January 18, 2010

グーグル対中方針はセルゲイ・ブリンの意向:Sergey Brin's behind Google's China Ploy

Google's bold stand against China was Sergey Brin's personal decision.  The Independent shares some of his life stories.;
Brin was born in Moscow in August 1973, to parents whose ambitions had been thwarted by the state. His father, Michael, was an aspiring astronomer – but the communist party barred Jews from studying physics or astronomy. He became a mathematician, and even then was forced to take more challenging exams than his non-Jewish peers to gain entry to university. He passed, as did Eugenia – later his wife, and Sergey's mother. The family lived with Michael's mother in a small, three-room apartment in Moscow but, after meeting Western delegates at a Warsaw maths conference in 1977, Michael decided his future lay beyond the borders of the USSR.

After applying for an exit visa, Sergey's father was fired from his job, so in the long months before the Brins were at last given permission to leave the country, he taught his young son computer programming.   -read more at The Independent

You can view rare photo of Sergey, 6, with his father here


The Independentによると撤退の話は前からあったようで、そもそもエリック・シュミットCEOが中国進出の際に検閲に同意したことがセルゲイはずっと気に入らなかった。2008年5月8日グーグル年次株主総会で会場から中国撤退の動議提案がなされた際もラリー・ページ氏とエリック・シュミットCEOは反対票を投じたのに、セルゲイは投票を棄権してしまったのだという。




出国ビザ申請後セルゲイの父は会社を首になる。そして一家に出国許可が降りるまで何ヶ月もの長い期間、彼は幼いセルゲイにコンピュータプログラミングを教えて過ごした。-The Independent


[The Independent]


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