビア③:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 3

 What was the book Steve Jobs was reading,
when Scott McNealy visited his home to convince him
to agree with Apple-Sun merger?



'How To Make a Nuclear Bomb'

Scott probably wanted to say "How To Build A Nuclear Bomb" because there're only two matches available on Amazon search and another one is really old. More details here.

アマゾン検索でヒットするもう片方の核兵器レシピ本は出版が1951年と随分古いので、たぶん「How To Build A Nuclear Bomb」のことじゃ? 去年流行ったもんね。



アッ プルが好きなビル・ジョイはチャンスを何度も棒に振ったことを大変悔しがっているが、スコット・マクネリーはどこ吹く風。「机の留守番電 話が今はネットワークだ。これと同じでiPodも今から5年、7年後には売りにくくなっているだろう。その頃には携帯電話で自分の全楽曲ライブラリにどこ からでもア クセスできるしね」、「iPodもいずれはAudrey*の運命を辿るじゃろう」とバッサリ予言した。


トリビア②:Trivia Quiz 2 | トリビア④:Trivia Quiz 4

January 11, 2006

マックの名前の由来:Story of John McIntosh

In the following Japanese article, I'm talking about the Story of John McIntosh who discovered the first McIntosh apple in Canada. As you know, it's Jef Raskin's favorite apple varietal that Apple's Mac is named after, though spelled differently. If you see the sign in grocery store saying Macintosh, that's a very, very common misspelling, don't blame them...;)

The b/w photo of the first McIntosh tree is here. Their family legacy is worth reading.

そ う、ジェフ・ラスキンの好きな林檎でマック(Mac)の由来にもなった林檎だ。コンピュータの方が有名になってしまったのでスーパーでも時折「Macintosh」となってしまっているが、正式な品種表記は「McIntosh」が正解。

緑 色がかった赤い皮はごわごわと厚く、果肉は純白。口に含むと甘酸っぱいジューシーな果肉がほろほろと崩れて溶け、林檎らしい独特の香りがじゅわっと体に染み渡る。ちょっと日本の紅玉に似たサワーな 味わい。交配品種は Summer Mac、Marshall Mac、Linda Mac、Roger's Macなど数え上げたらキリがない。さすがにIntel Macはないけどね。

今では米大陸に300万本植わっているこのMcIntosh林檎。大元は1本の木、ということはご存知だろうか? これを最初に発見した人の名前がジョン・マッキントッシュ(John McIntosh)。






入植者にとって果物は宝物。大喜びのジョンはこれを何本か丁寧に掘り起こして持ち帰り、家のすぐ近くに植える。枯れずに残った1本はやがて秋が来る度、美味しい赤い実をつけ始める。ジョンはこの木を「McIntosh Red」と名づけた。







最初の林檎の木の方は1895年、家が火災に見舞われた折に半分こげてしまうが、残った半分はアレンの尽力もあって彼の死後1908年まで実をつけ続けた。アレンは1899年逝去。親木は1910年倒木。今もダンデラ村には初代McIntosh Redのあった場所から100メートルの地点に記念碑がある。




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January 9, 2006

秋田の記録的な豪雪:Record snowfall in Akita

Record snowfall hit Sea of Japan coastal regions. More than ten feet(300cm) of snow has fallen since last month, causing over 60 deaths, 1,180 injuries, and 537 houses were destroyed.

The photo was taken from the entrance hall of my home in Akita on Jan. 5th, when the heaviest snowfall damaged all the ground transportation. After spending holidays with my mom and brother's family, I was planning to take Shinkansen (bullet train) that morning, but instead took a flight the following morning.

With jet lag, you get up early in the morning. My husband and brother started to clear the snow at 5am to see the car out of garage after 2pm.

If you still miss a beautiful snowfall, see this!
"Walking, Crawling in the Snows of Akita"



日 本海側を襲った記録的な豪雪による被害は現時点で死者60余名、負傷者1,180名、倒壊家屋537軒。写真はお正月を 過ごした秋田の実家前、1月5日のものだが、決して雪かきを怠けてこうなったのではない。丸1日雪かきした成果が一晩でコレ。当日は新幹線で移動の予定 だったので家族が未明から起き出して雪かき。いや、




"Walking, Crawling in the Snows of Akita"


January 8, 2006

シリコンバレーのトリビア②:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 2

 Who is this man?

(Don't click links 'till you get the answer.

◆Originally from the cornfields of Nebraska.

◆Dropped out of college 'never believing I needed a degree because I wasn't going to work for anyone anyway'

◆Worked for O'Reilly for a few months.

◆Started a few companies before co-founding a San Francisco-based company in January 1999 to build "power tools for regular people" called webblog editor.

◆Its blog hosting tool and service gained over 1 million registered users in 3-4 years, making his company the largest blog hosting firm on earth.

◆The company was acquired by Google in early 2003, and he (exCEO) led the team 'till the end of 2004 and quit.

◆ Then co-founded audio sharing service provider, Odeo, Inc., a startup based in San Francisco, and his current job is its CEO.

◆When we talk about the democratization of media, we cannot miss the blogging pioneers like him.

◆In fact this blog is also hosted by the tool originally developed by his team.

◆His company's name is Pyra Labs.
 大当たりした企業の名前はPyra Labs

◆He's not the FIRST blogging player, though. When he launched the Blogger.com in August 1999, there were handful of people like Dave Winer who had released the first Bloggercon in 1997, Cameron Barrett who posted a list of blog URLs at Camworld.com, and significant others (look here. The list goes on and on!!) already blogging in 1997.

 もっとも彼が「ブログの始祖」というわけではない。彼がBlogger.comを公開したのは1999年8月だが、その時すでにデイブ・ワ イナー氏は最初のウェブ編集ツール「ブロガーコン」を公開していた(1997年)。個人で細々やっている人も数えたら、カメロン・バレット氏がカムワールドという世界初のブログURLリンクに加えただけでも相当数に上る。


◆Pyra Labs won Fortune's Cool Company of 2002 Award in the Media category.

↓↓↓Pyra Labs↓↓↓




Evan Williams (Co-founder of Pyra Labs, Co-founder and CEO of ODEO)

Venture Voice: VV Show #7 - Evan Williams of Odeo

Another co-founder of Pyra Labs, Meg Hourihan, who was named a "Young Innovator Who Will Create the Future" by MIT's magazine in 2003, placed in PC Magazine's 2004 People of the Year list, lives in NH. Recent interview(05.17.2005) ->> IT Conversations: Memory Lane

The term 'weblogging' was coined by Jorn Barger in December 1997, and in the same year Dave Winer launched first blogging service. But it was Blogger.com that made it a social phenomenon.

The dot-com bust drained the company financially. In the Fortune's article above, you see Evan (then 30) working from a little SF apartment. It wasn't a pose. That was his office back then.

Google's Blogger is currently hosting an estimated 8 million blogs, followed by the number two player LiveJournal.com with about 6.8 million accounts (Perseus Development's estimates as of April 2005).  




グーグルのブロガーは現在登録ブログ数推定800万件、続く2番手のライブジャーナルは約680万件(ペルセウス開発社が2005年4月に発表した推計)。 Posted by Picasa

関連:clmemo@aka: We[love]blog

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