October 19, 2011

クパティーノ市のジョブズ追悼ビデオ:Steve Jobs Tribute by City of Cupertino

Tears welled in my eyes when I saw this tribute video embedded at the end of  The Next Web's updates on Steve Jobs memorial event at Apple HQ.  It's featuring his voice unveiling the new Apple HQ development plan early June at Cupertino City Council.  Looking back, he was a bit different that time...he sounded as if he knew what was coming.

追悼ビデオはいろいろ楽勝でクリアしてきたのに、アップル本社で今日行われたスティーブ・ジョブズ追悼式の模様を伝えるThe Next Webの最後んとこで地元クパチーノがつくった追悼動画(上)に不覚にもウルッときちまったよ。


[City of Cupertino via The Next Web]


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