February 6, 2012

アマゾンがリアル書店ですってよ:Amazon in the Process of Launching a Retail Store | Good E-Reader - ebook Reader and Tablet PC News

In response to Barnes & Noble's decision to pull Amazon books from their storefronts, Amazon is 'planning on rolling out a retail store in Seattle within the next few months,' Good E-Reader learned.

Having disrupted brick and mortar bookstores and large chains like Borders, maybe it's time for Amazon to launch their own retail chain...

In my neighborhood, all three bookstores were closed last year, and we now have only one used book store and Christian bookstore left in the city with 214K population.  Another Borders right across the street from the Apple Store in Palo Alto was also closed and Apple's planning to build its new store there.   If I need a book now, I have to drive all the way up to Mountain View!    When we visited Reno last month, we were all excited to see Barns and Noble still alive!   They got an impressive collection of nook accessories and anybody could touch sample devices.  I bet Amazon Store will look just like that.


Good E-Readerがアマゾン社内ソース複数から聞いた情報だけど、第1号店は本社のあるシアトルで、利幅の大きいハイエンド商品だけ置くブティック書店だ。アップルストアみたいなデザイン。Kindleのeリーダーやタブレットと周辺機器のほか、本も置く。ほいでもってそこでの営業成績を見てチェーン展開して儲かるかどうか判断するんだって。




本当は怖いアマゾンの話—Amazon Tales of Horror | Books and the City

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