October 5, 2006

祝!!円周率10万桁達成:Haraguchi Recites 100,000 Digits of Pi

Psychiatric counsellor Akira Haraguchi from Japan recited by memory pi down to the 100,000th digit, renewing his own 2005 world record yesterday. The 16 hr process was filmed as he performed at a public hall. Hope this will help him get listed in the Guinness.

If you look at the history of all the record holders and world ranking, you'll see how it stands out. The most amazing thing is that he's 60 years old and yet, he hasn't lost his challenging spirits (and memory).

His book was published in Jan. from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, in which he reveals how he came to challenge the record, and how "fun" it is to memorize all those numbers. It's a Zen status, I believe.

Japanese man recites pi from memory to 100,000 decimal places, claims world record -AP
Rice balls power pi record - Times Online (via Digital Inspiration)



Memorising Pi
(digits/record holder/year)
(Source: Memory and Mental Calculation World Records)

511 デビット・リチャード・スペンサー David Richard Spencer (加) ?
930 ナイジェル・ホッジス Nigel Hodges (英) 1973
1,111 フレッド・グラハム Fred Graham (加) 1973
1,210 ティモシー・ピアソン Timothy Pearson (英) 1973
1,505 エドワード・C.・ベルベリッヒ Edward C. Berberich (米) 1974
3,025 マイケル・ジョン・ポルトニー Michael John Poultney (英) 1974
4,096 サイモン・プラウフ Simon Plouffe (加) 1975
5,050 マイケル・ジョン・ポルトニー Michael John Poultney (英) 1977
6,350 デヴィット・サンカー David Sanker (米) 1978
10,000 デヴィット・サンカー David Sanker (米) 1978
10,625 デヴィット・フィオーレ David Fiore (米) 1979
11,944 ハンス・エバースタック Hans Eberstark (オーストリア) 1979
15,151 友寄 英哲 Hideaki Tomoyori (日) 1979 著書
15,186 クレイトン・カルベッロ Creighton Carvello (英) 1979
20,000 友寄 英哲 Hideaki Tomoyori (日) 1979 
20,013 クレイトン・カルベッロ Creighton Carvello (英) 1980
31,811 ラジャン・マハデバン Rajan Mahadevan (印) 1985
40,000 友寄 英哲 Hideaki Tomoyori (日) 1987
42,195 後藤裕行 Hiroyuki Goto (日) 1995 インタビュー
43,000 クリシャン・クマー・チャハール Krishan Kumar Chahal (印) 2006

関連:世界ランキング, 円周率ものがたり

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cavacavien said...


satomi said...

わー探してたんだ、thnx! すごい、スクロールダウンしてもしても後から後から数字がッ数字がーッ!!! ……


Dr. Abrahim said...

i am a IAS officer from india and wonder about that how people can manage to recite pi up to thousand of places. Krishan Chahal from india has did amazing performance. He not even recited 43,000 digits but the more amzing thing was that he did it in only 5 hours 21 minutes means almost double the speed of old record holder think a little more 5 digits in 2 second. Great.
But how he memorised it?

satomi said...

Thank you for stopping by, Dr. Abrahim. I suppose it'll be as difficult as passing IAS exam:) Mr.Yohei Sasagawa (heir of Japan's right-wing godfather Ryoichi Sasagawa and chairman of The Nippon Foundation) wrote a blog post about how hard it is to become IAS Officer.

Mr. Haraguchi shared some tips in his book (above). According to him, one single most important thing is to enjoy memorizing it. Enjoy it just like a music score. (Sure...)

My friend, cavacavien, said she found a page listing all 1,000,000 digits here. When I finished scrolling all the way down (it's already a hard work!), I found a strange button at the bottom. Clicked it, this message was loaded, "You're the *******th visitor to this page. Obviously you have nothing else to do." ...ouch!

I also noticed that, since 1985, a lot of title holders are emerging from Asia. Interesting.

(Updated from my original comments posted on Nov.5,2006)

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