December 8, 2011

アップル新本社は正面に桜並木ができる:Apple New Campus will have a path lined with Cherry Trees

Cherry Blossoms in Italy
Sakura in Italy (c) tizianoj

In late February, around the time of Jobs’ birthday, the show will begin. Pink and white plum blossoms will appear on stands of trees at the center of Apple’s new campus, hinting at more to come.

A few weeks later cherry trees scattered strategically along walkways and at the edges of open glades will start to blossom.



-Apple's New Campus Will Put On A Spectacular Show Every Year, Starting On Steve Jobs' Birthday - Forbes

The updated Apple's new HQ plan was revealed by the City of Cupertino and it shows a front path lined with banks of cherry trees.   It will take decades for them to grow the size of this tree shown above, but that'll be spectacular in early Spring every year.  In Japan, cherry blossoms, known as sakura, symbolize 'mono no aware,' the awareness of impermanence of life or the transience of all things.  In China, femine beauty.


Pink represents cherries
(c) Apple Campus 2 Project 



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