November 12, 2006

ラーメンズのMac君とパソコン君: Rahmens in Get a Mac ads in Japanese!

Much anticipated "Get a Mac ads in Japanese" is now available online. Let's give two thumbs up to Rahmens! Since yesterday, US Mac fans all of sudden started to claim "Guess I speak Japanese now," "I too understood what they were saying," "They are so identical that the Japanese Mac even looks like Justin Long" at MacRumors. (More feedbacks on and translation of Japanese script is on its official announcement. Thanks, Shiro!) Trevor's Bike Shed wrote, "Still, if I had to choose anyone to replace John and Justin, it would be these guys. (meaning Rahmens)." Yeah, Apple made a right choice.

If you're wondering who those guys are, here's my entry on SUSHI video. That video released online with unlicensed fansub was the one that helped them build an international fame, especially among Sushi lovers. ... Hey, wait a minute, ... wasn't Steve Jobs a Sushi fanatic? He was spotted by many including Scoble and Winer at local Sushi eateries... Probably he... (!)


「(この役柄は原作のジョンとジャスティン以外考えられないけど)どうしても他の役者にしろっていうんなら、僕なら彼らを起用するね」とラーメンズを紹介しているブログさんもある(Trevor's Bike Shed)。なんか嬉しい。


Rahmens > Sushi > ?? > Apple
う…ひょっとしてこのミッシング・リングは3度の飯より鮨が好きな創業者… なわけないか。笑

UPDATE:  本家Mac君に降板の噂?! 詳しくは maclalalaさん。

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Coal said...

Latest Apple ad is out - this time about nengajo (new year cards). Subtitles for the former three can be seen further down the page.

satomi said...

Thanks, Coal! I added both of your links right below the image:)


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