February 19, 2006

シリコンバレーのトリビア⑥:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 6

Q:  What's the name of the company
that started from two computers
named Konishiki and Akebono?

Retired Hawaiian behemoth Konishiki, at 280kg the heaviest rikishi in sumo history, has become a TV personality and popular TV commercial pitchman."
(courtesy photo & texts by japan-zone.com| Sumo)

"Akebono became the first American to ascend to sumo's highest rank of Yokozuma and the fastest rise to the highest rank in history."
(courtesy photo & texts by Sala-i-Martin's Ake)


When two Stanford Ph.d. students, David Filo and Jerry Yang first developed and launched their "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web" in 1994, Yang was using his student workstation named "Akebono," while Filo was managing the search engine on his computer called "Konishiki." Yahoo! was simply their favorite words, though some believe it's an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle." You can find its original meaning inGulliver's Travels.

ス タンフォード博士課程の院生ジェ リー・ヤング氏がモザイク(1993年登場)にハマって勉強そっちのけで作ったお気に入りページのリストに、同博士 課程デイビッド・フィロ氏が検索ソフトを開発してあげてウェブに公開したのが同社の始まり。'94年後半には「ジェリーとデビッドのWWWガイド」とい う、その まんまな名前でデビュー、投資家の目に止まった。

AKEBONOはジェリー・ヤン氏のワークステーション、 KONISHIKIはデビッド・ファイロ氏が検索エンジンを搭載したマシンの愛称だ。「ヤフー」は2人の好きな言葉から取ったが、「Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle(またまた登場、余計なお世話な分類体系型ご神託)」の頭文字という説もある。初出「ガリバー旅行記」 の比較的新しい言葉。

Retired in Jan. 2001, he's become a professional wresler. Hasn't lost his fighting spirit.

He survived the surgery, losing 40% of his blood. Released the debut album "KMS' in 2000. KMS stands for 'King Master of Sumo.'

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KM said...

Akebono was heavy too !!
they used to be really good rikishi.

satomi said...

yeah. At 1998 Sumo Canada Basho, Akebono stood "6' 8', 500lbs," and was the tallest rikishi sumo ever had.

I liked your kamakura photo. Is that Pyramide du Louvre? It's a translunary image of the pyramid...

KM said...

yes its "Pyramide du Louvre", but i curved the staight lines of the picture with a photoshop plugin.
but at the bottom of the picture is the reflection of pyramide in water.
i'll post the original picture in a few days.
have you ever been to Paris ?

satomi said...

Ok, I was looking for the image that I could textlink from my entry 'Da Vinci Code.' I've been there only twice. Very short trips, though.

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