December 5, 2006

ボツになったWii安全マニュアル図版: Wii Safety-The Missing Pages

Today I translated Jason Chen's "The Japanese Wii Safety Manual is Crazy," in which he added mocking captions to original copies first appeared on Kotaku yesterday. It will appear on in the next couple of days, and I can't wait to see what Japanese readers have to say about it. (update: here it is!)

In the meanwhile here's its parody "Wii Safety: The Missing Pages" created by e Iconfactory. To my surprise, it's been dugg as much as Kotaku. Wow...


Update: "The Japanese Wii Safety Manual is Crazy" in Japanese got 151 positive points at newly launched Japan's Digg, Newsing (below). It's quite a number for Newsing points. Also I noticed nobody got offended by Jason's joke. One said he liked the Blue Ray part the best. ギズモード日本版に“不可解なWii安全マニュアル”として6日付けで配信された。NewsingのスクリーンショットをKotakuの初報についたDiggと並べておこう。使ってる図版は一緒だよ。

Gizmodo Japan's Entry (151 points)
日本語版「不可解なWii安全マニュアル」は151 Points

Wii Safety Manual Desktop (teal) was released. (Who's gonna use it! lol) Enlarge it and you'll notice its Japanese description is as surreal as Wii's original Safety Manual. パロディーの成功に気を良くしたデザイン会社が、よせばいいのに壁紙水色)リリース。誰が使うんじゃい! しかも日本語むちゃくちゃです(汗)。

Update: I made a slide. 壁紙でスライド作ってみました。

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ちゃめ said...

 Wii を購入したら、風邪を引いた時のために低アレルギーの毛布も買って上げないといけないんですね~。
 没の図版…、書いた人は本気だったのかな? =)

satomi said...


1)KOTAKU: 本物のWii安全マニュアル図版
2)Gizmodo: 1)+偽解説


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