May 25, 2011

アイルランドはオバマの親戚だらけ:Obama visits his great-great-great grandfather’s village in Ireland

Obama drained a pint of the Guineness
in four gulps Monday in Moneygall
(c) SocialiteLife
"I'm Barack Obama, from the Moneyfall Obamas.  And I've come home to find the apostrophe that we lost somewhere along the way."

Obama made a familiar pilgrimage of a U.S. president: going back to where his great-great-great grandfather, Fulmouth Kearney, was born.  At the speech in Dublin, he offered the Gaelic version of Yes We Can, "Is Feidir Linn."  Unlike in the US where birthers still question his place of birth, Obama was warmly welcome by locals.

His eighth cousin, Henry Healy, greeted Obama and was given a nickname,  Henry VIII.
He admitted he was a bag of nerves initially. 'I got up to go down and meet him,' he said. 'As soon as I walked out the nerves were gone because the people really buzzed me. I calmed and thought 'Yes I can'. -

米大統領の伝統にならいオバマも曽曽曽祖父Falmouth Kearney(靴屋の息子)の生まれ故郷マネーゲールを月曜訪ねたら、村中がみんな遠い親戚だと名乗り出て、熱烈な歓迎を受けた。

挨拶に立って歩き出したらみなさんすごく盛り上げてくれたので緊張が吹っ切れましたね。落ち着け、「Yes I can」だって、自分に言い聞かせてましたね。
ヘンリーさんはオバマに「ヘンリー8世」というニックネームをもらい地元で一躍有名人。オバマも村のパブでギネスビールを4口で飲み干し、ダブリンの演説では「Yes We Can」をケルトのゲール語で「Is Feidir Linn」と喋ってみたり、すっかりご満悦。「あんな幸せなオバマ見たことない」とNYタイムズも舌を巻いている。


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