January 29, 2011

エジプト革命に火をつけた、ある青年の死:Egyptian Uprising and Khaled Saeed

This is how Egyptians see the current uprising.
Who is this Evan Williams lookalike in a poster? I dugg a little bit.

この何度も出てくるエヴァン・ウィリアムズ似の青年は誰だろう? と気になって調べてみた。

His name is Khalid Saeed, the 28-year-old man, who was tortured and killed by Egyptian security police last year, shortly after posting this video footage of policemen involved in drug deals.

Saddened by the news, one anonymous young Egyptian man launched a Facebook page "We are all Khalid Saeed" to "tell people that the same could happen to me, or to anyone else.” It attracted nearly 222,000 members in a few weeks, organized silent protests, and then became a main organizer of massive anti-Mubarak protest in January 2011.

彼の名はカレド・サエド(Khaled Saeed, Khalid Saeed、Khaled Said)。去年6月、警察の麻薬取引き関与を示すこの動画をYouTubeに公開直後、アレキサンドリア市内のネットカフェから引きずり出されて、警察当局に拷問・殺害された28歳の青年だ。

「同じことがいつ自分の身に起こってもおかしくない」と、ある匿名のエジプト人青年がFacebookに「We are all Khalid Saeed」というページを立ち上げたところ数週間で22万2000人近くが参加。叫んだり集結すると逮捕されるので、コーランや聖書を持ってアレキサンドリアの海に無言で祈りを捧げるだけの「サイレントデモ」を決行し輪が広まり、やがてここが2011年1月25日に始まる「エジプト革命」(国民の間の呼称)の主な母体となった。

Tribute to Martyr Khaled

The smashed face of the tortured victim circulated all over social media and the Internet, inspiring thousands of Egyptians to go into the streets and protest police brutality.

Khalid Saeed became the symbol of the Egyptian regime's brutality, just as the picture of the Tunisian youth Mohamed Bouazizi setting himself afire in public symbolized tyranny for millions of Tunisians.

[...]The Arab revolt isn't about liberating Arabs from the immoral West; it is about liberating them from corrupt Arab leaders. People all over the Arab world have reached the boiling point. Defending their dignity, they took to the streets demanding a change. It was the dignity revolution.

Enough is enough.



エジプト政府当局は「無法なムスリム同胞団(Muslim Brotherhood)が蜂起を取りまとめた」と嘘の上塗りに懸命だが、どの報道を読んでもソーシャルメディアで起こった若者のムーブメントに触発され、決起したことがわかる。Twitter、Facebook、YouTubeには警察も催涙ガスもないからね。

このアラブの反乱は、人倫にもとる西洋からアラブ人解放を求める運動ではない。汚職まみれのアラブ人リーダーからアラブ人の解放を求める運動だ。アラブ世界の至るところで国民は爆発の臨界点に達した。みんな自らの尊厳を守るため、道に出て変革を求めている。これは尊厳をかけた革命なのだ。我慢も、もはやここまで。- Ahmed Tharwat: Call it the 'dignity revolution' | StarTribune.com

TUP速報874号 エジプトの若者からのメッセージ
エジプトのデモはどうなる?: 王様の耳そうじ
Enough is enough (もうたくさんだ)-アフリカのニュースと解説: エジプト←3年前にFacebookで生まれた運動母体「April 6 Youth Movement」(規模的にはこっちが大きい)の詳細あり

Fox News' Glenn Beck today broadcast the deformed face of Khaled Saeed, after giving a warning not to show it to small kids.  As long as I remember, it's the first time to watch it on TV here. He was saying it's AP photo... さっき保守系Foxでグレン・ベックが、サエドさんの変形後の顔写真を放映し、「エジプト国民が嫌ってるのはアメリカではなく、拷問好きなアメリカの友だち(ムバラク)の方なんだよ」と語った。米国内のTVで見たのは今日(31日)が初めて。APが押さえた写真らしい。
Egyptian Protests Fueled by Anonymous Facebook Activist 'El Shaheed'

Google executive, Wael Ghonim was the one who started the Facebook page. Facebookページを始めた匿名人はグーグル幹部ワエル・ゴニムさんだった。

[Al-Masry Al-Youmt, StarTribune]

January 27, 2011

マーク・ザッカーバーグのハッカーは国防省の人?:Who Hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page?

(c) TechCrunch via guardian.co.uk

Facebook says 'a bug enabled status postings by unauthorized people on a handful of Pages.'  But we're not talking about 'people.'  Who is behind that specific update?

