January 17, 2011

ジョブズ病気療養のニュースでアップル株8%近くダウン(独市場):Apple Shares Down on News of Steve Jobs Medical Leave

APPLE Share Price | APC.DE- Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

How US market responds tomorrow...?
The company disclosed the news early on a U.S. holiday when U.S. markets were closed and did not specify why or for how long its visionary leader would be absent. Jobs' latest leave comes nearly two years to the date after he took a six-month break to undergo a liver transplant. - Reuters

UPDATE: Apple Shares Fall 5% as Jobs Takes Medical Leave - WSJ.com 米市場は5%減止まり。午後アップルから色よい業績の発表があるという話も手伝い、モデレートですね。

[Reuters, Digital Daily]


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