January 16, 2011

アマゾン電子書籍の貸し借りをマッチングするサイト誕生:Kindle Lending Club - ebook loan matchmaker

As soon as Amazon added a lending option for Kindle on December 30, Catherine MacDonald set up a Facebook group to match lenders and borrowers. It grew fast and morphed into Kindle Lending Club.  All in two weeks!

Both lending and borrowing is free and they make money from Amazon affiliates. Lending rule remains same; you can loan a title only once for 14 days, during which you can't read a title.

Browsing the book titles up for lending, you definitely feel urge to buy Kindle and give it a try.  If you like it, you can buy it to finish the rest.  The irony is that a real page-turner is a loser in this model, because people can finish reading it while borrowing.

How do Amazon and publishers respond?  We don't know yet.

アマゾンKindleの電子書籍の貸し借りが30日から可能になり、さっそく「貸します」「借ります」をマッチングするサイトが生まれた。名づけて「Kindle Lending Club」。







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