Now, from the nation of Sherlock Holms, The Guardian's Charles Arthur examined the bit.ly link left behind and noticed it mysteriously links to Wikipedia's older entry. Even more mysterious was the fact the edited version stayed there only for 2 min. That leaves the possibility of one person making an edit and another person linking to that page pretty slim. Assuming they're the same person, the IP address of that person is
So who's behind A quick whois query tells you that it is... the US department of defence in Williamsburg.
The plot thickens!
In other words: this might be someone in the military. Most likely those edits don't come from one person [...]. Or, just as possible, it was someone who had hacked into the computers there from outside (not as difficult as you'd hope it would be) and is using them as a proxy to make the Wikipedia edit, and, quite possibly, hack Zuckerberg's page.
...aaand it only takes you back to where you started.

火曜マーク・ザッカーバーグCEOのアカウントがハックされた件でフェイスブックは「認証できない人でもステータスが投稿できるバグがあったんで直した」と話してるわけだが、そんなことより気になるのはザッカーバーグに成りすまして偽メッセージを投稿したハッカーが誰なのか? だよね。

Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn't Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a 'social business' the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 #hackercup2011

さあ、ハックの始まり始まり。Facebookに金が要るなら銀行に行くんじゃなく、どうしてFacebookユーザーにソーシャルな手法でFacebookに投資してもらわないんだろう? ノーベル・プライス受賞者ムハマド・ユヌス氏が「ソーシャルビジネス」と呼ぶものにFacebookを変えたらどうよ? みんなはどう思う?http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 #hackercup2011


文中にあるbit.ly。これは末尾に「+」をつけると元のURLが見れる。http://bit.ly/fs6rT3+  クリックした人数は約17000人[翻訳段階では47806人]。悪くない数字だね(ガーディアンにジュリアン・アサンジが出た時の方がクリック数は多いけど)。


「thanksforthecup」で始まる2つめの塊はエンコードしたURL(「%3D」は「=」、「%26」は「&」)。これはフェイスブック主催「Hacker Cup」の写真に飛ぶ。出場したいと言いたいんだろう。

1つめの塊に戻ってリンクをクリックすると、Wikipediaの「social business」に飛ぶ。ただし最新版「http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_business」ではなく、編集履歴に残った古い版「http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_business?h=d044aeb71f4e466a552708fc6e3863ef 」の方なのだ。両方見比べると違いが分かる。前の版の赤が後で削られたパートだが、「much like [http://www.romanstwelve.net www.romanstwelve.net]"」という箇所が加筆されているのが分かる。




で、いったい何者なのか? WHOISでちょっと調べてみたら、このIPアドレスはウィリアムズバーグの米国防総省なのだ。

つまり軍の人。複数かもしれない。あるいはまた外部の誰かが軍のコンピュータをハックして(みんな期待するほど難しくない)、このプロキシでWikipediaを編集し、ザッカーバーグのページに書き込んだ線も考えられる(ザッカーバーグのページにアクセスしたIPアドレスがこれと同じかどうか聞いてみたが、フェイスブックからの回答はまだだ)。[...] - The Guardian


[The Guardian]

January 26, 2011

マーク・ザッカーバーグのFacebookページがハックさる:Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

(c) TechCrunch via guardian.co.uk

Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn't Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a 'social business' the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 #hackercup2011

さあ、ハックの始まり始まり。Facebookに金が要るなら銀行に行くんじゃなく、どうしてFacebookユーザーにソーシャルな手法でFacebookに投資してもらわないんだろう? ノーベル・プライス受賞者ムハマド・ユヌス氏が「ソーシャルビジネス」と呼ぶものにFacebookを変えたらどうよ? みんなはどう思う? #hackercup2011

They have already deleted Mark Zuckerberg's apparently hacked Facebook page and account (http://www.facebook.com/markzuckerberg). Now you can find him at http://www.facebook.com/zuck.





(c) Facebook hackers make French President Nicolas Sarkozy 'resign'-NY Daily

[TechCrunchguardian.co.uk via GMSV]

January 24, 2011

ティム・クックはアップルのスティーブ・バルマーか? -Tim Cook: Apple's Steve Ballmer? -SAI

Windows watcher Paul Thurrott muttered; 

I believe The New York Times has written at least one article about Apple's Tim Cook since CEO Steve Jobs mysteriously went on another medical leave last week. That said, I find today's story, The Understudy Takes the Stage at Apple, very interesting. And I think there are some parallels to draw between this event (Cook's taking over day-to-day operations at Apple, expected to be permanent) and Steve Ballmer's ascension at Microsoft.  And not to ruin the surprise, but this may be bad news for Apple. The simplest way to explain this is to simply provide the closing quote in the article: 'He will not be the visionary, but that’s O.K. because there are other talented people around him.' Sure. That's what they said about Ballmer too. Just a thought.

