July 8, 2013

日本航空サンフランシスコ湾着水事故と麻生ディフェンス:Asoh Defense and JAL 2 Water Landing SFO

Right after the crash, President Yoon said three of the four Korean pilots are skilled with more than 10,000 hours of flight time and pilot error is unthinkable. But Asiana spokeswoman later revealed Lee Gang-guk, who was at the controls, had only 43 in the Boeing 777 and it was his first landing to SFO.  Yoon now admits that it was a training flight.  According to Korean Ministry of Land, more experienced Lee Jeong-min sat besides him as co-pilot. 

South Korean and NTSB investigators will jointly question two pilots today.

Asoh Defense

Looking back the history, there was another similar incident in 1968; the water landing by Japan Airlines Flight 2 into SF Bay.  It was also piloted by Captain Kohei Asoh, a veteran with nearly 10,000 hours of flight time.  In his case it was obviously human error and he blatantly admitted it.
Asoh, when asked by the NTSB about the landing, reportedly replied, "As you Americans say, I fucked up." In his 1988 book The Abilene Paradox, author Jerry B. Harvey termed this frank acceptance of blame the "Asoh defense", and the story and term have been taken up by a number of other management theorists. - Wikipedia
Unlike 1968 incident that caused no casualty, though, Asiana crash caused deaths of two teenage girls from China and 182 injuries...  Asoh Defense won't come so easily.


同社広報の発表では事故当時操縦桿を握っていたイ・ガンガク(Lee Gang-guk)操縦士は1万時間弱のうちB777運行経験はたったの43時間で、同機でのサンフランシスコ空港着陸は初めてだったという。韓国国土部の調べによると、飛行経験12,390時間でB777運行経験3,220時間のイ・ジョンミン(Lee Jeong-min)機長は隣でそれを眺めていたものらしい。






Asoh at NTSB hearing
(c) Historic Wings

その素直に自分の非を認め自ら責任を取ろうする態度があまりにも稀有だったため、ジョージワシントン大学ジェリー・B・ハーヴェイ経営学名誉教授が自著『アビリーンのパラドックス(Abilene paradox)』で「麻生ディフェンス」として紹介し、以来、「麻生ディフェンス」はアメリカの法曹界や経営学の本でたびたび引用される用語として定着した。



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