July 29, 2008

英語掲示板「4ちゃん」と鍵十字騒動:4chan, Swastika and Google Trends

At the TechCrunch Meetup, a guy from consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), told me that there's a huge English OTAKU website called 4chan (4chan.org).

As the name tells itself, it was inspired by Japan's largest forum, 2chan(2ch.net) and imageboard website, Futaba Channel. "It started out as a copycat but grew much larger. Because it's in English, Otaku from around the world hang around there."

Out of curiosity, I checked the site. It was down. So I searched and retrieved this LA Times article on July 10; "Swastika ('卐') tops Google's search list, then disappears." If it sounds familiar, you may be a regular at TechCrunch; "Swastika Appears On Google Trends." At one point, it topped the list.

As a side-note. Automatically deleting Swastika (banned in Germany) may raise a cultural concern as well, especially among people from another side of the world like India and China. In Japan,too, the left-facing Swastika, manji, has been in our culture for centuries.

Nintendo, for example, erased the manji from English Pokemon cards. But then, in response to complaints from Jewish organization in US who found imported Japanese cards carrying the symbol, it deleted manji from Japanese original versions all together.



iPhone発売前日に何故カギ十字(卍の右巻き)? 数時間で消えちゃうなんて仏教のお祭り? と、TechCrunchLA Timesも騒いだので覚えてる人もいるだろう(…いないか)。

「&# 21328; で検索してごらん、面白いよ」



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