May 8, 2010

シリコンバレーのトリビア38:Silicon Valley Trivia Quiz 38

Q:Where can you find this fancy toilet?

Washlet E200 by TOTO



When Conan O'Brien visited Google's Mountain View headquarters on Wednesday, Andy Richter asked him if he tried "front-cleansing." 水曜グーグル本社にコナン・オブライエンがきて、相棒のアンディー・リヒターが早速トイレの話を持ち出した。

Andy: Our tour managers said, "You've gotta check out the Japanese toilets!" So I was in the bathroom to look 'cause I've seen them before. And... there's buttons on the wall. "front-cleansing" and "rear-cleansing."


Conan: What is it? I've never heard this before. (なにそれ。聞いたことない)

Andy: It's like little bidet. (ちっちゃいビデみたいなやつさ)

Conan: No, No, I understand that part. I just don't understand what they have to do with Google.(いやいや、それは分かるって。分からないのはなんでそんなものがグーグルにあるかってこと)

Andy: Because... (そりゃだって…)

Conan: Because cleansing is necessary...♪(洗浄が要るから…)

Andy: Yes. (そうそう)

Conan: All Googlers must front-cleanse....♪(グーグラーは全員、前洗浄~)

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