「日本の形 - 鮨」のまとめ:"Documentary on Japanese Sushi" Chronology

When I translated Jobs' Commencement Speech last summer, all I did was to e-mail my friend once, and by the time I got the first feedback from Korea, it was everywhere ( link). Then came this short film 'Documentary on Japanese Sushi(SUSHI).'

Unlike Jobs' speech, we didn't know who made it, where it's from, and who's the target audience. It came from nowhere, and nevertheless became the first-of-this-kind phenomenon that demonstrated the tremendous potential (and trouble for production & distribution side) Video On Demand (VOD) has.

GoogleVideo(GV) deleted the entry on Jan.10. Seems like nobody wants to get sued for evangelizing half true, half false SUSHI manners. This masterpiece, when watched with no prepossession, gives you quite an enlightening observation about your image on Japanese and foreigneers. A lot of times, how we feel about a film depends on who we are, and who we think THEY are.


ジョブズ全 訳ではブログの力を思 い知ったが、この秋から国内外で 大流行の動画「Documentary on Japanese Sushi(以下'SUSHI')」、これはビデオ・オン・デマンド(VOD/ネット動画配信)のすさまじさを嫌というほど見せつけてくれた。ダウンロー ド殺到のGoogleVideo(以下'GV')は1月10日付けでエントリーを削除したが、2週間と経たず別の誰かが再投稿している。


*If you haven't seen it yet, you can view here, or here, here or here.

幻の動画ヒット作「Documentary on Japanese Sushi」

Original DVD teevee graphics/NAMIKIBASHI VIDEO VICTIM2 including SUSHI released in Japan. 本作品「SUSHI」収録の原作DVD「teevee graphics/NAMIKIBASHI VIDEO VICTIM2」日本国内にてリリース

One day, this man nicknamed Rudd-Crunch bought the original DVD.この原作DVDを購入したのは日本語ペラペラの日本在住外国人、ハンドルネームはRudd-Crunch君だ。

" ...and thought it was way too funny to be limited to a Japanese speaking audience so spent a couple of hours one evening translating and working out subtitles so friends could enjoy it too.(あまりに面白くて、これは日本語の分かる人にだけ見せとくんじゃもったいないって思った。で、ある晩2時間ぐらいかけて訳して字幕を入れたん だ。こうしておけばボクの友達にも楽しんでもらえるからね)" - Rudd-Crunch, commented on 01.27.2006.

07.03.2005. 04:21:34
He showed his English subtitled version to a very handful of his friends. They loved it. さっそく英字幕付きバージョンを一握りの近しい友達に見せたらばコレが大反響

07.03.2005 10:03:42
Rudd-Crunch closed the downloading in less than 6 hrs and posted a message to BigDaikon.com , a member-only forum where English speaking people exchange information and thoughts about Japan. "Sorry to anybody still downloading, but it's copyrighted material and I don't want to get sued..."

Rudd-Crunch君はダウンロードを6時間と置かずに閉め切り、世界中の日本通の方たちが英語で日本の情報を交換し合う会員制コミュ二ティサイトBigDaikon.com の板にこう書き込む。「もしまだダウンロード中の人がいたらごめん。でもこれは著作権のある作品だし僕も訴えられたくないんだ…

A blogger uploaded the copy on his blog, which got only 12 comments in 10 days. It was still being kept within a small circle of friends. あるブロガーが自分のブログにコピー転載。しかしコメントは10日で12件だけ。まだこの段階では小さな仲間内の現象にとどまってい た。

Unidentified person uploaded the video to GoogleVideo with a made-up production name, Choi Style Productions.  匿名の第三者が無料動画配信サイトGoogleVideoに動画アップ。

"...and the next thing I know my inbox is full of mail from random people sending me links to the very same video on Google.(急にいろんな人からメールが殺到して、本文リンクを辿ってみたらグーグルにボクが字幕入れたのと全く同じ動画があったんだ)" - Rudd-Crunch, commented on 01.27.2006.

'Maa-maa-maa-mah' joke unleashed worldwide. Some noticed its starring comedian duo is called Rahmens, while others tried to track down the Choi Style Productions without success. Rahmens and its production got tremendous attention from overseas. 'Ma-ma-ma-mah' quote became the most popular term among Sushi lovers in 2005-2006 holiday season.

