February 2, 2011

CNNアンカー、親ムバラク派に殴られる:CNN's Anderson Cooper attacked by pro-Mubarak mob

CNN's Anderson Cooper and his production crew were attacked by a group of demonstrators in Egypt on Wednesday. Reporting from Cairo, Cooper said during a phone interview that he was punched in the head multiple times by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak, and that the mob also assulted his crew and destroyed their equipment.

"There’s a number of individuals who have come on the pro-Mubarak side today to get into a fight," said Cooper, who added that pro-Mubarak agitators are targeting anyone with a camera.



There is a tense stand-off between rival protesters in central Cairo, with reports that three people have been killed and around 1,500 injured after pitched battles in and around Tahrir Square. The violence started when government supporters wielding sticks and charging on horses and camels attacked anti-regime demonstrators in Tahrir Square after the army told the protesters to go home.- Three dead, hundreds injured in Cairo battles - ABC News

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper talks about his experience in Egypt;

全訳→緊急掲載: エジプトから帰国したアンダーソン・クーパーの番組冒頭の涙|shellvalleyのブログ

[LA Times]


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