December 11, 2012

バミューダトライアングルに消えるグーグルの税金が過去最高に:Google's $2 billion Tax Lost In Bermuda Triangle

Ships get missing in Bermuda, so does Google's tax responsibility.  This time, the amount has been doubled in 3 years.

Google Inc. (GOOG) avoided about $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, almost double the total from three years before, filings show. -

By legally funneling profits from overseas subsidiaries into Bermuda, which doesn’t have a corporate income tax, Google cut its overall tax rate almost in half. The amount moved to Bermuda is equivalent to about 80 percent of Google’s total pretax profit in 2011.



グーグルは、アップルが開拓した「ダブルアイリッシュ&ダッチサンドイッチ(Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich)」も駆使しており、豪州で収益移転防止の税法修正案が発表されたばかり。イタリアも9600万ユーロ(約102億円)の脱税容疑で警察が(また)捜査に動いている。


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