June 7, 2011

毎朝変装してスクールバスに手を振るパパ、最後の朝:Dale Price wave at the Bus - Video

I guess the greatest husband on earth is a man in the book 'Listening Is an Act of Love' who tells that he kept writing love letter to his wife every single morning for entire life.  But this dad in Utah is something.  Local TV says he lost his leg nearly 20 years ago in motorcycle accident, but look at his spirit!

Day 169 (c) Wave At The Bus
After waving for the last day of the 2010-2011 school year on June 2, he clarified he spent less than 50 bucks on all 170 costumes; "Most of these costumes were borrowed from neighbors and friends (you’d be surprised what your neighbors have in their closets!), or found in our costume boxes from years past."

I'm pretty sure they won't forget his love.

地上で最も偉大な夫は「Listening Is an Act of Love」で「毎朝1日も欠かさず妻にラブレター書く」と言ってたじいちゃんだと今も思っているのだけど、このパパも偉大だわ…。




Day 170 - The Pirate's Last Wave (c) Wave At The Bus

[Wave At The Bus via GMSV]


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