Appleのスティーブ・ジョブズCEOが先週病気療養に入ってからNYタイムズがティム・クックを特集したのは1回を下らんけど、それでも今日のThe Understudy Takes the Stage at Appleはとても興味深く読めた。思ったのだけど、今回のこと(クックがAppleの日常業務を引き継ぎ、これが永久に続きそうなこと)とMicrosoftのスティーブ・バルマー即位にはパラレルなところがあるね。これはAppleにとっては悪報だ。理由は記事の終わりのところを見れば分かる。「氏はビジョンを持つ人ではないが、それでいいのだ。何故なら才能ある人たちが周りにいるから」。そうだとも。バルマーの時も彼らはおんなじこと書いてたからな。ちょっと思っただけ。-SuperSite Blog

Apple watcher John Gruber reposted it, adding;
I’d say Cook-as-Ballmer is pretty much the worst case scenario for Apple. 自分もクックがバルマーになるのはApple最悪のシナリオだと思う。- Daring Fireball

What are the parallels?  Silicon Alley Insider examined; Tim Cook: Apple's Steve Ballmer? 早速SAIが箇条書きにまとめてくれた…









Tim Cook Is Running Apple, but Not Imitating Steve Jobs - NYTimes.com
シリコンバレーで最も影響力のあるゲイガイ。Apple次期トップ、ティム・クック氏の素顔に迫る : ギズモード

[SuperSite BlogDaring FireballTim Cook: Apple's Steve Ballmer? -SAI]

January 23, 2011

BBC二重被爆者ジョーク字幕版:BBC A-Bomb Joke Gone Too Far? - Video

Stephen Fry had introduced Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki and died last year aged 93, as "the unluckiest man in the world" in a segment on QI last month, which stirred some ire in Japan.

When British people make jokes, they don't really mean it. In a serious situation, they just have to say something to crack everyone up.  Mostly their jokes and laugh don't represent their true feelings.  So, I understand BBC didn't mean to insult anybody. But still...this is not funny...  I wonder why a brilliant man like Stephen Fry let this happen.

When I translated this article about Tsutomu Yamaguchi for Gizmodo Japan, I switched the mild joke image to another one and rewrote the texts, because it was too much to take.
On the episode of QI, which was first broadcast shortly before Christmas, comedians such as Alan Davies and Rob Brydon were seen joking about his story. Davies, when asked to work out what the man’s link to the nuclear attack was, suggested the ‘bomb landed on him and bounced off’.

When Fry asked whether the man had been lucky or unlucky, Brydon said: ‘Is the glass half-empty, is it half-full? Either way it’s radioactive. So don’t drink it.’

Davies chipped in: ‘He never got the train again, I tell you.’ - Mail Online
Or is it time for Japanese people to get over it?




Mail Onlineには訳するのも憚られるようなヘイトコメントにプラス票が集まってるし、一体このギャップはどうしたら埋まるのかしらね…。いっそこれを潮に日本人も西洋人並みに傷口に塩グリグリ塗り合って治すぐらいの神経つけるべき、なのかな。

Japanese media reaction;

UPDATE:   Viewing it again, it occurred to me that maybe English viewers can't take it either, unless they're presented as a joke. 今見直して気づいてしまったんだけど、こうでもしないとイギリスの視聴者には受け入れられないんだと思う。

Quite Insensitive: BBC quiz's jokes about survivor of both A-bombs outrages Japan | Mail Online
BBC Apologizes for A-Bomb Jokes | Japan Probe



Disrupt優勝者Qwikiは6時間でクローンできる:Hacker Shows It Doesn’t Take $8 Million to Clone Qwiki – Just 321 Lines of HTML - NewsGrange

A hacker “Banksy the Lucky Stiff” created Fqwiki, a Qwiki clone, in just 321 lines of HTML, "just to show how Qwiki didn’t merit the large new round of funding and how it doesn’t deserve the constant hype on tech blogs like Techcrunch" (NewsGrange).

Qwiki is the winner of the last Techcrunch Disrupt and just received $8 million in new funding from a group led by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

Techcrunch Disruptで優勝し、Facebook共同創業者エドゥアルド・サベリン率いる投資グループから800万ドルの投資がついて波に乗るQwikiにクローンができた。その名も「Fqwiki」。

NewsGrangeによると、作ったのは「Banksy the Lucky Stiff」と名乗るハッカーで、HTMLコードたった321行でできたらしい。クローンを作った動機はソースコードに書かれている。


要するにQwikiの基礎機能を実装するのがいかに容易く、今のVCがいかにバブリーか問題提起するのが目的というわけね。Fqwikiのサイト開くと「snake oil(イカサマ商法)」のWikipedia記事が開く、という具合に…。

