May 18, 2006

ブッシュ政権はゲシュタポかっ?:Bush's NSA Spying

We were kind of ready to accept Stephen Colbert's Speech, looking back what has been reported about Bush Administration lately. スティーブン・コルベアのホワイトハウス主催晩餐会(詳報)のギャグを受け入れる土壌はあった。

Rolling Stone : The Worst President in History?(04.21.2006)

Mr. Bush's overall job approval rating hit another new low, 31 percent, tying the low point of his father in July 1992. That is the third lowest approval rating of any president in 50 years; only Richard M. Nixon and Jimmy Carter were viewed less favorably.(left: NYT/CBS News Poll)


And then, USA Today reported May 11 that AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth secretly provided phone records of millions of Americans to the NSA, which has compiled a massive database to detect patterns related to terrorist activity.
"The NSA program reaches into homes and businesses across the nation by amassing information about the calls of ordinary Americans ― most of whom aren't suspected of any crime. This program does not involve the NSA listening to or recording conversations. But the spy agency is using the data to analyze calling patterns in an effort to detect terrorist activity, sources said in separate interviews."(USATODAY
FBI is tracking reporters' phone calls. Verizon and BellSouth denied wrong-doing, and the judge yesterday rejected a EFF's request to release documents that it claims show AT&T Inc. helped the NSA spy on Americans, and also ruled against an AT&T request to have the privacy group, the EFF, return the documents to the company on the grounds that they were stolen. (Washington Post).

TIME's recent coverage "Inside Bush's Secret Spy Net" tells us what the US government did to QWest when it refused to hand over the data. "Qworst" is now called "Qwest: NSA-Free"(Herald Tribune).

NSA(National Security Agency) was created by President Truman in 1952, during the Korean War, the he agency was considered so secret that for years the government refused to even confirm its existence. Government insiders used to joke that NSA stood for "No Such Agency."(USA Today)

updates!USA Today Admits Error In NSA Story, Paper Can't Prove BellSouth, Verizon Were Contracted To Provide Phone Records - CBS News



TIME5月22日号では通話記録の提供を拒んだQWestに政府から法外な圧力がかかったことが報じられ、「QWorst」と劣悪サービスを揶揄されてたQWestは「Qwest: NSA-Free(NSA盗聴なし)」ということで人気が急騰中だ。

NSAは1952年、朝鮮戦争下のトルーマン政権が国土保全のため創設した。政府が長年その存在を否定してきたため「No Such Agency(そんな部局はない)」の略と笑われてきたが、1975年にCIA等が令状なしで国際通話の諜報を20年続けていたことが国会の調査で発覚、笑いごっちゃない展開になってきた。


この発展形が、テロ関与の疑いが持たれる国民のコンピュータ・電話の盗聴・監視を合法化したが1978年制定「Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act(FISA:外国情報監視法)」である(但し要令状)。9-11後には掘田佳男氏も盗聴を経験しているようだが、ご本人は「盗聴は国家の仕事」と理解を示している。




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