February 7, 2011

エジプト政府がグーグル幹部ワエル・ゴニム氏釈放:Google Executive Released by Egypt Government

UPDATE2: He's free! 釈放後の初映像きた!

Wael Ghonim admitted that he was the admin of the Facebook page to protest the death of Khaled Said (Saeed). He says he was kidnapped from taxi on Thursday night at 1am. カレド・サエドさんの拷問死に抗議するFacebookページつくったのは、やっぱりワエル・ゴニムさんだった。本人が認めた。木曜深夜1時、仕事帰りのタクシーで4人の男に誘拐され牢屋に留置されてたんだって。詳報@TechCrunchJapan


US State Department told WSJ that they really got a confirmation that Google executive Wael Ghonim, who has been missing in Egypt since Jan. 27, was released today.  It's a bit strange they don't show any photo, though.


Here's Al Jazeera's take. これはアルジャジーラの釈放に関する報道だが…

As you can see, they just repeatedly show a footage that looks exactly like the one that Sky News cameraman, Duncan Sharp took (below, 1:10-).  Mr. Sharp clarified 4 days ago on vimeo that "the video was actually shot on the 26th (a day before he went missing) so I really dont think its the same person."  I don't know why Al Jazeera 'cannot confirm if it's him.'  Maybe they got it from unauthorized copy posted on YouTube (already removed)?  They should at least attribute it to the photographer.


Egypt Protest Cairo - Sky News from duncan sharp on Vimeo.

UPDATE: He tweeted! ツイート再開した!


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