September 7, 2014

錦織vsジョコビッチ戦ハイライト:US Open 2014 Semi Final Djokovic Vs Nishikori Highlights

If it's private view only from Japan, try the one below. 
“This is definitely huge for Japan. It’s a big country, over 100 million people. This can definitely be a great encouragement for tennis in that country. Kei’s been around for last couple of years, he’s been having a lot of success. But playing the finals of a Grand Slam and now fighting for title is definitely something different. He has gotten to another level, and I’m sure that people will praise him.” - Novak Djokovic


Yeah, this definitely sounds like the comments from his sponsor, Uniqlo;)

They play a fairly similar style. After Nishikori changed his red shirt for white, I got them mixed up a couple of times.

Kei Nishikori beats No.1 Seed Novak Djokovic at the US Open to become the first man from Asia to reach a Grand Slam final.  I still cannot believe my eyes!



In place of Djokovic's name, 'Kei Nishikori' showed up today. Am I dreaming?
ジョコビッチの名前があった場所に錦織圭の名前が!(c) Google News US Edition


Anonymous said...

"This video is private."

Satomi Ichimura said...

ええっ!!! そか、ESPNからクレームがついちゃったんですね、、、うん…

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