July 7, 2013

和製英語TPOの語源:Origin of TPO, Japanese acronym meaning Time, Place, Occasion

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In Japan, we use the abbreviation TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) to mean being mindful of a dress code, proper word choice or behavior that are not out of place.

The other day, when my husband used the term, my kids didn't quite get it, and we realized we've never heard of it being used in English.   So who made it?

Well, a little Googling turned up the answer;  Kensuke Ishizu, the man who brought Ivy to Japan by founding the now-defunct VAN brand.   As a chairman of Mens Fashion Unity (MFU),  he coined the term to educate all men in post-War Japan to be mindful of time, place and occasion when they pick Western outfits.

私「へー!!!!!そうだったん!!? そういえば英語でTOPって使わないね…日本の誰かが考えたのかな?」

…気になって今調べてみたら、なんと洋服の着方がわからない戦後日本人のために日本メンズファッション協会(MFU)の当時会長だった石津謙介氏(故人)が考えた和製英語であることがわかった(ソース)。へー!!!!! 石津氏はVAN創業者で日本にアイビー・ルックを紹介した人。


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