November 20, 2010

米国防省、サイバー攻撃の権限拡大を要請:Pentagon wants to wage cyber attacks

The Pentagon has said it will release a national defense cyber-security strategy by year's end.

Cyber Command's chief, Gen. Keith B. Alexander, who also heads the National Security Agency, wants sufficient maneuvering room for his new command to mount what he has called "the full spectrum" of operations in cyberspace.

Offensive actions could include shutting down part of an opponent's computer network to preempt a cyber-attack against a U.S. target or changing a line of code in an adversary's computer to render malicious software harmless. They are operations that destroy, disrupt or degrade targeted computers or networks.

[...]CIA has argued that such action is covert, which is traditionally its turf.- "Pentagon is debating cyber-attacks" Washington Post



法務が気にしているのは監視活動に伴うプライバシー侵害などなど。CIAはそれは本来自分たちの職務だ、とけん制しているのだけど…(「米国防省、CIAがテロリストのおとり用に作った掲示板を奇襲! 」なんてこともありましたからね)。日本はサイバー国家防衛戦略って何かやってたっけ…?

米サイバー司令部の本格的始動の意味合い : 現下の国際問題

[Washington Post]


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