Choi Style Productionsという架空のプロダクション名だけを残して公開者不詳のまま動画は世界中に広まり、今や主演ラーメンズはちょっとした有名人。海外寿司通の間では「まあまあまあまあ」が年末の流行語となる。

GoogleVideo unlisted the entry, causing hundreds of broken linkages.
"gaah! google dumped it!!! does anyone have a copy they can upload anywhere"(ぎゃー、グーグルが!!!誰かアップできるファイルもってないか?)"- desperate fan left this comment on Gen Kanai's blog, January 10, 2006 04:12 PM)

Welcome back on GV....This time, by somebody fakely named "Japanese Home Documentaries." Is there any other name for this?
人知れず水面下でグーグル・ビデオ復活。今度の投稿主は「Japanese Home Documentaries」という架空プロダクションだ。

Rudd-Crunch, obviously not aware of the revived GV posting, left the following comment on my blog. そんなこととは知らないRudd-Crunch君はブームの終わりを見届け、拙ブログに以下のようなコメントを残す。

"Thanks for appreciating the subbing effort! ;) Hopefully the producers will realise this stuff has worldwide appeal and make more.(ボクのしょーもない仕事を評価してくれてありがとう。今回のことでこれが世界にアピールする作品だってことが分かってプロデューサーさんが もっと作ってくれたら嬉しいな)"

Shockwave.com announced that the short film streaming pioneer AtomFilms is to produce and release English-dubbed version on its web. Seems like a part of this move.-->Yahoo!News

ショートフィルムのネット配信で知られるAtomFilmsがSUSHIの英語吹き替え版製作・配信に乗り出すと Shockwave.comが告知。これは23日付けYahoo!ニュース「AtomFilm、ネット配信用動画製作スタジオを開設」とも連動する動き。

The remove SUSHI video notice sent out by distribution company of SUSHI Video has been shared among English bloggers, causing another LOL. It contains a number of misspellings, though the sender claims otherwise. 版権管理会社のアスミック・エース エンタテイメント社がブロガーたちに送った掲載取り下げ要求がengrish状態で出回る。

What's Next?
If they are going to make dub-version, are they using his texts? No, they can't, because the translated texts are copyrighted to Rudd-Crunch (*updates:The original had a dub version, so RC's role could be limited to a proof-reading and editing.) and they need a permission from him if they want to use the same English scripts. Rudd-Crunch, on the other hand, cannot come out, because of someone who got it from RC to forward it to someone who gave it to Mr. Nobody who shared it with another Mr. Nobody who blogged it, and months later millions of Mr. Nobodies rushed to GV to see the copy uploaded by Choi Style Productions that never existed. Who fits where? Who made Rudd-Crunch a con? ---We all share the fun and sin. (My article was published on BCN,2006.02.27.Issue, p.13, PDF-file)

今後の注目点としては吹き替 え版の台本だろう。Rudd-Crunch君の字幕は彼の著作物(*updates: 吹替え版がDVDに入っていたことで、彼の役割りはプルーフ校正という範囲に限定されるかもしれない)なので許可無しに商用利用はできない。が、Rudd - Crunch君は匿名の存在。そういう微妙な立場に彼を追いやってしまったのは一体誰か?それはもちろん彼が作品を好意で見せた一握りの友達の友達のその また友達の友達がブログしたのを見た友達の友達のそのまた友達のChoi Style ProductionsのGVを見た何百万人のうちの・・・・へ?ワタシ?



Original Title
「日本の形 - 鮨」 -原作紹介

3,800yen($32US)/3,990 tax included($34US)
"Documentary on Japanese Sushi" (8min 10sec), originally titled "the japanese tradition -SUSHI,"came from this collection of short films and music videos. It has a dub version, but no sub-ver. The SUSHI was produced by Japanese collaborating unit 'Namikibashi' formed by Kentaro Kobayashi (short haired main character) and filmmaking team 'teevee graphics(TVG).' --Starring: Rahmens | Director:teevee graphics(TVG) | Script: Kentaro Kobayashi of Rahmens (left on this photo) | Producer: collaborated unit of TVG and Kentaro Kobayashi | Distribution: Asmik Ace Entertainment,KADOKAWA Entertainment

英字幕付きビデオ「Documentary on Japanese Sushi」(8分10秒)は上記DVD収録作品「日本の形-鮨」がオリジナル。この脚本を手掛けた小林賢太郎(主演の二人組ラーメンズの短髪のヒト→写真左)と升野英知の共著「大喜利猿」は河出書房新社より2月20日発売予定!

