September 6, 2010

マーク・ハード前HP CEOがオラクルNo.2に就任:Mark Hurd Joins Oracle as Co-President

Mark Hurd, ousted a month ago as chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, accepted No. 2 job under Larry Ellison at Oracle.  ヒューレット・パッカードから8月はじめ放逐されたマーク・ハード前CEOが、22.5km北に飛んで敵陣オラクルに軟着陸した。ラリー・エリソン将軍の元、オラクルのNo.2(共同プレジデント)として働く。

In naming Mark V. Hurd, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, as Oracle’s new co-president, Lawrence J. Ellison, Oracle’s chief executive and largest shareholder, really has put his money where his controversial mouth is. [...]
Now, Oracle intends to capitalize on H.P.’s mistake, according to Mr. Ellison. -
If Hurd goes to Redwood City-based Oracle, he would be joining a company attempting a transition that could make it a more powerful competitor of his former employer. The two companies have worked together in the past, but Oracle's recent purchase of Sun Microsystems has put Oracle in direct competition with HP in the market for selling computer hardware, including servers and data-storage systems, for big corporate data centers.-
Convergence is the word of the decade for big technology firms -- they're effectively trying to copy IBM's playbook and offer end-to-end solutions. To complete that vision, HP has been trying to transform itself from a hardware-focused company to one that also packages services and software. Sun is moving in the opposite direction, pushing from software to hardware.
That's where Hurd can help. He already directed HP into offering more complete solutions, and that expertise could be readily applied to Oracle. Not only that, but as CEO of NCRearlier this decade, Hurd had experience running Teradata, the company's data warehousing and business intelligence unit. After Hurd left, NCR spun off Teradata, which is now a $6 billion firm that goes head to head with Oracle's software. This experience with a direct competitor of Oracle makes Hurd even more of an ideal candidate; he knows the software Oracle is bundling with its servers. -Why Mark Hurd and Oracle Are a Perfect Fit - msnbc

ラリー・エリソン氏はハード氏の友人。先月NYタイムズに、「ハード放逐は大昔アップル役員会の馬鹿どもがスティーブ・ジョブズを首にして以来最悪の決定だ」とHP役員会批判のメールを流した。マーク・ハード前HP社CEO新共同プレジデント任命に当たり、オラクルのローレンス・J.・エリソンCEO兼最大株主は言葉の綾ではなく、異議を唱える口のある辺りに自分の金を突っ込んで回った。 [...]



オラクルの共同プレジデントはSafra A. Catz女史とCharles E. Phillips Jr.だったが、昨年、別れた不倫相手に思い出の写真集のサイトURLをNY中のビルボードにばら蒔かれたPhillips Jr.はプレジデントを辞め、ハード氏に譲った。


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