August 2, 2006

ウィキペディアがコルベアをブロック!:Colbert Blocked from Wikipedia

To show what Wikiality means, Colbert made two edits during the timeslot in which the show was taped, and subsequently was blocked from Wikipedia. Wikipedia's Tawker declared in his blog,
Yes, I am Wikipedia Tawker and yes, I blocked. That “joke” used way too much of my bandwidth, my poor Tawkerbot4 couldn’t keep up!
Poor Tawkerbot4....

Techdirt: How Truthiness And Wikiality Helped Colbert Take Down Wikipedia.
Newsvine - Stephen Colbert Causes Chaos on Wikipedia, Gets Blocked from Site.
digg - Wikipedia Administrator Blocks Stephen Colbert For Incitement of Vandalism

「ウィキペディアを使えば事実の捏造はカンタン。人呼んでWikiality。おし、やってみよう」-あのスティーブン・コルベアが31日放映の番組中ウィキペディアの改ざんにトライしてウィキがダウン、アドミのトーカーがコルベアのアクセスをブロックする騒ぎがあった。(詳細:DIGG, Tawker's blog, Techdirt, Newsvine)



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Andrew said...

Yes, I'm soo poor, can't you see I'm running with a 4.25 load average in this heat..... more air conditioning is a good thing.

satomi said...

Hi, Tawker. You'll never know how many times I visit your Wikipedia! Sorry about the heat.... Well, the Colbert Report may have some air conditioning... Be on the show.

I used to live in Oregon, and I don't speak a word in Portuguese. I wonder why...

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