March 4, 2011

米国ではFBI捜査官が集団カンニング:FBI Cheating Scandal

While Japan is shaken up with one cheater, US dealt with hundreds of FBI agents cheating on the test...
Hundreds of FBI agents cheated on a mandatory test of new procedures. [...] Suspicions of cheating were raised when more than 200 employees passed the 90-minute exam in 20 minutes. Inspector General Glenn A. Fine said that, in one FBI field office, four agents exploited a computer software flaw “to reveal the answers to the questions as they were taking the exam.”-FBI cheated on test of rules - Washington Times




Glenn A. Fine司法省監察官が言うには、あるFBI出張所では捜査官2人が「試験中に答案が丸見えになる」コンピュータソフトウェアのバグを悪用していたらしい。


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