NewsGrangeのFrederic Lardinois記者は「(クローンは)Safari 、Chromeでは一番よく動作するが、Qwikiほどビジュアルは洗練されてなくて、まだバグだらけだが、目的は十分果たしてるんじゃないかな。確かにQwikiは綺麗だけども無用の長物だし、こんなに投資がついてマスコミが騒ぐほどディスラプティブでもなんでもない、今回の候補ではCloudFlareの方がよっぽどディスラプティブだ。今の段階では単にWikipediaのエントリを読み込んで、そのエントリにあるリンクの先から写真引っ張ってきてるだけじゃん、それだったらこんなスライドショーじゃなくWikipedia読むよね」となかなか手厳しい。



January 20, 2011

グーグルCEO春で交代、新CEOはラリー・ページ氏:Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO

(c) Official Google Blog: An update from the Chairman


  1. Eric Schmidt
    ericschmidt Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed! http://goo.gl/zC89p
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl


[Official Google Blog]

January 17, 2011

ジョブズ病気療養のニュースでアップル株8%近くダウン(独市場):Apple Shares Down on News of Steve Jobs Medical Leave

APPLE Share Price | APC.DE- Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

How US market responds tomorrow...?
The company disclosed the news early on a U.S. holiday when U.S. markets were closed and did not specify why or for how long its visionary leader would be absent. Jobs' latest leave comes nearly two years to the date after he took a six-month break to undergo a liver transplant. - Reuters

UPDATE: Apple Shares Fall 5% as Jobs Takes Medical Leave - WSJ.com 米市場は5%減止まり。午後アップルから色よい業績の発表があるという話も手伝い、モデレートですね。

[Reuters, Digital Daily]

January 16, 2011

アマゾン電子書籍の貸し借りをマッチングするサイト誕生:Kindle Lending Club - ebook loan matchmaker

As soon as Amazon added a lending option for Kindle on December 30, Catherine MacDonald set up a Facebook group to match lenders and borrowers. It grew fast and morphed into Kindle Lending Club.  All in two weeks!

Both lending and borrowing is free and they make money from Amazon affiliates. Lending rule remains same; you can loan a title only once for 14 days, during which you can't read a title.

Browsing the book titles up for lending, you definitely feel urge to buy Kindle and give it a try.  If you like it, you can buy it to finish the rest.  The irony is that a real page-turner is a loser in this model, because people can finish reading it while borrowing.

How do Amazon and publishers respond?  We don't know yet.

アマゾンKindleの電子書籍の貸し借りが30日から可能になり、さっそく「貸します」「借ります」をマッチングするサイトが生まれた。名づけて「Kindle Lending Club」。






January 13, 2011

テキサス男、馬とロバの酔っ払い運転で捕まる:2 men riding horse, mule arrested for DWI‎

Two men dressed in cowboy hats and chaps -- one on a horse, the other riding a donkey -- were arrested for public intoxication on Friday. テキサスで金曜、馬とロバにまたがって街に繰り出したカウボーイハット&革ズボンの男2人組が酔っ払い運転で逮捕された。
Several months after a riding accident that he said nearly killed him, Samuel Olivo Jr. wanted to celebrate a second chance at life by riding through downtown Austin on one of his favorite horses.

サミュエル・オリーヴォJr.さんは数ヶ月前、落馬事故で死にかけた。この日は人生のセカンドチャンスを祝おうと、好きな馬にまたがってオースティンのダウンタウンを練り歩いていた。- Man on horse: We just wanted a night of fun

January 12, 2011

GoogleのH.264サポート停止にMicrosoftがパロディで反論:An Open Letter from the President of the United States of Google

Google's Chrome team announced to drop H.264 support, and the director of Microsoft's Windows and Silverlight technical evangelism team responded. グーグルがChromeのH.264サポート打ち切りを宣言し(上)、マイクロソフトがすかさずパロディーで反撃した(下)。訳しておくね。

HTML Video Codec Support in Chrome(ChromeにおけるHTML動画コーデックのサポートについて)


* 動画エンコーダー&デコーダーの急速な性能改善。これはコミュニティの開発者多数の尽力の賜物。
* ブラウザ、ツール、ハードウェアベンダーに幅広く浸透
* 独立した(ただし互換性のある)実用化。これでユーザー、パブリッシャー、デベロッパーの選択の幅が広がるだけでなく、健全な競争・イノベーションの育成にも繋がる



Mike Jazayeri

An Open Letter from the President of the United States of Google(グーグル合衆国大統領からの公開書簡)

  • 文化的コンテキストに汚されないピュアな意思疎通のかたち
  • 1万人もの話者に幅広く浸透
  • 独立した(しかしながらほぼ互換性のある)方言の数々。これで話者の選択の幅が広がるだけでなく、健全な競争・イノベーションの育成にも繋がる

我々は向こう1年でさらに人々のコミュニケーションが活発になることを見越し、人工言語に基づいて生み出された言語に投資を集中させる所存だ。そのゴールに向け、この国で読み書きに使用する言語を変更し、Language Creation Societyが既にサポートする言語形式に足並みを合わせたサポート体制を現在組んでいるところだ。つまりエスペラントおよびクリンゴンをサポートし、今後は質の高い言語へのサポート拡大も検討していく。 英語は今日の会話では重要な役割りを果たしているが、我々のゴールがオープンなイノベーションを可能にすることである以上、今後はこれを我々国家のコミュニケーション手段として使用することは禁じ、実社会の利用に害されない言語に我々のリソースを振り向けることとする。

Dankon, nedankinde!

