July 3, 2006

「鮨」~コールからの手紙:Rudd-Crunch working with teevee graphics

Remember Coal, a.k.a. Rudd-Crunch, who hacked Documentary on Japanese Sushi last year? ( here, here, here, and here), Coal's posting, Tian's post) Now he's working with teevee graphics on the new project. Here's an update from Coal!

I've just come back from recording the narration for a new work in progress (can't give any more details than that). To be fair, I was probably a bit harsh before about the English narration of Sushi - reading my script with just a little direction from me, the narrator did a very professional job, and we also got to work more on timing it to the visuals, so I think this time the English version should be every bit as good as the Japanese.

As a kind of bonus, this meant I got to hang out with Kentaro Kobayashi of Rahmens (the short haired one) for about 8 hours. Very nice chap and a great sense of humour.

He was also very open to additional input and suggestions, and seemed to see my previous copyright infringement as an education in just how much potential his work has overseas. All in all a good experience.

I think they're planning to release the English version at ResFest this year, so do keep an eye out for it. I'll keep you posted at this end.

Pic: Kentaro Kobayashi (rear left), director Junji Kojima (rear right), the narrator (front right), myself (front left)

I like the way it turned out, Coal. It's also very nice to know how Kobayashi felt about the case.


昨年末国内外で大ブームになった動画「日本の伝統-鮨 ("Sushi-Japanese Tradition," or "Documentary on Japanese Sushi")」、覚えているだろうか?








写真: 小林賢太郎さん(左うしろ)、監督・小島淳二さん(右うしろ)、ナレーターさん(右前)、僕(左前)
ラッセル・ピーターズ后舍男生もそうだけど海外で光る芸域ってあるかも。ラッセルも2004年ぐらいからネットのファンがコピー配るの放っといたら、tipping pointがネット動画元年の今年で、今や主流の芸人…。最新作、楽しみに待ってるよっ。

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