January 1, 2015

上海外灘で偽札に群がり36名死亡:Someone Throwing Fake Money and 36 dead in Shanghai New Year's Eve stampede - UPDATED

Xinhua quoted witness Wu Tao as saying some people had scrambled for coupons that looked like dollar bills bearing the name of a bar that were being thrown out of a third-floor window. -  Fox

One person in the crowd last night said the atmosphere turned chaotic after what appeared to be money started falling from above -- coupons that looked like U.S. dollar bills thrown from a building window across from the square, Xinhua reported. People rushed to toward the building and some fell over in the scramble, it said. - Bloomberg

新華社が伝えた目撃者Wu Taoさんの証言によると、ビルの3階の窓からバーの名前を刷ったドル札そっくりのクーポンがばら撒かれ、人が群がって倒れ、カオスになったという。


UPDATE: Police Rule Out Fake Cash in Shanghai Crush


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