January 10, 2015

シャルリー・エブドの風刺画で不覚にも連想したもの:Charlie Hebdo cartoons remind me of..

Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt on Japanese WW2 poster.
It says, "those who publicize 'peace' and justice are, in fact, kichikuyaju,"
implying "kichiku beiei (demon-beast Americans and Englishmen)."
(c) Museum of World War 2 via Torikai Lab

Jap on US WW2 poster, making sure you know who your enemies are.
via Hanna Miles "WWⅡ Propaganda: The Influence of Racism"

Fast forward 70 years, US and Japan are making cartoons and animations together every now and then.  Unbelievable. But that gives us some hope. 

With English translation, I finally get it.


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