Sequel Title
The Japanese Tradition: Dogeza

The previous work DOGEZA is compiled in the first installment of "Video Victim" DVD series. It's also a collaborated work by unit called Namikibashi (Kentaro Kobayashi of Rahmens and filmmaking team 'teevee graphics'). On the link Rahmens duo find themselves in an odd DOGEZA situation in the middle of adult contents.


Unlike SUSHI, this one comes with English dubb, but "it's not of very good quality and it fades in an out and at one point disappears completely," says Jeff.
Obviously its target audience is not English-speaking folks.

-Some say this flash animation 'Shinbashi'(link with English script) was also produced by Rahmens (uncomfirmed). お笑いフラッシュ「新橋」(リンク&英訳)もラーメンズの作品と言われているが、これは未確認。

Link Samplings
View 532 Japanese linked blogs/Blogでのクチコミ(532件)を見る
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Sushi video revvealed! by JABLOG - a Japanese telling what is and is not true.英語の正誤表登場!--->About the refund, however, I'd say it's true sometimes.
HardwareZoom.Com Forums(鮨メニュー拡大写真と解説付き)

"Funny how it took a fansub to make this video take off. Too bad the original content creators didn't subtitle it...(*ファンサブでここまで広まるなんて笑えるね。字幕つけなかったオリジナルの製作者たちには気の毒だけど...)"-Gen's comment on Joi Ito's Web


at SUSHI Bars

So far, no customers showed up with ruler and protractor.
Kuroneko heard foreign customer saying "ottottotto" in London-965*Cafe

SUSHI is a satire joke spiced with subliminal truth. When Japanese saw it spreading all over the world, they suddenly got worried. What if they see foreigners in every sushi restaurant abroad licking the sacred salt put outside to keep evil out(sorry! that's for gaining more customers)....What if they believe we eat all those endangered species projected in the background? ... That made it even more funny, which drove the phenomenon. I think Rudd-Crunch deserves more respect.

SUSHI は原作も素晴しいが、やはり字幕がついたことで「外国人が真に受けたらどうするの!」という日本語版の原作にはない笑いと焦りを生み、「世界中の外国人が 今リアルタイムでこれを見てる」という予想外のシチュエーションがブームを加速した。つまり原作のままでは起こりえなかったということは、正当に評価すべ きだ。


Editing the original work without permission is illegal, but sometimes it adds value to the work. Here's another example. This original below (15 sec.) is an average TV ad you may forget in three steps. 無断改竄は違法だが、このように新しい価値を生み、広告料払ったわけでもないのに勝手に広まっちゃうケースも増えてきた。例えばこのCM。元は15秒。3 歩で忘れちゃうCMだ。--> ザンシロ・オリジナルCM

Now take a look at this remix version. When an average ad falls into gamer's hands, this happens.It's very very long and slow at the beginning, but if you see the whole thing, the name 'Zanshiro' haunts you for days.こちらリミックス。始まりはスローだが視聴後3日はザンシロが脳裏を離れない。-->ザンシロ・リミックスCM-courtesy たけ風呂

Asian Backstreet Boys Funny Vid - Google Video
Another example is this much-talked-about GV entry. I don't think they have permission from BSB to use their tune, but it's obvious that they don't share the same target, so probably nobody makes it a big deal. (new!Asian Backstreet Boys -Aftermath) 一方これは最近話題のGV動画。ご本家バックストリートボーイズとは似ても似つかない香港人二人組が口パクしてるだけっていう作品だ。BSB から歌の使用許可を取ってる風には決して見えないが、BSBファン対象の作品でないことは自明だから大目に見てくれてるんだろう(new!芸能界デビューした2人)。


This sort of subtitling and remixing will grow as more ease-of-use tools come out. When a creative mind meets an inspiring material, s/he just makes something original using it as Rudd-Crunch did. They're not paid, but they just do it. That kind of creative activity has to be guarded from commercial logic. How? That's a tough question.


Mr. Isoda of Asmik Ace Entertainment is trying to reach RC, not for suing, but to look into the possibility to get him involved with the sequel production as an official staff. アスミック・エース エンターテイメント社担当磯田氏がRudd-Crunch君に連絡をとりたがっている。続編で正式に彼を起用するかどうか可能性を見極めたい模様。(続報)

「鮨」~コールからの手紙:Rudd-Crunch working with teevee graphics

The DVD for "THE JAPANESE TRADITION" is coming out on March 3rd (in Japan only).

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    Pick video clip from Bombay TV, and add anything that comes to your mind. It's so funny. TAKE's blog (http//blogs.yahoo.co.jp/take_blogs/24611589.html)shows some example works in Japanese.

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