January 3, 2014

張成沢氏の犬の処刑の噂が米上陸:Kim Jong Un Fed His Uncle to 120 Starving Dogs Tale Hits US

Original Report on Wen Wei Po
Dec 12, 2013
The 3-weeks-old Wen Wei Po (PRC mouthpiece) report re-emerged in Straits Times, which is now making the rounds in the US with a lot of skepticism; Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report.

What I heard from my Chinese-American friend is that Jang Sung-thaek (pro-China) was stripped naked, put in cage, and fed alive to 120 starving dogs, while Kim Jong-un and 300 officials were watching.  It's called 'Quan Jue (犬決)' in Chinese.

What's missing in this report, though, is another rumor I heard from my Korean-American friend; all of relatives of Jang Sung-thaek were arrested, stripped naked (again), and thrown into a pot of scalding hot water and boiled alive.

If this is true, it is disturbing.  If not, it still is disturbing in another sense.





NBC jumped onto the rumor


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