March 9, 2014

学費払えと両親訴えた家出少女と同姓同名のレイチェル・カニングさん:Meet the Other Rachel Canning

Rachel Canning 1

(c) Rachel Canning's Facebook

This Rachel Canning is a New Jersey cheerleader who made a national headline by suing parents for child support and college tuition.  The lawsuit is backed by her friend's father and prominent lawyer, John Inglesino.  She claims they kicked her out of her home, while parents claims she just left home and .  The court denied her entitlement to the $650 of weekly child support.

The Daily Mail reports that she once threatened to sue teacher after he kicked her out of Homecoming dance because she was 'drunk' in the parking lot with boys.




Rachel Canning 2

(c) Rachel Canning's Facebook

A Florida homecoming queen, who now attends University of South Florida. After receiving more than 10,000 visitors to her Facebook page in the aftermath of another Rachel Canning's lawsuit, she decided to take advantage of the traffic spike and post a link to a fundraiser for Autism Speaks. Her 19-yr-old brother has Asperger's syndrome. Read More.



UPDATE: Rachel Canning in NJ returns home. 


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