April 10, 2006

ABCが人気ドラマをネットで無料配信:ABC to offer four shows online for free

Disney's ABC TV Network is making four of its most popular shows including Lost, Desperate Housewives, Commander in Chief, and Alias available on the web at ABC.com for free downloads a day after airing on TV. The two-month trial beginning in May could be "a defining moment in broadcasting," reported Forbes.com. The latest Prime-Time Nielsen Ratings are here.

Unlike TiVo, ads are non-skippable, though viewers can pause and move between chapters. It'll be sponsored by 10 advertisers including AT&T, Ford, P&G, Toyota, Cingular, and Universal Pictures. Let's see how much traffic they could generate.

President of Disney-ABC Television Group, Sweeney Anne (she's pretty!) also announced Monday that it will launch Soapnetic, a high-speed Internet channel for soap opera fans to Verizon Communications' Internet services starting from April 17th.


ディズニーの子会社ABCネットワークが人気番組をウェブで無料配信する。来月から2ヶ月の試験実施で、Lost, Desperate Housewives, Commander in Chief, Aliasの4番組を放送日翌日に高速ストリーミングで提供する(視聴率一覧)。




日本も「ワンセグ一色」でTime Shifting(いつでも)、Place Shifting(どこでも)のデジタル革命真っ只中。「RIAAの二の舞は踏むまい」-米放送業界はデジタル配信に様々な試みを仕掛けているが、コノ調子でいけば「テレビは決まった時間に決まったブラウン管で見なきゃいけない」というのは早晩、昔話になるだろう。

This is the clip from celebrities eating dot com(link from GMSV). Seems like Mike Tyson loves this salad (caption). The database was made possible by visitors' contributions, and it says, "Hey Celebrities - this is all just for fun, please don't sue us! THX." ....what a fearless web site.

ハリウッドのスターたちの食事シーンを一挙収録!セレブ生写真コレクション「celebrities eating dot com(モノ食うセレブたち)」は読者からの投稿写真でやっている(GMSVにて探知)。「よっ、セレブ。みんな冗談でやってるんだから訴えないでね!アリガト」と一応断り書きがあるので自分たちのやっていることが何かは充分わきまえているようだ。



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