July 9, 2013

彼女に手をひかれて世界を旅する写真シリーズ:'Follow Me' by Murad Osmann and Boston Bombers

Venice ヴェネツィア (c) Murad Osmann

You will follow her anywhere, right?

'Follow Me' is a wildly popular Instagram series by Russian photographer, Murad Osmann. It captures all the exotic places around the world led by his girlfriend and TV host, Natalia Zakharova.

Osmann somehow reminded me of Boston Marathon bombers and I checked his bio on his web.  Turned out he's from Tagestan, same as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.   It's striking when you think of the contrast; those young men, both from one world, now see two different worlds.


「Follow Me」は、ロシアの写真家ムラッド・オスマンさんが彼女のナタリア・ザカロヴァ(TV司会者)さんに手を引かれて世界中を旅する写真を収めた、インスタグラムで人気のシリーズだ。

10,000 Buddhas 萬佛寺 (c) Murad Osmann

Austria (c) Murad Osmann


[Murad Osmann on Instagram via My Modern Net]


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