March 2, 2014

中国昆明無差別殺傷vsウイグル人無差別殺傷:Kunming Knife Mass Killing v Shaoguan Mass Killing of Uighurs

Aren't they double standards?

March 1, 2014: Kunming Attack - 昆明駅無差別殺傷

A group of knife-wielding men and women attacked Chinese passengers at the Kunming Station, killing at least 33 and injuring 143.   4 suspects were shot dead by a police.

June 26, 2009: Shaoguan Incident ― 韶関事件

In Shaoguan city, a deadly brawl between Uygur and Han Chinese workers at a Guangdong toy factory left at least two Uygurs, more than 100 injured. Uyghur witnesses say at least 100 dead and 400 injured. Police arrived at 4am, leaving the mob man-hunting freely for 2.5 hours. No immediate arrest made.

July 5, 2009: Ürümqi riots - ウイグル騒乱
As a result of Shaoguan Incident, the peaceful protest turned into violence.

Is The World Ignoring A Massacre of Uighurs In China?


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