March 14, 2010

プリウスを走行中ニュートラルにする、アクセルとブレーキを同時に踏むデモ:2008 Prius demo - shift into neutral; gas & break at the same time

"2008 Prius Demo" by Rodney Britt

We all learned what to do when our car gets unintentionally accelerated; SHIFT IT TO NEUTRAL.  "But how?" "Wouldn't it tip over the car?" -Watch this demo by Toyota guy.

1) First, he shows how to put the car in neutral.
  • 2'47" At 80mph, pull it over to neutral. The car is de-accelerated. He's not touching break pedal.
  • 3'04" The car slows down to 70mph, even if his foot is on the floor with gas (he's pushing the gas hard).
  • 3'42" Down to 62mph
*Make sure you hold the shift lever to "N" position for a second or two.

2) Next, what happens when you press gas and break pedals down at the same time as James Sikes claims he did in the recent runaway Prius case?

  • 4'11" At 92mph, he pressed both gas and break pedals. The car automatically shifts to "Fail Safe Mode" and discontinues the delivery of fuel to the engine.
  • 4'19" Slows down to 46mph. The car is going nowhere. It just slows down.

As Jalopnik said, technicians from both Toyota and NHTSA were unable to duplicate the unintended acceleration Sikes claims.

If neither neutral gear nor break pedal works, turn off the car.  SJ Mercury notes you need to hold the ON/OFF button down for three to four seconds. Just like shutting down your computer.


1) ニュートラルに切り換えるデモ
  • 2'47" 時速129km(80mph)でギアをニュートラルに入れる
  • スピードが落ち始める。ブレーキには足は触れていない
  • 3'04" 時速113km(70mph)まで落ちた。アクセルは全開。床まで踏んでいる
  • 3'42" 時速99km(62mph)まで落ちた
*注 ギアは「N」位置で1秒か2秒ホールドすること。

2) ブレーキとアクセルを同時に押すデモ
  • 4'11" 時速148km(92mph)で両ペダルを踏んでみる。
  •    車は自動的に「Fail Safe Mode」に切り替わり、エンジンへのガソリン供給が止まる
  • 4'19" 時速74km(46mph)まで減速した。方向のブレもなし。ただスローダウンするだけ


ニュートラとブレーキでダメならスイッチを切ること。ただし「電源ボタンを3~4秒押し続けないとオフにならない」(SJ Mercury)ので要注意。パソコンと一緒ね。

Quick demos;


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