Tim Sneath

[Chromium Blog, MSDN Blogs ]

January 11, 2011

政府からの召喚状、ツイッターがとった対抗策:Twitter's Move to Overturn WikiLeaks Subpoena Gag Order

Unlike other companies who may have secretly turned over user's information to the US government, Twitter successfully challenged a gag order in court and notified users with ties to WikiLeaks that their information was subpoenaed by the DOJ, giving them time to try to overturn the order by themselves.

Ryan Singel at Wired praises the move as "unprecedented.”

Who's idea was it?   E.B.Boyd at Fast Company assumes it might be Twitter’s general counsel, Alexander Macgillivray, "who comes out of Harvard’s prestigious Berkman Center for Internet and Society, the cyber law powerhouse that has churned out some of the leading Internet legal thinkers. The center was founded a little over a decade ago by none other than Charles Nesson, the famous defender of Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg."


そういう意味で金曜ツイッターが、米政府にウィキリークス関係者のデータ提出を求められてる件を公表したのは例外中の例外で、「どうしてツイッターだけが?」と注目が集まっている。Fast Companyによると事実経過はこう。


一体だれのアイディアなのか? Fast CompanyのE.B.Boyd記者は、こんなこと思いつくのはグーグルからツイッターに引き抜かれれた法務顧問Alexander Macgillivrayぐらいじゃないかって書いてる。氏の母校はインターネット法の頭脳を輩出する名門ハーバード大学バークマンセンターで、創設者は他ならぬペンタゴン白書のリーカー、ダニエル・エルズバーグを擁護したチャールズ・ネッソン教授。



[Fast Company, Wired]

January 10, 2011

フェイスブックが日本でだめな理由:Why Facebook isn't big in Japan (UPDATED)

Akky featured on NYT! AkkyさんNYTデビューの巻。

Facebook users in Japan number fewer than two million, or less than 2 percent of the country’s online population. [...]

In a survey of 2,130 Japanese mobile Web users by the Tokyo-based MMD Laboratory, 89 percent of respondents said they were reluctant to disclose their real names on the Web. Specialists say that while Facebook users in the United States tend to recreate real-life social relationships online, many Japanese use Web anonymity to express themselves, free from the pressures to fit into a conformist workplace. [...]

“The dangers of too little privacy may be lost in the global Facebook fad, but it’s likely to become a growing problem elsewhere,” said a popular blogger known online as Akky Akimoto, who does not reveal his real name and refuses to be photographed in public. “I’d hate it if people on the street recognize me, without me knowing.”



「今はフェイスブックの世界的ブームで、プライバシーが少なすぎる危険性は見過ごされているかもしれないが、他の地域でも今後ますます問題になる可能性が高い」と語るのは、オンラインでAkky Akimotoの名で知られる人気ブロガー。氏は実名を明かさず公の場でも撮影を拒否している。「道で自分の知らないところで人に顔で僕と知られるのは嫌ですね」

-Facebook Wins Relatively Few Friends in Japan - NYTimes.com


・Facebook isn't cute.
・The current design of Facebook is too simple and enterprisey. Hot chicks on the street don't get it.
・Japan has plenty of funner alternatives
・Facebook doesn't have much fun elements that Japan's blue-collar workers can understand.
・Japan's web traffic is not originated from PC but from mobile devices.
・Facebook fan page is less active than official homepage.
・Facebook doesn't advertise freebies on TV.

-Facebookは今のままだと日本で流行らない【クレイジーワークス村上福之】-The Reasons Why Facebook Cannot Get Popular in Japan : TechWave

But the real problem about Facebook to most of Japanese people is that we have to register with real name! (拙訳)(もうSNSがあることも問題)だけど日本人にとってフェイスブック一番の問題は実名で登録しなきゃならないこと!
Why Facebook is not that popular in Japan? | Tokyo Kawaii, etc.

1)Mixi Users Tend to Use Nicknames
2)Who’s Viewed Your Facebook Profile?
3)Mixi is Community-Centric
4)Facebook is Culturally Direct


-Facebook in Japan: Will it Blend? How to Compete with Mixi?


