August 31, 2007

偽ジョブズとiPhone俳句:iPhone Haiku and FSJ

(Sorry, I just found this sitting in my draft folder...)

Their favicon "無" (image left) means "emptiness" or "nothing," the ultimate state of Zen Mind. I clearly remember how Fake Steve was amused with the idea iPhone Haiku which shows user generated iPhone-related Haiku like this (title improvised);

Spinning Beach Ball - by Scott Holdren

Oh, iPhone - by beorning

I know, I know... it's just a series of crappy online comments cut short to fit in three lines. Scrolling down, you may feel as if you're listening to Pavarotti singing blog comments... Any way, what I didn't know back then was that the link given to Fake Steve was a honey pot to trace his IP location. It worked which urged FSJ to delete the entry (rss) and helped NYT's Brad Stone track him down (Stone listed the IP finding as the second evidence).

So, I felt a little strange when I read AP article.;
[...]Lyons said he has heard from several friends who found it ironic that someone from a "dead-tree" media outlet, and not a fellow blogger, had succeeded in solving the puzzle. "They said the blogosphere is so nearsighted that they only know the world they inhabit," Lyons said, noting that several bloggers were trying to use high-tech tricks such as tracing the electronic signatures of e-mails to figure out who Fake Steve was.  Meanwhile the Times reporter did some shoe-leather reporting by contacting people in the publishing world to gather hints from a proposal for a book that Fake Steve is coming out with in the fall. -AP

Probably he was mentioning about other bloggers as Valleywag here. But it's not entirely fair by the part of his friends to contrast new media to old media, because the hint was coming from both. As was the case with Lonely15's outing by Matt Foremski last Sept, this time we got one fine reporter who didn't overlook a small evidence floating online. Posting IP location is not a good manner, I know, but concluding this as a victory over new media seems equally shortsighted to me.

Out of a curiosity, I visited Dan Lyon's official blog and read his article "Attack of The Blog" from Forbes Nov 2005 issue which is nicely summarized here;

1.You Don't Know Who Is Blogging and Why
2. Misinformation and Lies are Quickly Disseminated
3. Bloggers are not Subject to Libel Laws
4. Bloggers are not Journalists
- from's summary
....:D The author of "Attack of The Blog" unleashed 'Attack Of The Fake Bloggers," and Fake Fake Steve Jobs are popping up everywhere. Even from 1984.

Welcome Fake Stevers - by Real Scott

古い話で恐縮だが、今月はじめの偽ジョブズ正体判明ではIPアドレスからボストン地域に特定できたことが、大きな手掛かりとなった(大げさな…)。BCNのミニコラムにも書いたけど、偽ジョブズがうっかり足跡残しちゃったのがこの「iPhone Haiku」、iPhoneがお題の俳句投稿サイトである。行ってみると;
iphone, oh, iphone
object of lust and desire
but out of reach - beorning

でも、手が届かない  (詠み人:beorning)

偽ジョブズがブログに書くと(削除されたけどRSSはここ)、iPhone Haiku仕掛け人のスコットさんはこんな句を詠んで愛読者(fake stevers)を歓迎している。
Welcome fake Stevers
Do you love your iPhone too?
Call me. Namaste. - Real Scott


興味がわいたのでライオン氏の公式ブログを読んで、2005年11月に氏が書いてブロゴスフィアでまつられたフォーブス巻頭特集「Attack of The Blog(ブログの逆襲)」も読んでみた。その骨子は穏健派ブロガーの方がこちらにまとめている。;
2. 誤報と嘘は瞬時に広まる
3. ブロガーには文書名誉毀損法が適用されない
4. ブロガーはジャーナリストではない


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