May 29, 2011

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Who's he?



Osama Bedier, Former PayPal executive, Now Google's VP of payments

He was recruited by Google while he was in charge of negotiating the Google-PayPal mobile payment deal. PayPal sued him as well as Google and another former executive, Tilenius, who wooed him, right after Bedier and Tilenius took center stage at the unveiling Thursday of Google Wallet. Things are getting ugly at the mobile payments front...

グーグルがAndroidの決済にペイパルを取り込む交渉を行っていた時のペイパル側責任者。一足先にグーグルに転職した元ペイパル幹部ティレニアス女史を介してグーグルに引き抜かれ、今月Google Wallet発表のステージに同女史と立った=写真=直後、怒ったペイパルの親会社イーベイに企業秘密盗用などで訴えられた

The lawsuit also highlights the huge stakes in mobile payments, as giants like eBay and Google jockey to win a piece of an estimated $630-billion market by 2014.

While Tilenius might be getting hit with the lawsuit, the real target is Bedier, whose departure on Jan. 24 wasn’t received well inside the eBay executive suite. Bedier was one of the earliest PayPal employees and was widely viewed as one of its future leaders if eBay decided to spin-off the division. EBay CEO John Donahue viewed Bedier favorably, and our sources say the legal wheels were set in motion for this lawsuit, the day Bedier switched loyalties to Google.


訴訟相手にはティレニアス女史も入っているが、本当のターゲットはビディアだ。2月24日に彼が辞めた際もイーベイ経営陣の心証は良くなかった。ビディアはペイパルが一番最初に雇った社員のひとりで、イーベイが決済部門をスピンオフした場合には、未来のリーダーのひとりと嘱望されていた。イーベーのジョン・ドナホーCEOもビディアのことは目にかけていたのだが、我々の情報源によるとビディアがグーグルに寝返った時点で法務が訴訟に動き出したらしい。- Et Tu Bedier? - GigaOM


Photo: Guy Calaf/Bloomberg, Getty Images (via New York magazine)

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