Akky Akimoto's answer to Twitter: Why is Twitter so popular in Japan? - Quora

I thought Facebook would never take off in Japan 'till I saw a huge traffic hike to "A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs (in Japanese)" referred by Facebook.  It now sends about same as Twitter. I got to have a group... どうせアカンだろう、と思ってたらなんと「ジョブズの妹の追悼演説」ではツイッター並みのトラフィックになってきた!

アリゾナ銃乱射男の庭から髑髏の祭壇見つかる:Human skull replica in Arizona killer Jared Lee Loughner's yard

Frightening, twisted shrine in Arizona killer Jared Lee Loughner's yard (c) NY Daily News

What the heck...

Hidden within a camouflage tent behind Jared Lee Loughner's home sits an alarming altar with a skull sitting atop a pot filled with shriveled oranges. A row of ceremonial candles and a bag of potting soil lay nearby, photos reveal.  Experts on Sunday said the elements are featured in the ceremonies of a number of occult groups.ジャレッド・リー・ラフナーの自宅裏のテントの中には、しなびたオレンジの盛皿の上に不気味な髑髏が祀られていた。写真には、そばに祭祀の蝋燭の行列とガーデニングの土の袋も写っている。日曜専門家らに聞いた話では、これはオカルト団体多数が神事で使うエレメントらしい。

More photos on NY Daily.
On Sunday, FBI raided Arizona gunman Jared Loughner's parent's home and found an envelope in a safe that had the words "I planned ahead," "My assassination" and "Giffords" written on it.




January 9, 2011

アリゾナ乱射犯が銃を買った店:Arizona gunman bought his Glock from Sportsman's Warehouse

これみんな弾薬。Sportsman's Warehouse in Reno

This is Sportsman's Warehouse in Reno where we stopped by last week to buy a sled.

It turnout out to be a hunting, camping, fishing specialty shop. I've never seen that many guns, ammo, and shooting accessories in one place!  Overwhelmed (and a bit scared), I took this pic. Now I heard that Arizona gunman, Jared L. Loughner bought his 9mm Glock at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Tucson...

これは先週スキーの帰りにレノで寄った店「Sportsman's Warehouse」。


January 8, 2011

アリゾナ下院議員乱射男の残した動画、サラ・ペイリンの"標的”MAP:Gabrielle Giffords Shot

Mark Kimble, an aide to Ms. Giffords, said the shooting occurred about 10 a.m., in a small area between an American flag and an Arizona flag. He said he went into the store for coffee, and as he came out the gunman was walking up and started firing.

Ms. Giffords had just been talking to a couple about Medicare and reimbursements, when the gunman walked up and shot Judge Roll, Mr. Kimble said. He added that the judge walked up to Giffords and shouted 'Hi,' and then the shooting began.

'Everyone hit the ground,' Kimble said. 'It was so shocking. I still can’t believe this happened.' The gunman wore sunglasses and perhaps a hood of some sort, he said.- NYTimes

G. Giffords among Sarah Palin's 20 gun sights (via)

今日午前10時頃、美人議員ガブリエル・ギフォーズ下院議員(40)がアリゾナ州トゥーソンのスーパー前で集会を行ってる最中、銃を持った男が乱入。会場に居合わせた10余名を乱射し、John M. Roll地方裁判長、9歳女児(奇しくも9-11生まれ)、同議員事務所スタッフを含む6人が死亡した。






Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Talks Palin Cross Hairs

ラフナー容疑者のMySpaceアカウントは削除されたが、YouTubeアカウントはまだあり、12月15日に投稿された最後の動画「The Final Thought」には「夢追い人は米全人口の5%未満!」、「新しい言語」、「新しい通貨」、「政府は信じられない」と文章だけで綴られている。警察は「精神病ではないが錯乱している」と談話。軍に志願して不採用になった前歴も確認されたが、軍は不採用理由の発表を控えた(追:ドラッグ検査で引っかかったとのこと)。

The population of dreamers in the United States of America is less than 5%!
If 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,618 is the year in B.C.E. then the previous year is 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,619 B.C.E.

987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,618 is the year in B.C.E.
Therefore, the previous year of 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,619 B.C.E.
If B.C.E. years are unable to start then A.D.E. years are unable to begin.

B.C.E. years are unable to start.
Thus, A.D.E. years are unable to begin.
If A.D.E. is endless in year then the years in A.D.E. don't cease.
A.D.E. is endless in year.
Therefore, the years in A.D.E. don't cease.

