April 29, 2009

ジョブズ、町議会は欠席:Jobs didn't show up at Woodside Town Council

"I don't think he would be strong enough if we were here until 1 a.m., and I think there's a strong possibility of that," the lawyer representing Jobs, Howard Ellman, told the council...and he was right.

The meeting lasted for hours, while preservationists including Clotilde Luce, a Florida resident whose family owned the Jackling house in the 1960s and heads the preservation group Uphold Our Heritage, argued that Jobs rejected an offer made by a San Francisco resident to move the building to Napa. Turned out that the man "wanted Jobs to pay almost the full cost of the relocation," failing to fulfill the condition Jobs made in exchange for giving away the house (that was an first offer, Luce said).  -A final decision to be made at a future meeting.

UPDATE: The demolition was approved in May. 


1960年代に家主だったClotilde Luceさん(保存運動の市民団体「Uphold Our Heritage」を率いる人物)はフロリダから飛んできて、「サンフランシスコの男性がナパに移転を申し出たのに却下した。努力が足りない」などと非難し、弁護士は男性のオファーは本気ではなく、引越し代のほとんどをジョブズ氏に肩代わりさせようとした(引越し代全額負担が家を無料で渡す条件)と反論した。


UPDATE: 議会は6-1で取り壊しを認めた

[Mercury News] Photo by Jonathan Haeber


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