August 21, 2007

ウォズ、時速167kmでプリウスを乗り回して御用:Woz Clocked At 104 MPH in Prius

Faster than it looks : Prius 07 @ 105mph (c) Toyota

Last month Al Gore III got speeding ticket for going 105 mph in his Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle, and now Woz confirmed Mercury that he was given a $700 ticket in California for going 104 mph in his Toyota Prius back in March 28.
All right Al Gore III, you're still the tops when it comes to speeding in a Prius - but not by much. Steve Wozniak is right behind you. -
The news broke a day after GMSV introduced old Datsun 280Z ad with Woz:) According to LA Times, Car and Driver magazine's stats suggest that the slowest car on the road is Hummer H1, with a top speed of 88 mph.  It surely is an irony that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger quipped Prius as 'wimpy' earlier this year.




因みにCar&Driver誌の統計によると米市場一の鈍足は(今年プリウスを亀呼ばわりしたシュワ知事の大好きな)「Hummer H1」だった。最高時速たったの142km。

Slower than it looks: Hummer H1 @ 88mph (c) Hummer





Datsun 280ZX Commercial ft. Steve Wozniak

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[via - Can Prius top 100 mph? Ask Wozniak]


Kiyoshi Manabe said...

I recorded 115mph(184.75km/h) in my Toyota Yaris(with designation of Vitz in Japan) 1.3litres in 2004. She could reach 115mph=184+km/h on flat road,then on slight downgrade she reached as fast as 118.5mph(190.7km/h)! and speed limiter(electronic governor) kicked in. It is astonishing for mere a 1.3-litre subcompact with just 87bhp output,I think. Along with it,she has CVT automatic transmission.

satomi said...

Amazing...that's probably the fastest 2004 model can do. Tell that to this guy!

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