UPDATE: Catie Parker who claims to have been in a band with Loughner as well as his high school and college classmate said Loughner was a radical liberal. (Gawker)   He sounds like a libertarian to me... 
高校・大学の同級生で元バンド仲間のCatie Parkerさんによると、彼女の知るラフナー容疑者は「政治的には超リベラル」だったそう。リベラルってよりはリバタリアンに思えるけど…。

UPDATE2:  From DHS's internal memo obtained by Fox News;
 no direct connection - but strong suspicion is being directed at AmRen / American Renaissance. Suspect is possibly linked to this group. (through videos posted on his myspace and YouTube account.). The group’s ideology is anti government, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic. Gabrielle Gifford is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government. She was also opposite this group’s ideology when it came to immigration debate.


黄金の声のホームレス、奇蹟の1週間:Ted Williams - The Man with the Golden Voice

Ted Williams (c) Columbus Dispatch/Doral Chenoweth III (via AP)



Thanks to Doral Chenoweth, the 47-year-old web producer for the Columbus Dispatch who filmed Williams, he got a chance to do the vocal intro for NBC's Today and appeared on CBS's Early Show, getting a job offer from Kraft, and reunited with his 93-year-old mom. All from one viral video.



良く撮れたとは思ったものの、冗長で最後も唐突だ。まさかそれが黄金の卵とは思わず、またそのまま何週間か放ったらかしにしていたのだが、今週月曜(3日)になっていよいよ新ネタが必要になり掘っ返して同紙サイトに公開したら、火曜YouTubeに転載され48時間で1300万PV稼ぐ空前のヒットに! ウィリアムズさんは一躍時の人になってしまった。

Official video. Unauthorized copy got 13 million views in 48 hrs before being removed.

水曜(5日)には全国放送のTV局から出演依頼が殺到し、木曜(6日)にはNBC朝のTV看板番組「Today Show」のオープニングの声をやり…




UPDATE: Ted Williams was detained by police in Hollywood on Monday night after a verbal altercation with his daughter. He later agreed to be heading to rehab.

January 7, 2011

今すぐ旅に出たくなる映像:WORLD - CRUISE 2010 by @egawauemon

I stumbled upon this really immersive footage on Gizmodo and tried to translate it for Gizmodo Japan only to find out it'd been already featured last month! God, how could I miss this!

In the tweeting interview with Gizmodo Japan's Ohno, its creator, Yuki Egawa (@egawauemon) revealed all the equipments he used for shooting;

・5D Mark II
・2 32GBCF card
・3 batteries
・microphone windsheld
・External stereo microphone
・desiccant, Ziploc
・22-liter waterproof backpack
steadicam Merlin

He left his company, Dentsu, Japan's top ad agency, to set out to travel around the world last February and finished shooting mid-October.  The hardest part, he said, was the location hunting; he sometimes had to stay in one place for days, wandering around, waiting for the perfect sunrise.

Perseverance pays off.



この作品 「WORLD - CRUISE 2010」は永川優樹(@egawauemon)さんが「会社(電通)辞めて世界一周して」Canon 5D IIとEF24mm-F2.8で撮ったもの。米Gizmodoで見て入稿したら、なんと、かつどん(a.k.a.大野)氏が背景・小道具まで詳細インタビュー済みだった! 間抜けー!>自分


それにしてもドキッとするポイントがいろいろある…アマルフィまで行ったんならラヴェッロになぜ足伸ばさない! あーそこの角曲がれ曲がれ曲がれ…あぢゃーうー…って見てしまった…旅しなきゃ。


YouTube[Gizmodo Japan, Gizmodo]

January 6, 2011

ハックされたiTunesアカウント5万点が中国で競売に:50,000 stolen iTunes accounts for sale in China

How to take over Mr. Richard's account (via TaoBao)

Around 50,000 apparently hacked accounts are being sold on China's largest auction site TaoBao for 1 to 200 yuan, Global Times learned.

Potential buyers are promised access to music and movies through iTunes amounting to seven times more than the amount paid. The only restriction is that all downloads should be made within 24 hours of the transaction being completed at Taobao.

The websites show that thousands of such accounts have been sold over the past several months."Of course these accounts are hacked, otherwise how could they be so cheap?" a customer service representative of one of the online stores admitted to the Global Times.

I searched "iTunes" on TaoBao and found some listings showing step-by-step instructions =above= for taking over US resident's account.  TaoBao told  BBC that "until we receive a valid takedown request, we cannot take action."





[Hacked iTunes accounts sold online - GlobalTimes via BBC]

January 5, 2011

ゴールドマンサックスのフェイスブック投資にSECが関心:Goldman's Facebook deal sparks SEC interest

According to Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, which discourages its employees from using Facebook at work, invested $450 million in Facebook.  It's now soliciting wealthy Goldman clients to buy a piece of the equity offering that could be worth as much as $1.5 billion. Overwhelmed by orders of several billion dollars, it plans to stop soliciting on Thursday.

