January 7, 2011

今すぐ旅に出たくなる映像:WORLD - CRUISE 2010 by @egawauemon

I stumbled upon this really immersive footage on Gizmodo and tried to translate it for Gizmodo Japan only to find out it'd been already featured last month! God, how could I miss this!

In the tweeting interview with Gizmodo Japan's Ohno, its creator, Yuki Egawa (@egawauemon) revealed all the equipments he used for shooting;

・5D Mark II
・2 32GBCF card
・3 batteries
・microphone windsheld
・External stereo microphone
・desiccant, Ziploc
・22-liter waterproof backpack
steadicam Merlin

He left his company, Dentsu, Japan's top ad agency, to set out to travel around the world last February and finished shooting mid-October.  The hardest part, he said, was the location hunting; he sometimes had to stay in one place for days, wandering around, waiting for the perfect sunrise.

Perseverance pays off.



この作品 「WORLD - CRUISE 2010」は永川優樹(@egawauemon)さんが「会社(電通)辞めて世界一周して」Canon 5D IIとEF24mm-F2.8で撮ったもの。米Gizmodoで見て入稿したら、なんと、かつどん(a.k.a.大野)氏が背景・小道具まで詳細インタビュー済みだった! 間抜けー!>自分


それにしてもドキッとするポイントがいろいろある…アマルフィまで行ったんならラヴェッロになぜ足伸ばさない! あーそこの角曲がれ曲がれ曲がれ…あぢゃーうー…って見てしまった…旅しなきゃ。


YouTube[Gizmodo Japan, Gizmodo]


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