July 30, 2013

スペイン列車脱線時、運転士は会社と携帯で話していた:Driver On Phone When Spainish Train Derailed


The driver of a Spanish train, which crashed killing 79 people last week, was talking on the phone with the railway company staff when the accident occurred, the investigators learned from the “black box” recorders.
Shortly before the train crashed, according to reports, the Spanish train had passed from a computer-controlled area of the track to a zone that requires the driver to take control of braking and acceleration, Harrod said. "It's possible that the driver's phone conversation -- which apparently was part of his official capacity as a driver -- distracted him and he missed the transition from automatic to driver control," Harrod said.
If that's the case, they need to revise the protocol asap.

先週79名の死者を出したスペイン列車脱線事故発生時、フランシスコ・ホセ・ガルソン(Francisco Jose Garzon)運転士は携帯で国有鉄道と通話中で、制限速度の倍近いスピード(時速192km)でカーブに入っていたことがわかった。






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