Now, SEC is looking into whether Goldman's Special Purpose Vehicle offers a way around the 499 investor limit. If yes, they plan to scrutinize the SPV.
It's fine for all sorts of companies to stay private, for all sorts of reasons. But a company like Facebook, with its unprecedented grasp of our social data, should be accountable to the public.- John Battelle's Searchblog


両社はさらに週末、ゴールドマンの富裕な顧客に最大15億ドル相当のフェイスブック株を売る特別目的会社(SPV:special purpose vehicle)を設立することで合意したと発表したんだけども、既に数十億ドル分の買い注文が殺到、「木曜で営業を締め切る」らしい


もしそうと分かれば、潰すみたいよ? 潰れる確率はウォール街では半々って言われてる。


related: 下心見え見えのゴールドマン - Market Hack

January 3, 2011

ブラックバード4000羽の死骸が降る:4000 Blackbirds Fall Dead from the Sky


Omen? Four thousand red-winged Blackbirds fell from sky on New Year's eve, sometime after 11pm, in a little city, Beebe, in Arkansus.

The cause is still being determined, but preliminary lab results from the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission revealed “acute physical trauma” in samples of the dead birds. There were no indications of disease, though tests were still being done for the presence of toxic chemicals.

State scientists believe one thing to be almost certain: that the bird deaths were not related to the roughly 85,000 fish that died a few days before near Ozark, in the western part of the state, the biggest fish kill in Arkansas that anyone can remember. - NYT






iPadマガジン売上げ頭打ち:iPad Magazine Sales Drop

CHART OF THE DAY: iPad Magazine Sales Tank (c) SAI

Memo Pad: iPad Magazine Sales Drop - Fashion Memopad - WWD.com:

Digital sales dropped toward the end of 2010 for all the magazines that make those figures available to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. [...] After Wired’s enormous debut month, the magazine averaged 31,000 digital sales between July and September, but even that fell in October and November, with sales coming in at 22,000 and 23,000, respectively. (For comparison, the magazine sold 130,000 total print editions for October and November.)



発行部数監査事務所(Audit Bureau of Circulations:ABC)に出された各社売上報告で判明したもの(Esquire、People、The New Yorkerは公開していない)。

Vanity Fairは11月号8700部で、8・9・10月号平均部数1万500部から大幅ダウン。Glamourは9月号売上げは4301部だったが、10月には20%落ち込み、11月にはさらに20%落ちて2775部。



Men’s Healthもデジタル売上げが春には平均2800部だったのが、9、10月はともにダウンロードは2000回止まりだった。




iPadはジャーナリズムの未来を破壊する:Why the iPad is Destroying the Future of Journalism

Good read.


・Search is the largest driver of traffic to news sites.  According to comScore, clicks from search engines account for 35-40% of traffic to major U.S. news sites.

・Major news portals don't deliver much traffic for news sites.

・Facebook turns out to be the largest subscription source of news content on the Internet.

・News has High CPMs, but low impressions relative to social media and other Internet categories.

・This is where targeting based on personal fingerprint shines - since it is entirely based on known information about users, it does not require content to do fine-grained targeting.
・Maybe I could share it with a special shortened link that encapsulates a special key - that key could charge me if I share it with my friends and I want them to read it, or it could charge the clicker of the link if the Economist decides to allow à la carte payment on some new kind of media platform.

・The success of search, social, and design seem to indicate that the future of news products need Google-level relevance, Facebook-level social, and Apple-level design.

Why the iPad is Destroying the Future of Journalism

by Bradford Cross, Measuring Measures, December 31, 2010

-in Japanese





ブランドモデル救済ラッシュ: またRSSに逆戻り



先日、iPadのマガジン売上高の数字が出た(拙訳)。芳しくない数字だ。みんな理由をあれこれ詮索している最中だが、モバイル端末も結局はインターネットの一部なんだよな、という共通認識に収まりつつある。 iPadが出た途端みんなインターネット登場前のビジネスモデルに回帰する、なんてことはないのだ。Webは死んじゃいない。モバイル端末はそりゃラップトップやデスクトップほど頻繁にはWebブラウザでコンテンツは見ないだろうけど、コンテンツ配信に使うアプリがなんであれ、インターネットからコンテンツが配信されることに変わりはないわけで、インターネットでこれだけ世界が変わってしまった後では今さらこのモデルに戻る理由もないのである。



かくして右も左もRSSをまた一からやり直し。前より美麗になってはいるが、今出回っているのはPulseやFlipboardといった表示用レイヤーだけ改良したアプリだ。これで革命的? まさか。一方、オールドメディアは昔ながらのブランドチャンネル・モデルに妄執する最後の抵抗とばかりに、先を争って自社独自アプリの製作を進めている。ニュースコープのThe Daily、ヴァージンのProject、ニューヨーク・タイムズのアプリなどなど。