July 7, 2013

アシアナ犠牲者の最後の投稿:444444 - Asiana Crash Victims' Final Posts Drew Attention

Ye Mengyuan's last post (via Wenweipo)

浙江江山中學的女學生王琳佳在騰訊微博上最後的留言是7月5日下午3時31分的「Go」,而該校另一名女學生葉夢圓最後的留言是4日晚的「444444」。沒想到,這成了她們生命中最後的留言。- Wenweipo
The two victims' final postings on Chinese micro-blogging service Tencent Weibo drew interest. On Friday, the day before the Jiangshan Middle Group departed Shanghai bound for San Francisco via Seoul, Wang Linjia wrote simply "Go", in English. On Thursday, Ye Mengyuan, whose personal name, Mengyuan, means "dreams come true", made her final post - "444444." The number four is considered unlucky in Chinese as it sounds similar to the character for "death." - KSDK
Wan also posted "想想,一場劇的落幕會是另一個故事的開始(Think about it, a drama ending would be another story begins)" or "但願記憶像霓虹,是不朽的証據(Hopefully memory like neon, is immortal evidence).

Is this a presentment?  It may or may not.  All we know is that they were both beautiful girls from the best school in the city who had bright future ahead.  Both only children.  My heart goes out to the grieving parents...

昨日サンフランシスコ空港アシアナ航空着陸事故で亡くなったのは、中国浙江省江山中学に通う仲良しの王琳佳(Wang Linjia)さん(17)と叶梦圆(Ye Mengyuan)さん(16)と判明した。



Wan's last post (via Wenweipo)


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