December 7, 2009

『奇跡のシンフォニー』の音楽&カーキ・キングのギター:August Rush's music & Kaki King's guitar

"I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales." - August Rush
「人がおとぎ話を信じるように 僕は音楽を信じる」 - オーガスト・ラッシュ

August Rush goes complete opposite of ONCE  I covered in my previous post.

Though both films were born in the same year and both Glen Hansard and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are Irish, Once is low financed documentary-like film featuring a guy playing guitar with the big ragged hole in it,  while August Rush is fairy tale filmed with a substantial budget and full orchestra playing the final tune.  What they try to tell us, however, is the same; how people connect through music.

Composed by Mark Mancina.  Guitar played by Kaki King (except for Dueling Guitars).  Kaki is the first female "Guitar God" named by Rolling Stone Magazine. She contributed and played music for other blockbuster films including Into the Wild and Twilight.

Many criticize that August Rush is "too good to be true," but if you want to prove music can be as powerful as to make you believe the unbelievable, the story has got to be just that.

In reality, though, even if father and son pursue music, miracle probably won't happen.  Look at Eric Clapton.  When he found, his real father (musician, married a few times like Clapton) was already dead.

So, yes, this movie is like 'matches of The Little Match Girl' at its best.   But what if there is someone out there who can only get going by believing in miracle?   Would you defy the belief, bringing up hundreds of holes in the storyline?  No.  We'd just let him/her listen to this music.

『奇跡のシンフォニー(原題:August Rush)』は、昨日紹介した『ONCE ダブリンの街角で』と同い年生まれの映画。




ギターはカーキ・キング。2006年にローリングストーンズ誌の「ギターの神」に女性として初めて選ばれた人だ。主演オーガスト・ラッシュ(フレディ・ハイモア)のギター爪弾く指はみんな彼女の手(『Dueling Guitars』を除いて)。カーキ・キングはこの他にも映画『Into the Wild』、『Twilight』に曲を書いて演奏してる。



でもこれってマッチ売りの少女のマッチなんだよね。そんなのみんな心の中では分かってる。ただ奇跡を信じることでしか生きていけない子がいたとしたら論理の綻び並べて打ち消す? しないよね。黙ってこの音楽聴かせるよね。

August Rush - Final scene: "Rhapsody" by Mark Mancina


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